Singled Out: Twang And Round

Country rappers Twang And Round about two tracks from their forthcoming album including their new single/video "La Di Da Di" and "Dope Boy". Here are the stories:

"La Di Da Di": We created 'La Di Da Di' at The Hideaway our personal studio nestled in the hills of Kentucky in the middle of nowhere. This place is special to us not only because it's Rounds personal residence but the feel and vibe out there fuels our creativity. We wanted to make a song that was all about having fun and celebrating life. That was the original concept. We created this song to pay homage to the origins of hip-hop which is one of the true core pieces of Twang And Round and the Ameriflow genre. Us being country boys from rural Kentucky sets the tone of our lyrical content mixed with that original Hip- hop delivery was born into the song 'La Di Da Di'!! Round had the beat laid out in our first session. It was so slamming that it pulled the hook out of us! I remember after we recorded the hook we knew we had something timeless. That set us up for writing the rest of the song as well as the verses!! We then took the post production down to our label mates I4NI and worked with them on the mixes. These final touches polished the song into what you hear today. The video treatment came together with us and I4NI during post production. We thought it would be a cool concept to show off some awesome 80's pop culture mixed with comedy in having Twang and Round travel back to that time in a Moonshine induced dream sequence. We realized right this opened up the playing field to pure craziness!! That was the basic original idea. After we mulled that over having it all happen in LA was the final touch or cherry on top of you will.

"Dope Boy": The concept of the song is you can't judge a book by its cover. Regardless of who you really are in real life there will always be this outward perception of you! Also no matter what struggles you may encounter in life you never give up!!! We co-wrote the song with Taylor James great musician from Kentucky at The Hideaway our personal studio originally. The song and concept was actually just a freestyle in the beginning that Twang spit that developed into the full song. The song became a great mixture of gritty delivery with an upbeat melody that resonated throughout the record.

For the video, we love rich storylines in our videos hence the Dope Boy treatment which was created by Jon Conner and David Ray from I4NI our label mates at Thirteen Skulls. The video depicts a teenager overhearing his parents struggling with bills. He then takes it upon himself to go out and hustle music provided by the Dope Boys Twang and Round. The video subliminally portrays Twang and Round as kingpins pushing music like Dope!! We felt this was a brilliant way to show the concept visually from what we had done musically!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the "La Di Da Di" video here and learn more right here!


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