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Day in Rock Report for 06/18/2012

Rolling Stones Farewell Show Rumor
(hennemusic) A UK tabloid is reporting The Rolling Stones will play their farewell show at the 2013 Glastonbury festival.

The Mirror reports the Stones will play the coveted Sunday night headline slot on the Pyramid stage after talks with festival organizers.

"All four members have agreed that next year is the right time to have one final hurrah and put on the gig of their lives," a source tells The Mirror. "It's a case of now or never, and obviously Glastonbury is the most important festival on the circuit. Everybody's incredibly excited... it's a final bow." more on this story

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Fatal Radiohead Stage Collapse
(Classic Rock) Radiohead's drum tech Scott Johnson was killed and three others injured when a stage collapsed hours before the band played in Canada.

Witnesses say the structure "caved in on itself" leaving Johnson, 33, crushed underneath. A 45-year-old suffered a head wound and two others sustained minor injuries.

The tragedy took place a week after ZZ Top refused to play a show saying there was a risk of a stage collapse – although that statement has been questioned by event organisers.

Radiohead crew were setting the stage at Downsview Park, Toronto, when the structure fell in. Around 1000 people were in the 35,000-capacity open-air arena. more on this story

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Ozzy Osbourne's Son Jack Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis
(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon have revealed their pain after son Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The news comes just two months after the 26-year-old TV presenter and moviemaker became a dad with fiancee Lisa Stelly.

MS is a disease of the nervous system which generates physical and mental symptoms including memory loss, slurred speech and dizziness. Its causes are not clearly understood.

Jack was diagnosed after he suffered the loss of 60% vision in his right eye. He tells Hello: "While I was waiting for the results I got really angry. Then I got really sad. After that I realised being angry and upset is only going to make it worse." More from Jack as well as Ozzy and Sharon here.

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Deftones' Chi Cheng Hospitalized
Deftones bass player Chi Cheng has been hospitalized for an infection after returning home to California last week from a brain injury clinic where he had been receiving treatment.

Gina of website said on Friday, "chi is in ICU on 3 antibiotics for pneumonia. blood pressure and oxygen are both low. please send healing."

Lambgoat reports that Cheng's mother, Jeanne Marie Cheng posted this message online, "[Chi] just got home last night from NJ and is in ER with something serious going on... pneumonia and don't know what else. Not good!" The latest updates should be posted here as they are known.

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Paul Stanley Can See Gene Simmon's Ego From His House
(Classic Rock) Paul Stanley admits Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons lets his ego run away with him – and talks as if their achievements as a partnership are all his own work.

And the frontman is amazed that anyone would pay attention to a musician's opinions on other matters, which is why he keeps his thoughts to himself.

"Gene lives about five minutes from me -– I can see his ego from my house!," Stanley tells CNN. "Gene enjoys being out there saying 'me, me, me' when it's actually 'we, we, we.' We're partners, and part of the dynamic of a successful partnership is knowing its limitations.

"Friends come and go; we're family, which is more important." more on this story

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Joe Perry, Ace Frehley, Michael Anthony on New Bret Michaels Album
(Gibson) Poison frontman Bret Michaels has teamed up with a stellar cast for a new solo album that's slated to arrive late July.

Bret Michaels and Friends: Get Your Rock On will include guest appearances by Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rickey Medlocke and Peter Keys. The record also will feature a few major artists from outside the world of rock — Jimmy Buffett, country legend Loretta Lynn and rapper Lil Jon.

Talking to Billboard about the album, Michaels says, "I have either jammed with, partied with, or hung out with every friend that joined me on this album. There is such an awesome and diverse mix of talent on this record…It was truly one of the highlights of my career." more on this story

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Kerry King Updates Slayer Fans On Jeff's Recovery and New Music
(Banana 101.5) Slayer axe-man Kerry King gives the lowdown on co-guitarist Jeff Hanneman's rehabilitation progress, the rumored two-song EP and their in-the-works new album in a new interview.

"If you look at him, he looks fine. But playing the intricate things that we do, he's not ready to do that," King tells MTV of Slayer's decision to tour with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt in Hanneman's place. "He doesn't know if he has the stamina for an hour-and-fifteen-minute set. He can play any of the slower stuff and do it just like the record. But we made a name for ourselves, historically, for being good live, so we had to make the decision and say, 'You've gotta get better before you try to come back. If you come back, make it a special thing, not just an adequate thing.'"

Jeff's absence hasn't slowed the band from moving forward in the studio either, as they have been working on material for a new album and just finished two songs that they're unsure of what to do with. Read what he has to say about that here.

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Rob Zombie Plans His 'Best Record Yet'
(Banana 101.5) As Rob Zombie puts the finishing touches on his upcoming witchcraft horror flick 'The Lords of Salem,' he is simultaneously preparing to enter the studio to record what he calls his "best record yet."

Bob Marlette, known for in the world of rock for his work with bands like Black Sabbath, Shinedown and Seether, has been announced as the producer for Zombie's forthcoming fifth solo album.

Marlette established a working relationship with current Zombie guitarist John 5 on the first album he produced, Red Square Black's 1994 'Square' EP, and later on a Marilyn Manson release. more on this story

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Animals as Leaders Robbed While On Tour
(Classic Rock) Animals as Leaders' LA home was robbed while the band were on tour, resulting in the loss of 10 guitars and a range of gear.

The loss comes as frontman Javier Reyes fights what he says was a wrongful arrest during the tour.

A band statement says: "This is beyond devastating. We know so many of you have been supportive with Javier's legal troubles. We need more of your help now to find some of these one-of-a-kind instruments that may pop up on eBay, Craigslists, pawn shops and music stores." more on this story

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Robert Plant Adds Another U.S. Live Date
(hennemusic) Robert Plant has announced the second of two US concert dates this summer. Plant and his new band, The Sensational Space Shifters, will perform at Birmingham's historic Alabama Theatre on Sunday, August 12.

Robert is joined for this special show (from Austin, TX) by Patty Griffin. Since Patty's Grammy winning album "Downtown Church" in 2010, she has collaborated with Plant in the very successful Band Of Joy project.

Plant will also play the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival's 25th anniversary in Clarksdale, Mississippi. more on this story

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Billy Corgan Slams Former Smashing Pumpkins
(Banana 101.5) On the eve of opening a new chapter for the Smashing Pumpkins with the release of 'Oceania,' frontman Billy Corgan offers his thoughts on his former bandmates.

In an interview in the latest issue of NME, Corgan offered some harsh words on former drummer Jimmy Chamberlin's 2009 statement about leaving the band, that implied that he felt they were unjustly cashing in on the Pumpkins' name. "See now, here is a perfect opportunity for me to bury Jimmy as a f—ing liar. But I won't. That's a lie. That statement's just a flat-out lie," said Corgan. "I'm OK with Jimmy. We don't have a relationship at the moment, but I mean, I have no ill will. I want to see him do well."

Although Corgan did clarify his feelings about Chamberlin, he was not so kind when it came to another ex-bandmate. "James Iha, I think, is just a piece of s—. I think he's one of the worst human beings I've ever met in my life." And what about D'arcy?

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Aerosmith Kick Off Summer Tour
(hennemusic) Aerosmith launched their Global Warming tour Saturday night in Minneapolis.

Joined by openers Cheap Trick, the Star Tribune reports Aerosmith rocked a sold-out Target Center before 14,000 fans for the opening night of their summer run across North America.

The band played material dating back to its 1973 debut and from its upcoming album, "Music From Another Dimension." Check out video clips from the show here.

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Pantera Vaults Are Empty
(Classic Rock) Ex Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has warned fans not to expect any more unreleased material after their recent track Piss surfaced because he doesn't think there's any more to be found.

"It was definitely forgotten about," he says of the song recorded during sessions for their 1992 album Vulgar Display of Power.

"For some reason, and I don't know why, we left it off the record. The people at the label were digging through the vaults and came across it. With a lot of these things there's a verse there, maybe a chorus. The songs is maybe half-way done and producers and engineers go in and finish it. But this song was truly finished. And it's special because I truly don't believe there's any more unheard Pantera tracks out there." More rock news here.

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Green Day Tease New Album
(Gibson) Green Day will release three separate albums starting later this year. The trio have debuted the new cover of ‘Uno!, which features singer Billie Joe Armstrong's face, with his eyes crossed out, against a swamp green background, via a new YouTube clip.

The trailer shows the trio recording the new album in their studio. There's also a glimpse of a white board with, presumably, the record's song titles. They include "Carpe Diem," "Crushing Bastards" and "Makeout Party."

‘Uno! ‘Dos! ‘Trι! will be released in three stages, with the first album ‘Uno! coming out on 25 September in the U.S. ‘Dos! comes out on November 13 with ‘Trι! following on 15 January 15. All the albums are available to pre-order now from the band's official website more on this story

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Gene Simmons Daughter Tries Out For The X Factor
(TMZ) Gene Simmons spent Father's Day with Simon Cowell and Britney Spears ... but not by choice -- he joined his daughter at the last minute as she tried out for "X-Factor."

Sources close to "X-Factor" tell TMZ ... Sophie Simmons showed up at the San Francisco auditions yesterday ... saying she wanted a "fair shot" and telling the judges, "This isn't about my dad. This is about my audition."

Of course ... her famous father was in attendance, but we're told he almost didn't make it. Sources say the KISS front man got a surprise call from his 19-year-old daughter the night before ... saying she couldn't come home for Father's Day because she was trying her hand at the talent competition.

We're told Gene decided to hop on a private jet and made it just in time to see his daughter belt out some tunes.

We'll find out soon if the apple falls far from the tree. more on this story

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B Sides

Singled Out: The Given Motion
Today Frank Mitaritonna from pop-rockers The Given Motion tells us about their song "Don't Blink" from their new album "Human Dictionary". Here is the story:

It was our favorite accident and we haven't done a show without it. People always tell us it's their favorite if they don't know us and it kills us because we try so hard with every song we write. This one was a fluke we can't seem to get past.

The whole tune is based around the combination of a drum rhythm CJ clapped in my living room and a guitar riff that I was messing with. I'm sure I had a totally different idea for what it should've been played against. As soon as he did it though, I knew we had something. The guitar was bouncy and together it formed this really engaging beat which you really hear in full at the very end of the song.

We got together as a band and like all our best tunes it came together in no time. Our recording habits then were fairly undisciplined and in summer 2008 we decided to add it to 2 other songs we were doing for a 6 song EP. We had no idea what the chorus would be, but CJ came in pretty open minded. Ryan and I had an idea how we wanted it to be and true to form, what he wound up singing was the total opposite. His original vocal idea for each chorus was what you hear him belting out over the last chorus. We needed something a little more restrained for the rest of the song and so, totally on the spot in the control room he jotted out some lyrics and I kinda hummed something basic and he went in and laid it down. When it came time for "Human Dictionary" we wanted to do the song again, right.

This song was really inspired by some advice by the father of his friend, about not missing out on life, he said "Don't Blink". We could've named the song "There Was a Time" or something like that, but this felt right to us. I think people can't help getting into this song and admittedly, neither can we. It's always been with us and we've done it so many ways, including beat-boxing it. It was a song we wrote on the cusp of breakup and it gave us the confidence we needed to know we could move on writing music together.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, grab a free download right here!

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Sites & Sounds: Rockapalooza- Rockwave and More
If you are looking for a rockin' destination this summer, antiMusic travel editor Kevin Wierzbicki gives us the lowdown on four great events taking place in June and July: Rockapalooza, A Taste Of Bloomington, Montreal Guitar Show and Montreal Guitar Show

Rockapalooza – Jackson, Michigan – June 23
Scheduled to appear at the 5th annual edition of this Midwestern rock festival are Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Reha3, We Came as Romans, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Coolio, Afroman, I See Stars, Bobaflex, 12 Stones, Sore Eyes, the Elder Beer Men and 50 other acts. Bam Margera and Brandon Novak host.

A Taste Of Bloomington – Bloomington, Indiana – June 23
More than 50 food, drink and goodie vendors will be on hand to tempt any and every appetite as the 30th edition of A Taste of Bloomington takes over Showers Common in downtown B'Town. Upland Brewing and Bloomington Brewing Company and Oliver Winery and Butler Winery will be offering Indiana-made adult beverages and of course there'll be a "taste" for the ears, too: scheduled to appear are Main Squeeze, Hairbanger's Ball, Polka Boy, the Vallures and bluegrassers New Old Calvary. There'll also be a country stage featuring Ragin' Texans and a jazz corner featuring the Chris Parker Group and Neil Ferris Sound Machine.

Montreal Guitar Show – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – June 29-July 1.
This show for "guitarophiles" takes place at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, right in the heart of the concurrently running Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Montreal Jazz Festival) site. More than 140 acoustic and electric luthiers will display their wares and manufacturers of amps, effects pedals, etc. will also be exhibiting. Performing live will be Philip Catherine, Pierre Bensusan, Larry Coryell, Matt Schofield, Kelly Joe Phelps, Steve Hill and Paul Deslauriers.

Rockwave – Athens, Greece – June 30-July 2.
Ozzy Osbourne headlines Greece's biggest rock festival, also one of the biggest in all of Europe. Others scheduled to appear are The Prodigy, Iggy & the Stooges, Everlast, Nashville Pussy, Machine Head, Paradise Lost, Unisonic, the Locos and quite fitting for a show in Greece, the Planet of Zeus.

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Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen Appear On CNN
(hennemusic) The father-and-son team of Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen were featured on CNN Friday as part of the station's Father's Day coverage.

An interview and feature with the pair appeared on CNN's Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

The feature focused on the recent summer tour date cancellations, peace and harmony within the band, future tour options and, naturally, the Father's Day theme.

"I'm just the luckiest father on the planet," says Eddie. "For what he's grown up in…he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs."

"You're not so bad, either," replied Wolfgang.

"Anymore," added Eddie with a laugh. Watch the interview here.

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Def Leppard Rock Fox News
(hennemusic) Def Leppard have been doing a lot of media interviews and sessions, to promote Rock of Ages film and the re-recording of two of their hits.

The media blitz included a live performance on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends' Summer Concert Series on Friday morning.

Def Leppard's Rock Of Ages tour with Poison and Lita Ford is set to kick off on Wednesday in Salt Lake City. Check out the Fox appearance here.

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Things You Might Not Know About Paul McCartney
(Gibson) wishes Paul McCartney Happy Birthday today. Few lives have been as thoroughly documented as the life of Paul McCartney. Biographies – both of The Beatles and Sir Paul – number in the hundreds, many filled with minute details about the public and private life of the former Beatle. Still, we managed to unearth a few interesting tidbits that may have eluded all but the most avid fans.

The artist who showed him the option to play guitar left-handed was … Slim Whitman.: McCartney's father bought him a trumpet for his birthday when McCartney turned 14, but the young lad had his Dad exchange it for a cheap acoustic. The future Beatle struggled mightily with the instrument until he happened upon a photograph of Slim Whitman, the country yodeler who played guitar lefty-style. McCartney flipped his guitar, modified the string setup, and soon wrote his first song, a ditty titled "I Lost My Little Girl."

Before they became Wings, McCartney's post-Beatles band nearly became … a paint thinner. In August 1971, when he was trying to get his post-Beatles band off the ground, McCartney was having a terrible time coming up with a name for the nascent group. Among the top name-candidates floated were The Dazzlers and, for reasons unknown, Turpentine. Alas, while praying for his wife, Linda, as she was giving birth to their daughter, the image of "wings" kept springing to mind.

His 1980 hit, "Coming Up," was a prime factor in John Lennon's decision to get back into music.: This charming ditty, from McCartney's homespun 1980 album, McCartney II, was first heard by Lennon as he was traveling with his assistant, Fred Seaman. The next morning, Lennon confessed to Seaman that he couldn't get the song's distinctive riff out of his head. Seaman later said the track stirred the muse in Lennon. "If Paul was writing decent music," Seaman wrote, in his memoir, "John felt compelled to take up the challenge." Read more here.

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HearJapan Shutting Down
HearJapan sent over the sad news that they will be closing on June 30th. They provided these details:

HearJapan launched a new version of the site in February that was over two years in the making. Unfortunately, there were many unanticipated costs in doing this that made HearJapan impossible to manage.

This website will be shut down by June 30th, unless another company decides to purchase the website.

HearJapan was started in late 2007 as an mp3 download store dedicated to spreading Japanese music around the world. Until June 30th, users will still be able to make purchases and download music.

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Metallica Release Rock Am Ring Footage
(hennemusic) Metallica continue to share concert footage from their 2012 European Summer Vacation tour. The band played the Rock Am Ring festival in Nurburgring, Germany on June 2.

Metallica are now sharing some footage from the event, including video of the pre-show meet and greet, tuning room and "Enter Sandman" from the concert.

The metal icons launch of their own festival – Orion Music + More – at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 23 and 24. Check out the video here.

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• Kevin Gates Announces The I Don't Get Tired Tour (top story)

• Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Announce Album and Tour (top story)

• Chris Stapleton Previews Forthcoming Solo Album (top story)

• Train Release 'Bulletproof Picasso' Video (top story)

• Pharrell To Appear On The Simpsons (top story)

• Miranda Lambert's New Song 'Roots and Wings' Premieres In Commercial (top story)

• Wiz Khalifa Remixes Fall Out Boy's 'Uma Thurman' (top story)

• Chris Brown Goes Samurai For 'Autumn Leaves' Video (top story)

• The Decemberists Sing About Kim Kardashian on TV (top story)

• As Katy Perry Prepares For Super Bowl She Holds Puppy Bowl Meeting (top story)

• Which Harry Potter House Would Ariana Grande Be In? (top story)

• Jason Aldean Talks Georgia Football (top story)

• Sofia Vergara Wants To Have 'Really Big' Wedding (top story)

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