Day in Rock Report for 06/04/2014

Death of Gwar's Dave Brockie's Ruled A Heroin Overdose

( Late Gwar frontman Dave Brockie's cause of death was a heroin overdose. CBS affiliate WTVR reports that the toxicology results for Brockie, known in the metal band as Oderus Urungus, came back with traces of heroin.

The official cause of death has been ruled as acute heroin toxicity, which means the State Medical Examiner's office believes the overdose was accidental.

Brockie was found unresponsive in his home in Richmond, Va., on March 23. When police arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was reportedly found sitting upright in a chair. more on this story

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Axl Says It's Possible Duff McKagan Could Return To Guns N' Roses

(Gibson) Duff McKagan recently joined his old band and bandmate Axl Rose for a batch of South American shows, as well as an appearance during Guns N' Roses current Las Vegas residency. McKagan filled in for current Guns bassist Tommy Stinson while he was busy playing reunion shows with his old band The Replacements.

In a recent interview with Revolver magazine (via Blabbermouth), Rose talked briefly on whether McKagan might make a permanent return to the band: "It's possible. I don't know yet. It depends on scheduling, or what shows Tommy [Stinson] wants to do with the Replacements and stuff like that. And you know, almost everybody in the band has some kind of issue going on, personally. There's people who have lost family members. Other people are dealing with separations. Sometimes court gets in the way. Real life!"

Talking about sharing the stage with his old bandmate, Rose said: "We kind of finish some of each other's memories sometimes. And the Duff that played these shows with us isn't really the Duff that I knew from what I'd call 'old Guns' or the 'Appetite For Destruction' lineup or the 'Illusion' lineup."

Guns n' Roses wrap up their Vegas residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on June 7. After that Rose says the band will shift their focus to working on a follow up to 2008's Chinese Democracy. more on this story

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Paul Stanley Responds To Rock Hall CEO's Racism Accusation

(hennemusic) KISS frontman Paul Stanley has responded to accusations of "borderline racism" made by Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame CEO Joel Peresman last week over the rocker's ongoing criticism of the institution.

Commenting on Gene Simmons' speech during the band's Rock Hall induction on April 10 in New York, Pereseman told last week, "It was a lovely speech, it was actually kind of classy, as opposed to Paul's. That speech was the best advertisement for [pointing out that] what we did was right. He's been almost borderline racist, not in that speech, but in other interviews talking about how hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted because they don't play instruments. It's like, 'What are you, kidding?'"

Stanley was asked to respond to Peresman's comments in a new interview with on Monday. "I was smiling," said Stanley. "Because look, the guy is clearly reeling from my exposing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for what it is. He's doing damage control. But he's obviously never had an adversary who could articulate a point of view like I could. And, in desperation, he's attributing Gene's quotes to me."

"I never said anything that could be accused of racism," he continued. "If [Peresman] wants to point a finger, those quotes were all Gene's. It doesn't change the basic truth of what I said. It's interesting: instead of looking at my credentials, I would think, why not look at Joel Peresman's credentials? What has he done to qualify him to run the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What did he do? He worked at Madison Square Garden as a Vice President. Well, as far as I'm concerned, delivering newspapers doesn't qualify you as an expert on literature." A lot more.

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The Beastie Boys Ended With Adam Yauch's Death

(TeamRock Radio) The Beastie Boys will never tour or record new music again, a court has been told. Mike D and Ad-Rock appeared in a New York court as part of a copyright infringement case and - for the first time since MCA Adam Yauch's death in 2012 - spoke out on the band's future.

The B Boys launched a $1million lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink after the firm used some of their songs in a video to promote a snowboarding event. Mike D - AKA Michael Diamond - told the court: "We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died. We can't make new music."

Ad-Rock - real name Adam Horovitz - and Mike D said they were respecting the wishes of MCA, who died of cancer and wrote in his will "... in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes." more on this story

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Metallica's By Request Tour Features Few Rarities

(Gibson) Metallica are currently touring Europe with their By Request tour. Fans who purchased tickets got to vote on what songs the band should play at each show. Guitarist Kirk Hammett says that he is surprised by the lack of requested rarities from fans.

Said Hammett in an interview with MTV (via Blabbermouth): "It's really amazing because, at the onset of this, we thought that the fans would pick all weird stuff and kind of leave all the songs that we've been playing forever and ever alone, but as the results started coming in, people just voted for all the same stuff that we already played. Like, the top songs were songs like 'Nothing Else Matters,' 'Enter Sandman,' 'Sad But True,' 'Creeping Death' ... And in a lot of different places, it was similar, too, which was interesting to us. There have been, like, three or four songs that have come through that have been songs that we don't usually play, and we were hoping that we would get a few more of those types of songs, but we didn't."

Hammett also talked about the one surprise request that the band received: "When we looked at all the results - because we got the results before the tour started - we noticed that the most weirdest, most unusual request was from Finland, and it was for 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity.' And we thought, 'Yes! We have a place where they actually wanna hear 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity.'' Because we've never played that before. It was a song that we never paid much attention to, it's a pretty deep cut. So we've been rehearsing that song a lot, and we're gonna play it tonight [May 28] for the very first time, and we're really psyched. I just hope that we'll be able to play it well, because it's so cold onstage. But yeah, I think it's gonna be pretty exciting, and it's gonna be a Metallica first tonight here in Helsinki." more on this story

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Wilko Johnson Released From The Hospital

(Classic Rock) Wilko Johnson has been allowed to leave hospital following his groundbreaking cancer surgery, it's been confirmed. The guitarist - who last year revealed he had a terminal tumor and expected to be dead by October - recently underwent a nine-hour procedure that had never been carried out before.

He's reported to be recuperating well, although his recover is likely to take some time. A statement says: "We're sure you will be as delighted as we are that, after making excellent progress at Addenbrooke's over the last few weeks, Wilko is now convalescing back at his home.

"Naturally after such an extensive procedure, he is extremely tired. He asks that you respect his privacy - but we had to share this incredibly positive news." More.

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Slash Rocks The House Of Commons

(Classic Rock) Slash rocked a house of a slightly different type than usual earlier this week when the former Guns N' Roses guitarist performed an acoustic set in the UK Parliament on Monday night.

He played five songs alongside vocalist Myles Kennedy as part of MP Mike Weatherley's Rock The House scheme, which seeks to encourage and support young musical talent.

The pair delivered a set featuring brand-new track Bent To Fly alongside classics Standing In The Sun, Starlight, Fall To Pieces and Sweet Child O'Mine.

Weatherley described the show as a "once in a lifetime event" and added: "It's a real honour to welcome one of the greatest guitarists in history to the beautiful Houses of Parliament." more on this story

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Grohl Says Next Foo Fighters Album Will Be Even Crazier

(Classic Rock) Dave Grohl has revealed the Foo Fighters' eighth album will be launched in November - but he's already turned his thoughts towards their ninth album which he says will be even crazier.

The title of this year's release, which ties in with a documentary series called Sonic Highways, hasn't yet been confirmed. The mainman previously described it as their most ambitious to date.

He later revealed that each of the tracks was recorded in a different studio, with each episode of the documentary tying to one song. Now he's added that it's probably their longest work to date.

But even before work had been completed Grohl had come up with another concept. He says: "I already know what we're doing for the next Foo Fighters project - and that's even f***ing crazier.

"I came up with the idea a month and a half ago. The guys were like, 'Dude, we have to finish this first.' I know - f***!" Read what he had to say about the album that's coming out this fall.

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Scorpions Drummer Seeks Treatment Following Dubai Arrest

(hennemusic) Scorpions drummer James Kottak tells fans that he has sought treatment for alcohol abuse following his arrest, detention and release from a Dubai jail last month.

He tells fans, "After years of drinking alcohol, on April 3rd, 2014 my addiction finally caught up with me during a 5-hour flight from Ekaterinburg, Russia to Bahrain via Dubai, during which I consumed 5 or 6 glasses of wine. While at the airport in Dubai I approached an airline representative to check on status of my flight. The representative informed me that I was in the wrong place and I replied 'WTF?!.' The representative then called the police and reported that I was intoxicated (which I was) and that I made a lewd jester.

"One of the police officers recognised me as drummer of 'The Scorpions'. When the police asked me to show my ID., I showed them the 'Rock & Roll Forever' tattoo on my back, instead of my actual ID. which was in my back pack my friend was carrying for me. Apparently, the police did not find this funny and I was charged with 'Drinking Without a License', for which I pleaded guilty and received a one-month sentence and a 2,000 Dirham (300 USD) fine. I was also charged with insulting Islam/Muslims by making a lewd jester for which I pleaded not guilty and did not actually do.

"Upon returning to the United States on May 6th, I immediately reached out to Bob Forrest, an addiction specialist known for his work with musicians and 'Celebrity Rehab'. I have been meeting with Bob on a regular basis. He has guided me to the MusiCares Organization, which provides musicians with help for mental health and addiction issues." more on this story

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Linkin Park Stream 'Rebellion' Featuring Daron From System Of A Down

( On the heals of Monday's release of "Wastelands," Linkin Park premiered a new song on Zane Lowe's BBC 1 radio show. Featuring System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian, "Rebellion" is more muscular than "Guilty All The Same", the first official single from The Hunting Party.

Unlike the album's first three singles, Mike Shinoda does most of the singing, with Chester Bennington offering his patented screaming toward the end of the track.

While some believed the band would latch on to the current dance music trend, Linkin Park took a different approach to this album with harder guitars and faster drumming. "It's probably the hardest stuff he's ever played on one of our albums," Shinoda told Rolling Stone of drummer Rob Bourdon's revved up approach. "He had to physically work his way up to it. He had to go running, lift weights, work with a trainer."

"Rock music, even the most popular bands, they're not really influencing the zeitgeist," Shinoda told "It's not moving the needle of pop culture. I don't want rock to be pop, I don't want rock to go out there like that. But I do want it to be exciting, and right now it's… moderately exciting."

Watch the lyric video for "Rebellion" here.

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King Crimson Confirms First Shows Since Robert Fripp's Return

(Prog) King Crimson have confirmed their first live shows since Robert Fripp announced he was ending his self-imposed semi-retirement last year. He'd suspended his career as a live performer after a legal battle with a former record label spiralled out of control.

But it was finally resolved in 2013 - and Fripp announced he'd formed an eighth Crimson lineup featuring drummers Gavin Harrison, Bill Reiflin and Pat Mastelotto alongside bassist Tony Levin, saxophonist Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk on guitar.

The band started rehearsals this week, and Fripp reports: "Reporting good days - personally I had lots fun. Two principles articulated: one, enjoying our playing together is encouraged; two, if you don't wish to play a part, give it to someone else. There's enough of them!" more on this story

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Pennywise Announce Album Release and Tour Plans

( Just a day after premiering their new single "Violence Never Ending," Pennywise have kept the momentum going by announcing a new album and tour.

The rockers will release their 11th studio album, Yesterdays, on July 15 via Epitaph Records, with Jim Lindberg returning as the lead vocalist for the first time since originally leaving the band in 2009.

Pennywise gave an exclusive listen of "Violence Never Ending" Monday (June 2). The sub-two-minute track pounds with the intensity for which the band is famous. Today (June 3), the band issued a video to accompany the song, compiled of vintage footage from their 26-year career.

"Yesterdays is a collection of old songs from our early years and also a few outtakes we dusted off just for the occasion," said the band in a statement. "We first started playing music together in 1988 in an old wooden one car garage covered in graffiti on Irena Street in Redondo Beach with no other motive other than to have fun and make a lot of noise."

Since the band's last release, 2012′s All or Nothing, Pennywise have seen major changes in their story. Frontman Jim Lindberg has rekindled his relationship with the band since leaving in 2009 to pursue fatherhood and a short stint as singer for Black Pacific.

Several songs featured on Yesterdays were written by deceased original bass player, Jason Thirsk. "He was all about PMA [positive mental attitude] and you can hear the influence of Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds in his lyrics in songs like 'Thanks-giving' and 'Slow Down,'" the band stated. "It was all about having fun and being thankful for what you had, no matter how messed up it was.

"We always wanted to go back and record these songs because later in our career we started to get more political and angry- that may have turned some people off but that's what we were feeling at the time," Lindberg explains. "In the back of our minds we knew we had these cool, old songs that were more life-affirming, it just took us 25 years to get back to it." More including the tour dates.

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Iced Earth Cancel Summer Dates Due To Jon Schaffer's Surgery

(Classic Rock) Iced Earth have cancelled their summer festival dates and all headline shows so guitarist Jon Schaffer can undergo neck surgery. Schaffer had surgery for the problem in 2000 but it has returned of late, with doctors recommending he go under the knife as soon as possible.

Iced Earth have just wrapped up a mammoth US tour with Sabaton and ReVamp and Schaffer was scheduled for surgery in September, after the planned summer dates. The surgery has now been brought forward on doctor's orders.

Schaffer says: "In February, while on tour in Europe, I underwent highly specialised treatment in Germany from a doctor who has helped, among many others,Tony Iommi and Eddie Van Halen.

"This treatment helped sustain my ability to perform so that we could complete our Worldwide Plagues Tour. However, I am now forced to take further, more invasive action sooner than I intended in order to maintain my overall health." He had more to say.

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In Flames Reveal New Album Details

(TeamRock Radio) In Flames have unveiled full details for their upcoming 11th album. The Swedish metallers will release Siren Charms in September and today showed off the album's artwork.

In a statement, the band says: "We recorded in the legendary Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin over the course of six intense weeks. This is In Flames 2014 - all for the fans to use and abuse."

The band says that they will soon release "Rusted Nail," the lead single for the album will be made available soon. In the meantime, fans can check out the full tracklisting and the cover art for "Siren Charms" here.

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Godsmack Considered Breaking Up

(TeamRock Radio) Sully Erna says Godsmack nearly called it a day after a gruelling tour schedule for their last album. The band released The Oracle in 2010 and went out on the road to support the record - but it very nearly spelled the end for the group.

Erna says: "It was getting rough. I'm not gonna lie, the band was getting into a funky place and there was talks about breaking up and not really staying a band anymore.

"But I think it was just some time we needed, some time to really reassess the thing and really appreciate what we have as a band. We've always been kind of level-headed about things and eventually we just needed to let a little time pass and let the dust settle."

With their differences ironed out, Godsmack got to work on the follow-up and will release 1000hp later this year. He discusses the album here.

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Bret Michaels Addresses Fans Following Health Scare

(hennemusic) Bret Michaels has posted an update on his health status following an issue that forced him to cut short a show in New Hampshire on May 29, resulting in emergency care and a hospital stay after being diagnosed with the noro flu virus.

"Apologies for the pale white face," posted Michaels on Tuesday along with a photo. "It's the first day I've been able to fly to the kids. There is not enough thanks that I can send to the awesome fans, friends, family and medical staff for their help and well wishes. You all rock!"

Under doctor's orders, Michaels cancelled shows in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and Albany, New York late last week while he remained in hospital.

The rocker dealt with complications involving insulin shock and severe low blood sugar, along with other conditions which doctors later determined included exhaustion/dehydration/fever and the noro flu virus (Norovirus).

See the photo here.

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Soundgarden Perform Full Superunknown Album

(hennemusic) Soundgarden performed their 1994 album, "Superunknown", from start-to-finish at New York's Webster Hall Monday night, on the eve of the release of the 20th anniversary reissue of the record.

The event marked only the second time in the band's career that they have played the complete album; the first was in Austin, Texas during SXSW in March.

Following the full album, Soundgarden encored with "Outshined" and "Rusty Cage." Video of several song performances from the show has made its way online. Check it out here.

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Steve Perry's Live Return Just For Fun

(Classic Rock) Former Journey frontman Steve Perry made a second surprise guest appearance with Eels over the weekend - but he's underlined the stage stunts are just for fun.

And he's reiterated that there's no chance of a reunion with Neal Schon and co - despite current frontman Arnel Pineda saying he'd be welcome to reclaim his "righteous place."

He last week led a song in front of an audience for the first time in 19 years when he guested with Eels, and repeated the escapade over the weekend, performing four songs with frontman E and his band in Washington. He's also released a self-shot video of his earlier walk-on in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Perry says: "People have been putting two and two together - but this wasn't about a reunion with Journey. There is no reunion. I was just having fun."

In Minnesota he performed Journey classics Open Arms and Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' along with Eels track It's A Motherf***er. He explains: "I've always loved It's A Motherf***er because it's about loss and pain. We played it together in rehearsal, and the next thing I know I'm in Saint Paul. Someday I'm going to record that song.

"In a world where it's hard to keep a secret, it felt so much fun to walk out there to an unsuspecting crowd."

Read more and check out video here.

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The Haunted Complete Reunion Album With Marco Aro, Release Video

(TeamRock Radio) The Haunted have completed the recording of their eighth album, with frontman Marco Aro describing it as his best ever work. The band have also released a video for new song "My Enemy".

Aro returned to the band for a second spell in 2013, after 10 years away from the band. He replaced original singer Peter Dolving in 1999 before being replaced himself - by Dolving - in 2003.

The frontman roundabout saw Aro back in The Haunted after Dolving quit for a second time. On the band's upcoming and as yet untitled album, Aro says: "Playing in my headphones right at this minute, a brand new The Haunted album. I'm so f***ing glad to be back, and for me personally, my best work to date. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is going to kick your teeth in."

Check out the video here.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Looking Back In New Online Video

(Classic Rock) American blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd has filmed a unique session for Classic Rock. The first track, Looking Back, is taken from Shepherd's new album Goin' Home.

"The original was by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Shepherd told Music Radar, but we did a bit of a hybrid of that one and the version by John Mayall. Mayall changed a verse around a little bit, and I liked it - that part about the girl having blonde hair and wanting to follow her everywhere."

Alongside Watson, the Goin' Home features cover versions of songs by legendary blues artists such as like B.B. King, Albert King, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lee Dorsey, while musical accompaniment comes from the likes of Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Warren Haynes, Keb' Mo', Robert Randolph, The Fabulous Thunderbirds' Kim Wilson, Pastor Brady Blade, Sr. and the Rebirth Brass Band.

Read more and check out the clip here.

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Helmet Reveal Final Betty 20th Anniversary Tour Dates

(TeamRock Radio) Helmet have announced that they will be ending a European tour that celebrates the 20th anniversary of their Betty album with three UK shows in October.

The dates have been added by popular demand after the band detailed a two-month trek to mark two decades since the launch of their groundbreaking third album.

Each show will see Page Hamilton and co performing the entire 14-track record from beginning to end. Hamilton admits: "I guess we learned our lesson - don't announce a massive European tour without including UK dates… people get upset." Grab the dates here.

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Singled Out: Promethee's Dark Souls

Today Progressive metal hardcore band Promethee tell us about the song "Dark Souls," which is the new single from their upcoming album. Here is the story:

Darks souls, if I am not mistaken, is the first song written from our upcoming new album. It has paved the way for a heavier sound for the band, something a bit more pissed off. Some of you might be disappointed to hear it has nothing to do with the video game; while a few of us in the band are pretty big gamers, that is not where we get our inspiration from.

This song speaks of breaking free of what we have been told by those who seek to single us out as something dark, evil, unnatural, sick, and immoral. Some people may have heard these words or even worse, had them used against them.

We are taught not to act a certain way, not to think a certain way and not to be a certain way when, deep in our gut, we know who we really are and it is not the person we are told to be.

These lies can feed our depression and emphasize our self-destructive personalities to the point of being at the edge of losing it completely; wanting to watch the world end with you. The easiest way to keep someone in the dark is by making him believe that he belongs there and is unworthy of love, hope and well-being.

Once we have seen the true colors of our oppressors and their own vile being, it is hard to regain a sense of hope. The "big picture" is just too much to digest as we realize the control they have over the way we perceive our own lives.

This is just a little bit about what we call necessary illusions created by an agenda setting media, and a theme that will surely be very present, lyrically, in our second record.

I truly hope that, within our musical scene, we can soon fully regain a sense of acceptance; somewhere one can feel free to be who he is. Where we can all be comfortable being the beautiful, f***ed up scumbags that we all are. A place negating the laws put in place by either the popular culture or a system of propaganda.

Thank you all for reading, we hope have new material for you very soon.

"I think it only makes sense to seek out and identify structures of authority, hierarchy, and domination in every aspect of life, and to challenge them; unless a justification for them can be given, they are illegitimate, and should be dismantled, to increase the scope of human freedom." ― Noam Chomsky

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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. Gamma Ray - Empire of the Undead
Empire of the Undead is Gamma Rays The X Factor (the Iron Maiden album for the unacquainted). Im not being facetious: the similarities are striking. (3.5 stars) - Read the full Gamma Ray - Empire of the Undead review

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