Singled Out: Silk9's I Don't Know

Silk9 released their brand new EP "Retribution" today (October 20th) and to celebrate we asked Anthony Leone to tell us about the single "I Don't Know". Here is the story:

So I'm sitting here and gathering my thoughts to explain our new single "I Don't Know" as well as the concept and ideas behind the new EP "Retribution"

It couldn't be a more perfect time to talk about this song. "I Don't Know" is based on a feeling I think we all find ourselves dealing with as we make our way through life. It's hard sometimes to understand why things happen the way they do. Through life we find many obstacles to overcome. We make our way without knowing how each decision will impact our future or those that we cherish.

The new single "I Don't Know" is a journey of ups and downs. Some days we feel like we can conquer the world, other days not so much. Lately, I'm realizing that the days where I don't feel motivated are the days that I let the negativity of others alter my views, values and dreams. The most difficult thing in life is staying focused on what brings us fulfilment knowing that negativity will always be in our lives, we just can't let that consume us.
Retribution for me was something that I really worked hard at designing. Prior to recording the EP, the original voice of SiLK9 was lost when he decided to leave the band and I felt like I was really against the wall. I could pack it in or I could dig in and make this the best I possibly could. After losing the original SiLK9 voice, I really wanted to make an EP that says "Nothing is going to hold me back." "I'm here to stay and while I'm here I would like to kick you in the teeth." I'm sure we've all had times where we just wanted to give up. This was not one of those times. A friend told me that the second album was always the killer. Our first album "Exit the Pain" turned out great. There is always room to improve and that is what I wanted to do. Although, not having my partner with me hurt for a while it may have been just the motivation I needed to begin writing the new songs.
This EP was everything that I needed to say and then some!!

Starting with an in your face hard rock tune like "Knife In My Back" and bookending with my favorite song on the EP "Damage." The ride we give the listener through these 5 songs is very special. We really did think this through and although this is not a concept album on the lines of Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime. I think that everything flows and tells a story from our highest points to our lowest points in life. I've always said that life is a train ride through peaks and valleys. Staying on the peak as long as you can is the trick!

There is so much more I would like to write about the beginning of SiLK9 up to the current status. It would be a book for sure. I think I'll keep documenting events and maybe someday I'll turn it all over to Jon at RFL records and he can get me published. For now it's all about "RETRIBUTION" I hope each of you that have the opportunity to read this will jump on to and grab the EP or grab it through digital download on October 20th.

From myself, Justin Walker, Charlie "Dawg" Hughes and Scott Boyd, Keep Rockin' and we hope to see you all at a show and please come see us at our merch booth!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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