Singled Out Special: Primitive Race (Chuck Mosley)

For this very special edition of Singled Out industrial supergroup Primitive Race's Chris Kniker tells us about late Chuck Mosley's signature song "Dancing On The Sun" from the band's new album "Soul Pretender". Sadly Chuck passed away just six days after the album hit stores. Here is the story:

So, it was June 11th in 2016 and I was hanging out with Chuck in Colorado Springs. It was the first time I had seen him in I can't tell you how many years. We were catching up about what we'd been up to. It was like no time had passed since the last time we talked. Anyway, I told him I was working on a new record for Primitive Race and that Mark from Peter Murphy's band and Dale with the Melvins were in on it. He went nuts. He wanted to hear what we were doing. When I got back home that night I sent him three of the rough tracks. Hell, at that point I don't even think Dale's drums had been laid yet. It was just some basic drum machine parts. I went to bed and didn't think anything of it.

I got up Sunday morning because Chuck, Doug Esper (Chuck's percussionist), my wife, and I were all going to meet for brunch. Anyone that knew Chuck is aware he wakes up at like 5:00 A.M. It's about 9:00 A.M. and I'm getting ready to call Doug to firm up plans for brunch. My phone has a bunch of missed calls. I'm thinking, "Oh sh*t, is there something wrong with my parents or something like that." Chuck had blown me up. He was in love with the stuff. He kept saying, "I have so many ideas. This is like when I was writing with FNM but it's the new 2017 sh*t! I have to be on this record!" Of course, I was floored. Here's my buddy losing his mind over 3 rough tracks. What would become "Dancing on The Sun" was one them.

Throughout the record as we'd work on songs he kept asking, "What's going on with my song?" or "Where's my baby?". He always compared it to what it would be like if he did something like NIN's "Hurt". It was hands down the song he was in love with. He was so excited for it. Literally every time we talked, which in many cases was daily, over the course of the week all he wanted to talk about was that song. He'd crack me up. I'd send him like 5 mixes and hold that one back sometimes just to mess with him. He'd get pissed and want that song! "You didn't send me my song, man!" then I'd quip back with an, "Oh really?" (in my best Chuck impersonation from FNM's "The Crab Song). He'd give me a f*** you then we'd laugh, and I'd finally send it. We had so much fun with dumb things like that doing this record. He was my friend and I don't ever want to forget those cool moments. It's what made this record so special to us.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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