Singled Out: Wyves

Unapologetic rock & rollers Wyves just released their new single "Bitch Has Got Problems" and to celebrate we asked vocalist and guitarist Corey Gloden to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

"Bitch Has Got Problems" is Wyves's ode to madness and the human void. Our 2 chord ballad with a smile and a hand grenade. I began writing "Bitch" in the summer of 2007. I was visiting my family in my hometown of Mason, MI. This trip was in the middle of a period where I was going through a series of tumultuous relationships, bandmates leaving, close family and friends passing, and I was pathetically desperate for an escape and release. One night after an all nighter and walking through the woods for hours with my guitar, I just kept strumming E major to C# minor. When the sun started to rise, I looked up into it and started screaming whatever was on the top of my head at the time. I went inside, fell asleep. When I was hanging with my family later, my Dad said to me, "I heard you singing in the back yard this morning. Something about the bitch having problems. Are you okay?"
Me:"Not sure"
Dad: "Well, you definitely have something there. Is that a new one?"
Me: "It is now. I don't know what all I was singing"
Dad: "Figure it out"

I started playing it out before it was written. At house parties, open mics, random shows, to strangers in different cities and scenes, anywhere. I would make up lyrics on the spot everytime. It acted more as an imaginary friend and a roaddog, rather than just a poem with a set structure. By doing this I learned what works, and the song began to get a life of it's own within multiple crowds. Over time, I added slight references to music from my childhood like the opening guitar lick which is a nod to the Golden Girls theme song. The rhythm and changing vocal melodies are a nod to my cassette recordings I made of old Wolf Man Jack radio segments and all the killer music from his show that would re-air on Fridays.

When I got with Wyves, I still had not recorded it. We made a decision to hold on releasing it right away, and Evan Knisely, Brenden McBride, Nick Sterling, and I worked on creating a structure and feel that captures the live performances with the help of Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studios, with Cassidy Hilgers on backing vocals and Kyle Scarbourough on Sax.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the band right here!


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