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Dr. Fever
More Rants
Dr. Fever is a syndicated columnist for antiMUSIC. The views expressed by Dr. Fever do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of antiMUSIC, the Iconoclast Entertainment Group, and/or our sponsors..  Yadda, Yadda, Yadda - you know the drill. 
The Greatest Travesty Of All Time

{Begin Transmission}:
Here I am, back in the lab, trying to come up with what to write about, my damn monthly bouts of writers block are really starting to get annoying. Trying to come up with fresh topic is also becoming quite the pain too. But, I finally became inspired when I went to, of all places, my March rant.

In case you haven’t noticed, recently, there has been a banner on the bottom of all my rants. Free The West Memphis Three it says. Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit that the ongoing jailing of the West Memphis Three is by far the greatest travesty ever!! The longer that these three men waste away in a damn jail cell, the easier it gets for the narrow minded bastards of our society to be able to do the same thing to ALL OF US.

For those that don’t know, three men Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols, and Jason Baldwin were tried and convicted in a court of law for murder. Now, here’s the thing, it is well documented that these three men were not innocent until proven guilty; they were guilty until proven innocent. They had two big things going against them. One; they were metalheads. As well know, “metalheads” are murderous bastards who break into your house in the middle of the night and steal your children. The second thing going against them is one of the three (Echols) had an interest in occultism. Occultism!?!? OH GOD! Heaven forbid that someone have an interest in something other than the socially accepted norm! From the start, this trial reeked. There was absolutely no real evidence found against the three. To quote the Phoenix New Times from 11/14/96; “In the course of the trial, the defense effectively refuted the prosecution’s forensic case and established a very plausible alternative suspect. Against that, the prosecution argued basically that the three defendants, especially Echols, were weirdos who wore black and had unhealthful interests, so it’s a good bet that they did it.” What I’m saying is this, if this travesty is allowed to be carried on, EVERYONE of us who listens to metal or hard rock, believes in things against the societies norm or is a “social outcast” can JUST AS EASILY be convicted of a crime. I don’t care if you live in Arkansas, Canada or Zimbabwe this thing can and will set a precedent that will be the downfall of us all.

So, your asking yourself, “Wow, Dr Fever, what can I do to help right this horrible wrong?” Well, I’m glad you asked. The three are still appealing the courts decision, but the appeal process costs money. So, first things first, you can send money. Second thing you can do is spread the word, let people know just how flat out horrible the whole damn thing is. To help, write this address or contact this email address and do everything you can.

Free the West Memphis Three Support Fund 1626 N. Wilcox Ave. PMB 423 
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Well, that about wraps it up. Just remember support the hell out of this, because you never know, one day it could be YOU who’s in a fucked up situation like this, and if this thing is allowed to continue you might just end up that way. In closing, remember, FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!!

{End Transmission}

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Fan Speak:

Posted by cat:
i want to say to all of you reading this. I know that you want to help and so do I, but just don't say that you do. Do something about it. Talk to forensic's, lawyers and get their opinion and then build up from their. I also believe that damien, jessie, and jason are innocent. I am going to help but I also need yours. gather up documents, reports, hearings, and theories. whatever you do please don't give up. thanks

Posted by REDHOTT:
OK I AM GOIN TO START FROM THE TOP I WAS BORN IN ARKANSA SO I WAS GOIN TO MY AUUNTS HOUSE AND SHE LET ME WATCH THE SECOND WEST MEMPHIS THREE MOVIE AND I WAS 13 I AM STILL 13 BUT ANWAY AFTER I WATCHED IT THE POWER WHENT PUT And mark byers freaked me out but my aunt used to babysit jason bawldwin and damien and all of them was wanting to take my cousins fishing round 10:00 pm one night and they where 8 and 5 so they say but anways i always thought it was mark byers and after watching the movies i started listing to the mettallica songs they played on it and got a t shirt and my papa ordered the movie for me so that i owend it and i acully looked at everyy thiing there was to look at on the web site and my mom bought me the book the blood of innocence and i read the book like a millen time well my daday thought that i was upsest with it but really i like watchin the movie couse i was in love wit daimien i still got a crush on him but hey what will it hurt (nothing)so my dady burnt everything i owned of it i even had some paper clipings from my uncle who has lived his whole life in arkansa and but anyway they should let them boys free thanks free the west memphis three bethany

Posted by biggdogg:
i am in agreement, i saw henry rollins doing spoken word one evening, he talked of the west memphis 3, which prompted me to read the book "devils knot: the story of the west memphis three" (three times in a row, excellent read) and i watched the video "paradise lost" the injustice done to these boys is implorable to say the least, they sit in a jail while the real killers run free, all for being "different" i have donated towards their cause and i would encourage every one to do the same. free the three

Posted by ASC:
sorry about the spelling, that was menat to be 'choir', not 'chori'

Posted by ASC:
Jeez, the taliban sound like a group of chori boys when comepared to the US justice system...

Dr Fever
Flounder...I took May off. Just so ya know. ;)

Posted by Joe:
First class rant dude!

Posted by Flounder:
Hey Fever, would that be this month or last month that you took off, and, now that I notice, why can you use 'f' word and we can't even repeat an exclamation point! (Sorry man, finals have got me on edge.) As for the greatest travesty of all time, our criminal system seems to have lost the idea that "it is better for 10 guilty men to go free than one innocent be wrongfully convicted." If you want this witch hunt mentality to change, VOTE D@MN IT. The people who vote for State Supreme Court Justices that routinely undermine guarantees like the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments are the blue haired grandparents at home living off social security and want the world to return to a simpler time when people were nice to one another, like when they were young. Bullshyt! Crime has always been a problem in America, it just wasn't plastered all over 5 or 6 news dedicated cable networks. Its the same mentality that wants to hide from society's problems and believe that it's all happening somewhere else, someplace bad, and if we could just tighten make it tougher on 'them' and get 'them' under control, it would all be normal again. Its time for America to wake up! Most violence isn't done stranger on stranger, its done spouse on spouse, parent on child, neighbor on neighbor, and child on child. It's done by rich, poor, black, white, christian, jew, muslim, buddist, young, and old. Yes America, rich people do bad things! Social reform starts with solving problems in society, not identifying 'bad' people and locking them away. (Whew... I feel better now.)

Dr Fever
Not that I owe anyone an explanation..but, if you must know i'll tell you: I just felt like taking the month off, so, there.

Posted by Josh:
Gotta agree with Fever on that one.

Dr Fever
Now, THAT was fucking funny!

Posted by Joe:
I'll tell what the biggest travesty of all time is...a load of hot playboy models hanging around with that coffin-dodger Hugh Heffner when they should be sitting on my face. Sexist? Moi? Probably.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
its bloody hard coming up with a new article every month,everything isnt going to be that golden writing that everybody likes.jeez i dont think the good doc was going for a pulitzer.and in my opinion,even one drop of innocent blood shed is the greatest travesty.if it was your butt sitting in jail for a crime you didnt commit,and was jailed under some shady circumstances,it would be the greatest travesty,i doubt you would give a ratz ass about 6 million jews,30 million bolshiviks,or any other mass slaughter people can name,show some bloody compassion,instead of nitpicking over details,also drunkeness is the fertilizer of great thoughts,just ask verlaine,or bauldaire.

Posted by the max:
If you people don't care for the subject matter...than don't fukking read it. I want to hear some of your brilliant rants.

Posted by xam eht:
how clever...

Posted by 1onkalB:
!HCTIB a gnieb pots ot deen uoy ebyam ro....

Posted by Trecnoc:
Maybe if you actually took this seriously you might be able to write something that actually makes sense and says something worthwhile....rather tahn labeling the WM3 the greatest travesty of all time---which is fukking STUPID

Posted by the max:
or a really loose vagina if female?

Posted by JOE:
I thought he made his point well. I dunno why Noinipo (opinion backwards) has such a bug up his a$$. Maybe he has a tiny penis. If he is a male of course...

Posted by aG:
PS it has taken me a few years to forget all of that crap they teach in journalism classes and the more I forget the more my writing improves =)

Posted by aG:
Fever don't worry about that... some people expect a PHD in Lit but you know what this is a music site we don't quite aspire to those lofty standards... as that prof in one of mass culture journalism classes used to say "If you want your writing to be understood by the mass public, write at an 8th grade level." Ignore the insipid commentary! PS I write some of my best stuff drunk at 3AM!

Posted by BlakNo1:
I guess some people are just too damn picky for their own good.How about actually stating an opinion on the subject instead of being a bitch.

Dr Fever
You try writing these things, drunk at 3 in the morning and see how great YOUR writing is.

Posted by Noinipo:
You need to take some journalism classes cause your writing sucks.

Posted by BlakNo1:
I'm still fuming about that whole Jackie Paper thing.What a bitch!

Posted by JOE:
Yup, I totally agree with the points that both of you have made. But there is no harm in letting people who may be angered and outraged by the awful situation that the WM3 are in that this kind of injustice can be, and is carried out and ignored on any scale. The problems that the WM3 and others like them are facing just go to highlight the illusion of truth and justice in our society. That's all I gotta say about that. And I totally support Dr Fever and the WM3.

Posted by kjm777:
A greater injustice can start with a "smaller"travesty like WM3.whoever said"no one is free until we all are"had a point.

Dr Fever
I totally understand where the entire angle of mentioning all the true "travesties" of all time, in comparison to the WM3. But, I think the point that's being missed is this: I write for a MUSIC website, not or something like that. And, in the realm of music this would qualify as the greatest travesty of all time. (with the possible exception of the invention of boy bands and the murder of kurt cobain). Juts wanted to add a little clarification for all of you.

Posted by JOE:
Wow! Nice words kjm777. I was expecting someone to post a dumbass, dismissive, ignorant and downright offensive comment. Unfortunately, people who think like you are in the minority. In my experience anyway. These truths about the horrors of history need to be rammed down peoples throats in the same way that the history of the Nazis and the Jews is done over and over. Most peoples knowledge doesn't even BEGIN to scratch the surface. I'm no nazi lover or anti-semite, but compared to what europeans (not just the germans) have done to god knows how many races in america, africa australia, and sh^t loads of places,islands etc all around the world that most people have never heard of or never will, it's a drop in the ocean. Not to belittle what happened to the Jews you understand. The West hasn't become powerful by being nice, it has done it by raping, looting, pillaging and basically taking what it wants and making sure that no other nation or race ever gets to stand on it's own two feet. I'm sure plenty of people will disagree, but that's to due lack of knowledge (you aren't taught these things at school for a reason) or guilt/pride (americans are always the good guys) or maybe because they are plain a$$holes.

Posted by kjm777:
I think holocausts are met with derision (especially in America)because no one wants to admit that America as a country has multi-generational,multi-ethnic,BLOOD on its hands.And,we DEFINITELY don't want to admit that it still goes on today.WM3 is a special bone of contention with me because I have been falsely accused of serious crimes and have had to defend my self and my lifestyle(i.e.,music)in a court of law.Fortunately,my case was dismissed.But I definitely don't belittle the atrocities of past history.Sorry if I went a little long.

Posted by JOE:
YEAH, and what about the native american genocide that was carried out to make way for the europeans. And all the aboriginals that have been killed or are now destitute and all the blacks who were killed/raped/enslaved? I'm not having a dig at Dr Fever as I agree with his rant, but isn't it depressing how such massive instances of mass cruelty and murder are belittled and met with derision when brought up. All I'm saying is that no-one EVER learns from history. Well no-one except humans who have it in their nature to be cruel, violent, greedy and power-hungry(for example hollywood-types). They learn how to f*ck everyone over more efficiently.

Dr Fever
feeling a little picky are we?

Posted by kookilm:
HAAAAA!!! This 'greatest travesty of all time' is a load of bullshiit!!! Forget that whole holocaust thing!! And all the innocent people that died in Hiroshima?? Three guys in Memphis!! That's just incredible!!!

Posted by BUTCH:
I think the greatest travisty was in the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" when Little Jackie Paper stopped visiting the mighty Puff. He just went into his cave, alone, broken, sad and died. I cry everytime I hear it. What a TRAVISTY!

Posted by Josh:
To remark on this post, this a great travesty of justice, but does it deserve to be called the greatest, i highly doubt. Anybody who listens to RATM should know of that Mumia, his case is a far greater travesty than this case.

Posted by The Great and Almighty Boggs:
Another great rock star is dead. Another great band is totally gone. But why is it, that is most cases, greatness only comes to those that a stiff, cold, and 6 feet under???????

Posted by iamsocool:
ah, the beauty of a one note solo but back to this... its an outraged... ill probably write a song about it if i hit enough depression one of these days

Dr Fever
"I wanna be sedated"

Posted by SubXavier:
RIP, Sedated Man.

Posted by Roaddogg:
Oh,you didn't know?Your ass better call somebody!

Posted by Me:
I didn't know his middle name was "Fukkin"

Dr Fever
R.I.P. to Joey Fuckin Ramone! This is a sad day my friends.

Posted by BlakNo1:
...or if you prefer,but, I digress.

Posted by BlakNo1:
Not just "America",the whole world is a giant corp.Earth,Inc.Paranoid right-wingers talk about impending one-world government, not realizing it's already here.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
we shouldnt even have a "nation" anymore,call it what it is a "corporation",if there is money to be made in any way,americans will be there,no matter who they have to exploit to make a buck.

Posted by Lunargoose:
On prisons in general: Did you know corporate ownership of American prisons has increased 1000% (not a typo) in the last ten years? Wonder no longer why so many lives are wasted in jail over victimless crimes like pot smoking: The profit margin is more important.

Posted by Josh:
Legalize it. Don't criticize it.

Posted by Zer0:
and the REALLY stupid thing is witchhunt.. most of the guys that are in prison for possession/intent to distribute of drugs are sentenced by the weight of the drug (in grams i think.. so many years per weight) so in essence, some dude who's carrying around several grams of a drug like "acid" also gets charged for the paper that the drug is on.. not just the drug itself.. how retarded is that? (i myself have never tried any drug, but i have friends who've smoked pot and dropped acid.. and i don't really see anything wrong with it if that's what they want to do, it's just not for me, i don't drink or smoke either.. go figure) anyway, that's basically my 2 and a half cents... later -0

Posted by witchhuntssukass:
A lot of prison space is also taken up by pot smokers,dealers,acidheads and other so-called criminals "created" by the system.Some police,DEA agents and prison contractors realize if there is no "crime",they'll be out of a job.

Posted by the max:
We need rehabilitation...not incarceration for alot of the so-called "criminals" they seem to want to throw away these days. Especially the drug addict types.

Posted by Zer0:
I can only say that I totally agree with Dr. Fever on this (and he's seen the shirt that I donated $23 for.. really kicks @$$ mind you) anyway, this totally IS a travesty of justice, and not only were they railroaded into court under the assumption that they were guilty from the get-go, but there's also evidence (physical evidence no less) that the "West Memphis Three" did NOT kill those three boys... what happened to this evidence? you ask? Well, it was promptly thrown out of court... how's that for "justice" huh?

Posted by kjm777:
prisonbuilding is a lucrative industry, and as such has political connections. They create more incentive to keep "criminals" locked up.

Posted by Flounder:
I remember reading AntiGuy's article on this and visiting the WM3 site. The problem with the WM3 is that public opinion in favor of them came late and is too fleeting. Justice is slow. Our court system in America is underfunded and overbooked. What really struck me in the WM3 story is how overworked and ineffective their appointed counsel was. Every time there's a "get tough on crime" movement, the first people to get the budget crunch is public defender services. That's right, there really is a conscious effort on the part of your legislators to corrupt the legal system and hand over the courts to the jack booted thugs. Too many politicians have only one answer to the crime issue: more walls, more bars, and more guards. Your politicians aren't interested in who's innocent or guilty, they just don't want the crime happening in the suburban neighborhoods that elect them. To them the only answer is to throw everybody in jail; out of sight, out of mind. Keep it up Fever, it really is our freedom at risk.

Posted by Lunargoose:
Doc, you're doing a great service by calling attention to this. Thank you.

Posted by BlakNo1:
Paradise Lost is quite possibly the most infuriating movie I have ever seen in my life.Having said that, all people who REALLY care about what America should stand for,should see this movie.I haven't been able to find the sequel yet though.This definitely qualifies as a major travesty of justice.

Posted by SubXavier:, even.

Posted by SubXavier:
Well... you have officially piqued my interest. From this, I can't really make an honest, totally informed, but I'm on my way to right now.

Posted by Muzac:

Posted by :

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