Day in Rock Report for 04/26/2011

Singer Confirms Stabbing- Osbourne Plans Black Sabbath Movie- Pearl Jam Movie This Fall- Kings of Leon Summer Tour- The Dream Killed- Stratovarius Members Reunite- more
The Day in Rock Digest for 04/26/11: Such Gold singer Ben Kotin has confirmed reports that he was recently stabbed. He says in part, "About three weeks ago I was stabbed multiple times outside of a party. I can't go into any details but I will say that I'm lucky to be alive. I want to thank all my friends and band mates who saved my life." more

Contactmusic.com are reporting that budding filmmaker Jack Osbourne is set to make a horror movie inspired by and named after his father Ozzy Osbourne's rock band, Black Sabbath. more

Kings Of Leon have confirmed a summer tour that will kick off in late July. Special guest Band of Horses will open all dates on the tour. more

Director Cameron Crowe tells Rolling Stone his upcoming Pearl Jam documentary will debut in September. more

Killing The Dream will be disbanding following a final show in July. Vocalist Elijah Horner had the following to say: "After eight years, Killing The Dream is gonna call it a day. We've seen three continents, 46 states, met a million amazing people and eaten about 3428234 pizzas- all because of this stupid band. I feel SO lucky to have been able to be a part of it. " more

The Strokes have returned to the studio to begin recording new music, just one month after making their chart comeback with Angles. more

Stratovarius leader and current Symfonia guitarist Timo Tolkki has teamed up with fellow ex-Stratovarius members Tuomo Lassila (drums), Anti Ikonen (keyboards) and Jari Kainulainen (former member of Evergrey) to record a new studio album. The CD, which will be released in January 2012, will celebrate Stratovarius' 30-year anniversary and will feature the same lineup as the one that recorded Stratovarius' "Dreamspace" Lp, originally released in 1994. more

All Shall Perish, have announced "This Is Where It Ends" as the title of their fourth full-length which will be released on July 26th (North America) and July 29th (Europe) more

Following the final Broadway performance of the American Idiot musical, Green Day performed a bonus, hour-long concert for theatergoers in attendance more

According to KPSP-TV, more than 20 people were arrested at this past Saturday's (April 23) "Big Four" concert at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California. more

Like Moths To Flames will hit the road with The Browning, Your Memorial, and Delusions in June for a three-week tour. more

Expire, Minus, Soul Search, and Twitching Tongues will be touring together this summer. more

Tom King, the founder and lead guitarist of the Outsiders, a Cleveland, Ohio rock band that scored a huge hit with 1966′s "Time Won't Let Me," passed away in a nursing home on April 23, 2011. He was 68. more

On this day in 1982, Out on a day's shopping and standing next to his $50,000 Porsche on Hollywood Boulevard, Rod Stewart was mugged by a gunman.

On this day in 1994, Singer Grace Slick pled guilty to pointing a shotgun at police, claiming she was under stress because her home had burned down the previous year. She was later sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

On this day in 1995, Courtney Love reportedly turned down an offer of $1m from Playboy to pose nude for the magazine. Find out what else happened on this date in music history more

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Steven Adler Announces New Appetite Lineup
(Gibson) Ex-Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler has named Patrick Stone and Lonny Paul as the new vocalist and guitarist, respectively, in Adler's Appetite, following the departures of Rick Stitch and Alex Grossi.

Adler's band plays a selection of original tracks but devotes much of their set to Guns N' Roses classics like "Sweet Child O' Mine." Their most recent single is "Alive," which is inspired by Adler's recovery from drug addiction, as chronicled on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinskey and Bob Forrest. Adler recently returned to the Celebrity Rehab series to tape new episodes, but he assured his fans that his recovery was going well and that he was visiting Dr. Drew for "a tune up."

In a press release, Adler said he had made a 180-degree turn in his life, calling his most recent appearance on Celebrity Rehab "The best thing I ever did for myself. It genuinely feels like I'm living the ultimate American dream, not only that, but I'm loving it!" more on this story

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Lady Gaga An Iron Maiden Roadie?
(Gibson) Gibson has this strange report that originates out of UK tabloid land: Lady Gaga has been working as an unofficial roadie for Iron Maiden. The pop sensation has been helping with chores, including ironing clothes and serving drinks. A source told the U.K.'s Daily Mirror: "It's a side to Gaga we've never seen. She is a massive Iron Maiden fan and was willing to be at their beck and call just to hang out with her idols.

"She was humming along to their hit 'The Number of the Beast' while carrying out her chores. And after all her hard work backstage she was rewarded with some drinking games."

The same source also said that Lady Gaga cites Iron Maiden as a major influence. "She loves Iron Maiden, they're her favorite band. She cites them as a major inspiration and has been wearing similar leathers to theirs on her Monster Ball tour." leathers?

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Dream Theater Keep Fans Guessing With New Web Reality Series
(Gibson) Never let it be said that Dream Theater aren't, well, theatrical. The group have kept their plans to replace outgoing founding member Mike Portnoy tightly under wraps for months, though still to much fanfare. The band revealed that there were seven finalists for the position, though even their identities were kept secret… until now. The prog metal giants have released the first episode in a web series titled, "The Spirit Carries On," which essentially will serve as a reality show about the band's search for a new drummer.

On the first webisode, the band revealed the seven drummers who auditioned for the band: Aquiles Priester (Angra, Paul Di'Anno), Peter Wildoer (Darkane), Virgil Donati (Planet X, Seven the Hardway), Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal, Nile, Today is the Day), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator), Thomas Lang (John Wetton, Robert Fripp, Glenn Hughes) and rumored favorite Marco Minnemann (Kreator, Necrophagist, Ephel Duath, Joe Satriani).

Guitarist John Petrucci said, "It's very strange for all of us. Obviously being drummerless is something that we never really pictured happening or imagined, but here we are." more on this story

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Band Wants Useless Myspace Profile Mercy Killed
(Gibson) Alt-folk-rockers Fleet Foxes are seeking to distance themselves from their MySpace profile, mostly because others have been invading their space.

"The myspace show thing is seriously [expletive]. People add us to shows and we can't delete it but shows up on our page. Your site does harm," singer Robin Pecknold wrote on Twitter. "Can someone on the inside PLEASE mercy-kill our myspace page. We aren't opening for Take That. Jesus."

Pecknold recently talked to Spinner.com about his band's situation with MySpace. "It's just so frustrating that they won't delete our page," Pecknold said. "It's been months and it's just sad because I used to use MySpace to check out bands all the time and now it's completely useless." more on this story

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Black Sabbath Too Old For Reunion?
(Rock News Desk) Ozzy Osbourne doesn't believe all four members of Black Sabbath have what it takes to stage another reunion. But he hasn't ruled out the move, despite Geezer Butler stating it will never happen.

In February the bassist said: "I would like to make it clear, because of mounting speculation and rumours, that there will definitely be no reunion of all four original members of Black Sabbath, whether to record an album or tour."

Ozzy suggests that he and the bassist are not on speaking terms. He tells VH1: "I've spoken to Tony Iommi, I speak to Bill Ward from time to time, but I haven't spoken to Geezer for a while."

And he has another doubt: "To be honest, I don't think we can all physically do it. I'm up for it and I keep fit every day. But if it's meant to happen, it'll happen." more on this story

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Slash and Travis Barker
Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has taken a page from Slash's solo album playbook: filling his solo effort with an all-star cast of guest musicians. And sure enough Slash is one such guest on Barker's new solo album and will appear in a new video.

Barker's album "Give The Drummer Some" features Slash along with The Transplants on a track called "Saturday Night." (The Transplants is a Barker side band with Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Skinhead Rob.)

Slash and Barker reportedly recently filled a video for the track, but you don't have to wait for the video to surface to give the song a free listen. KROQ exclusively premiered track back in February and have it streaming on their site here

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Lars Rules Out Big 4 Jam of Metallica Classic
(Rock News Desk) With more Big 4 US dates all but guaranteed, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says the leading band are prepared to take on board Slayer frontman Tom Araya's objections to jamming Am I Evil at the end of each show.

Ulrich says when more US dates become concrete, his band are open to alternatives. He tells LA Weekly, "I know Tom was talking about The Four Horsemen – but inviting the other bands to come up and play a Metallica song just doesn't seem right. It would seem a little selfish."

"We've got another half-dozen shows in Europe this summer. I'd like to be a little more adventurous, and not rely on the same song if there are continued jams. I'm not afraid to go anywhere – maybe we'll play a Slayer song instead." He also explains why they play Am I Evil

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Prince Announces Three More Shows
Prince has announced three more shows as part of his "21 Nite Stand" in Los Angeles which is part of his Welcome 2 America Live tour.

The news shows will take place on Thursday, April 28; Friday, April 29; and Saturday, April 30 at the Los Angeles Forum. The 14 remaining Los Angeles concerts will be announced shortly.

Upon the announcement of his "21 Nite Stand" in L.A., Prince stated: "It's like 1975 with tickets at $25. I want all of my fans to have the opportunity to come out for the show." more on this story

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Lollapalooza To Feature Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Muse, A Perfect Circle and more
Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Muse, My Morning Jacket deadmau5, and A Perfect Circle have been announced as the headliners for Lollapalooza 2011.

Lollapalooza 2011 will take place on August 5-7, 2011 at Chicago's Grant Park. Here is the official word with the additional lineup info:

The 2011 bill is also loaded with acts from electronica to hip-hop, rock to avant-garde, and all the sounds in between, like Bright Eyes, Arctic Monkeys, Big Audio Dynamite, Deftones, Beirut, Explosions in the Sky, Death From Above 1979, Ratatat, Crystal Castles, Flogging Molly, Atmosphere, Cold War Kids and Lykke Li. more on this story

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Kyuss Lives Announce U.S. Dates
Original Kyuss members have reunited as Kyuss Lives! and have announced their first U.S. shows in over 15 years.

Kyuss Lives! features original Kyuss members John Garcia, Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork along with guitarist Bruno Fevery.

The band are following up Thier sold out spring European tour with U.S. shows this fall with support from The Sword (at least at the two initial confirmed dates). more on this story

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Beastie Boys Give Fans A Nasty Album Preview
Yesterday we told you about a leak of the Beastie Boys new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which isn't set to hit stores until May 3rd.

However, the leaked version of the album was the "clean" version and the band wants you to hear the effort in all it's nastiness.. or rather, uncensored and thus issued this message:

"Good people, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, the 'clean' version of our new album, The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 has leaked. So as a hostile and retaliatory measure with great hubris we are making the full explicit aka filthy dirty nasty version available for streaming on our site. We hope this brings much happiness, hugs, and harmony. Enjoy Kikoos for life! Thank you" Grab a listen here

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The Doors Legend Has Had Enough
(Gibson) Add John Densmore to the list of '60s drummers who have called it quits on autographs. The Doors drummer has apparently had enough of having his meals interrupted in restaurants and posted on his website, "The last several years I have been so flooded with requests that it is interfering with my personal life, and I am going to have to stop.

"Fans (or opportunists from ebay) track me when I land at any airport, follow me into the bathroom, and hang around my hotel, looking for my John Henry (autograph). It is unfortunate, but I have to draw the line.

In 2008, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr called it quits on fan mail and autographs, citing the sheer volume that he was receiving on a daily basis. more on this story

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Five Finger Death Fake
(Rock News Desk) Five Finger Death Punch's management have said a flier advertising for a new bassist is fake – but have stopped short of denying the band are looking for someone to replace Matt Snell.

Rumours have been rife in recent weeks that Snell has parted company with the band he helped form in 2005. Nothing has been confirmed, although guitarist Jason Hook last week said: "There is something going on, but I'd rather keep my mouth shut so I don't get into trouble."

Earlier this month a flier appeared at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, calling for interested parties to arrange an audition in the venue's concert hall on April 13. more on this story

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Guns N' Roses Guitar Solos Met With Axl Rose Humor
(Rock News Desk) Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose likes to catch his bandmates out by telling jokes while they're trying to play solos, guitarist Bumblefoot reveals.

He says the singer will deliver wisecracks via the band's in-ear monitor system just as one of them is about to embark on a virtuoso performance – and the ploy has caught the axeman out in the past. "Axl has got a great sense of humor. He's a real ball-buster. Sometimes he'll tell jokes into our monitors while we're trying to take a solo. He's f**ked me up a few times."

GnR's difficult history means the guitarist has learned not to think about what will happen next, even though he joined up in time to miss the massive delays behind 2009 album Chinese Democracy. He explains

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Morrissey Wants Autobiography Published As A Contemporary Classic
(Gibson) With news breaking that The Smiths story will soon be told by both singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr in separate autobiographies, Penguin have said they are interested in Morrissey's book.

The famed literary publishers will offer serious money for Morrissey's book, which pleases the singer greatly. According to The Independent newspaper he told BBC Radio 4: "I'd like it to go to Penguin, but only if they published it as a Classic. I can't see why not – a contemporary Penguin Classic. When you consider what really hits print these days and when you look at the autobiographies and how they are sold, most of it is appalling. It's a publishing event, not a literary event."

A Penguin spokesperson told The Independent, "There is a natural fit between Morrissey's sensibility, his artistic achievements and Penguin Classics. A book could be published as a Penguin Classic because it is a classic in the making. It's something we would like to discuss with Morrissey." more on this story

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Wilco Plan Fall Album Release
(Gibson) Not only can Wilco fans expect a new album from the alt-rockers this fall, they can expect it to be delivered via the band's own record label. The Chicago band's eighth studio album, tentatively titled Get Well Soon Everybody, will be their first on dBpm, to be distributed through ANTI.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy told RollingStone.com that the album is in the mixing stages and that the band recorded more than 20 songs, "out of the things I had coming in, which was somewhere in the fifties and sixties. It's a pretty great time for me writing-wise."

Tweedy said that a lengthy touring hiatus helped his focus as a songwriter. "We took a little more time off the road than we normally do," Tweedy said. "Certainly, it's been the longest break I've had since my twenties, and that's been a big help, wading out that far from the comfort of the old songs. You have to keep your mind sharp to play your old songs. It's hard to allow yourself to freely think about what you want to do next, when you're that close to doing another show." more on this story

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Singled Out: Thomas Truax's April Showers
Today Thomas Truax tells us about "April Showers," a deeply personal song which is the April release from his year long album project of writing, recording and releasing a track every month through 2011. Here is the story:

Sometimes the words and atmosphere of a song come from places in you that you're not necessarily fully conscious of at the time of writing. Later, associated with real events, they may take on new and/or fuller meanings. 'March Winds' was like that for me.

My Father passed away on the 28th of March at the age of 84. Having done battle with numerous health problems for quite a few years, he surrendered finally to wait out that inevitable eventual call of whatever-waits-next, and I spent a lot of time with him in his last weeks laid up in a hospice.

'March Winds' was the last song I played for him while he was alive. I played it again at his funeral. Though I did not write it for or about him, it will now always have a relationship with him in my mind. I thought initially that perhaps when I got on to writing April's song, it would be about my Father in some way. I even wrote a few lines, but realized that March Winds is that song, even though I didn't set out writing it for or about him. In his final days he struggled through some terrifying visions and spiritual challenges before his mind and body finally broke down completely.

I almost dreaded getting in to writing April's song for fear that it would be doomed to being something awful born from the state of grief, jetlag and emotional weariness I was in. Instead, working on it was more like medicine. It's not necessarily a happy song, but from where I was at, to work on it lifted me. To look around from the vantage point of the dark places I'd been recently, hanging around death's door with my Dad, to arrive back in England and see the long warmer days and everything flowering and this Royal Wedding approaching, I just felt like "no, you can't just go straight from that challenging dark world into a pastel Hallmark card can you? Please April, have a little sympathy and rain a little?" So on a certain level maybe April Showers portrays something of this transition between death/loss and embracing life while you still have the gift of it. It wasn't a difficult song to write. Once I had the basic feel of it taking form, I just kept letting it grow. Until I ran out of time. Which may be a saving grace for me on this project. (As I've said before there's a danger of overcooking songs when I've got unlimited time.)"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Tony Iommi To Tribute Former Black Sabbath Star
(Gibson) The English city of Birmingham has been the launching pad for several major musical artists, including Steve Winwood, The Moody Blues, The Move, Electric Light Orchestra, Joan Armatrading, The Streets, members of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, and, of course, Black Sabbath.

The city takes the time to honor its own with the Broad Street Walk of Stars. This year's honoree is legendary drummer Bev Bevan, who was a pivotal member of both The Move and E.L.O. and later served a stint in Black Sabbath during the 1980s.

In addition to the presentation on Thursday, April 28 at the city's Gatecrasher club, there will also be a performance honoring the drummer. Among the participating artists will be Sabbath riff king Tony Iommi, as well as Move axeman Trevor Burton. more on this story

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Big 4 Go Double Platinum
(Gibson) Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax, the infamous "Big Four" of thrash, were presented with double-platinum plaques this weekend for The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria, the two-disc DVD release documenting one of their Sonisphere festival concerts from last year.

The presentation ceremony took place before the bands history-making Big Four show at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, on April 23. In attendance at the presentation was Slayer's Jeff Hanneman, who had been absent from his band's recent shows while recovering from surgery on his left arm. Hanneman took the stage for Slayer's two encore songs, after his seat was kept warm for the main set by Exodus guitarist Gary Holt (Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien had also substituted for Hanneman at recent shows).

Later, during Metallica's encore, members of all four bands reprised their performance of Diamond Head's "Am I Evil?," one of the highlights of the Big Four DVD. This time Slayer's Kerry King also participated in the monster jam. more on this story

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Alice in Chains and Megadeth Land on Top Albums of the 90s List
Gibson are counting down the Top 50 Albums of the 90s this week with a list comprised of their editors, writers and readers picks. Today they count down no 40-31. Here are just a couple of albums that made the list:

38. Rust in Peace, Megadeth (1990): When your name is Dave Mustaine and your résumé includes a stint in Metallica during their formative years, you must feel a lot of pressure to crank out thrash classics. All of Megadeth's prior albums bristled with legendary thrash moments but 1990's Rust in Peace took all of that promise and paid off big-time with a cohesive, savage, raw, technically brilliant, vitriolic, angry slab of pure thrash power. The band's current lineup recently celebrated Rust in Peace's 20th anniversary by playing the whole album from start to finish around the world. – Peter Hodgson

40. Dirt, Alice in Chains (1992): Alice in Chains' debut, Facelift, was unusually dark for a hard rock album of its time, but it still displayed a few residual traces of L.A. rock. All such vestiges were completely abolished on Dirt, a chilling ride through addiction, depression, loss and confrontation. It was on Dirt that the band's trademark vocal harmonies were fully established, and it firmly placed Jerry Cantrell among the guitar greats of the era. – Peter Hodgson
Check out the rest of today's list here

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Rare Roy Orbison Guitar Makes Late Night Appearance
(Gibson) Last night a rare guitar owned by Roy Orbison appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The appearance is part of the 75th birthday celebration for the rock and roll legend.

Earlier this weekend, the Roy Orbison estate released a rare audio clip of the rock and roll pioneer commemorating what would have been his 75th birthday on April 23.

The clip shows Orbison singing "Happy Birthday" to his son, Roy Kelton Orbison, Jr. You can check it out here

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Compact Disc Pioneer Dies
(Gibson) The mastermind credited with driving the development of the compact disc has died. Norio Ohga, who was hired full-time by Sony in 1959, passed away on April 23 from multiple organ failure. He was 81.

Time.com reports that Sony initially hired Ohga back in 1953 as a sound/electrical engineering consultant while he was studying music at Tokyo University. He is credited with standardizing the size (12 centimeters) and capacity (75 minutes) of compact discs, which, according to Sony, were created to provide "sufficient recording capacity at 75 minutes to enable listeners to enjoy all of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony without interruption."

Ohga's rise up the ladder at Sony was impressive, holding the position of president until 1995 then chairman until 2003, after which he became a senior adviser. According the Wall Street Journal, Sony's Chief Executive, Howard Stringer, said of Ohga: "It is no exaggeration to attribute Sony's evolution beyond audio and video products into music, movies and game, and subsequent transformation into a global entertainment leader, to Ohga-san's foresight and vision."

Billy Joel's 1978 album 52nd Street was the first album to be released on compact disc by Sony Entertainment in 1982. more on this story

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Creation Records Reject TV Dramas
(Gibson) Alan McGee, of Creation Records fame has said no to two TV companies who wanted to make a dramatized movie about the record company's history.

McGee started Creation Records in 1983 and played a huge role in the '90s Britpop movement, signing Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Oasis.

McGee told BBC 5 live that he wasn't interested in a "straight dramatization." McGee preferred a screenplay idea form Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh that made McGee's character a combination McGee, Malcolm McLaren and Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham more on this story

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Black Lips' Fountain of Mark Ronson Grammy Toast
(Gibson) American band Black Lips have admitted to drinking champagne from Mark Ronson's Grammy award. Black Lips' singer Cole Alexander told Spinner.com: "A couple of my friends invited me over to his house when they were house-sitting – before I even met Mark.

"We were going through his Grammys, and so my friend poured some champagne into the Grammy cup and we started drinking out of it. It was like the fountain of youth but the fountain of Grammy. Like, I knew when I tasted out of there, I was going get me one of these, like, 'We gotta work with this guy.'"

The Black Lips' new album Arabia Mountain, which is produced by Ronson, will be released in June. more on this story

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Gypsy Pistoleros Announce Dates With L.A. Guns
The recently reunited Gypsy Pistoleros' new lineup has been invited to join the UK leg of LA Guns tour this summer. These dates are in addition to the Pistoleros' own UK tour which kicks off the day after the run with L.A. Guns.

The new lineup consists of: Lee Pistolero-Lead Vocals and Guitars, Iggie Pistolero- Lead & good Guitars and Backing Vocals, Jeff Williams- Drums and Kenny K Doll-Bass.

These shows will be the first in the UK for the new reunited Lee and Iggie. Lee said "We are over the frikkin stoked to be invited to join this tour as we have toured, played and partied with our old buddies several times, and it will be a great way to kick off our own UK tour which starts on 24 June at the Hog and Hospur music venue in Wales, get prepared for the usual Pistolero Carnage" more on this story

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Phil Anselmo Wants Legalization With Common Sense
(Rock News Desk) Phil Anselmo is a staunch supporter of legalizing cannabis, but he warns pot's not for everyone, and those who partake need to take responsibility for their actions.

And the former Pantera frontman says a life-threatening moment from his teenage years illustrates his point. He tells MetalSucks: "I'm all for legalising, but it's up to individuals to decide whether it's for them or not. If it f**ks with a person's ability to do their job or hold them back in the fight to become a better person, they need the common-sense to know weed isn't for them

"I'll never forget a time when I was fifteen years old – my friend and I were both high and he was driving, cruising at about 50mph. There was a red light directly ahead with cars stopped four-deep. He was baked; his mind was drifting and there was no way in hell he was going to stop. I grabbed him and shook him, he slammed on the brakes, and it's amazing we didn't drive straight into the cars in front or fly through the windshield." more on this story

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Mars Attacks Crown of Thorns
Jean Beauvoir lead singer/guitarist of Crown of Thorns is the featured guest in the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast.

Jean has written and worked with some of the biggest artists of all time, Kiss, Ramones, The Plasmatics and Bruce Springsteen just to name a few.

During this interview they discuss why he decided to put Crown Of Thorns back together, what it was like to work with all of the aforementioned artists, what he's been up to since the release of the last Crown Of Thorns album Faith.

The interview can be streamed or downloaded

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The Day A Gigolo Helped Blondie Call Up A Chart Topper
On this day in 1980, Blondie were at no 1 on the U.K. singles chart with "Call Me," the group's fourth U.K. #1, that was featured in the Richard Gere movie American Gigolo .The track was also a #1 in the U.S.. Gibson takes a look back: As Richard Gere drives the pacific coast highway in the opening scenes of Paul Schrader's magnificent thriller, American Gigolo, a song plays in the background. The insistent disco beat comes from Donna Summer's behind-the-scenes man, producer Giorgio Moroder. The pure pop vocals, and new wavey band sound are courtesy of Blondie.

The story goes that when disc guru Moroder was asked to provide music for the American Gigolo soundtrack he first approached Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac mega-fame but she was unavailable. Number two on Moroder's list was Blondie, then one of the most successful bands on the world, fronted by Über rock chick Debbie Harry. Moroder gave Harry an unfinished demo of a track called "Man Machine" and invited her to contribute lyrics. In just a few hours Harry had her words and Moroder had his song, "Call Me."

Blondie recorded the track, a distinct departure in style, with Moroder behind the desk. In the United States, the song was released in February of 1980, peaking at #1 and giving the band their second chart topper. more on this story

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. Sebadoh - Bakesale
Sebadohs Bakesale is considered one of their most accessible releases. This re-release album revisits a band that really should have made a bigger mark upon the ‘90s alternative rock scene. Maybe these musicians were just too unassuming to succeed. (3 stars) - Read the full Sebadoh - Bakesale review

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