Singled Out: Dirty Thrills' Law Man

Dirty Thrills released their brand new album "Heavy Living" today (Sept 15) and to celebrate we asked lead singer Louis James to tell us the story behind the song "Law Man." Here is the story:

Law Man was an interesting track, firstly its probably one of if not the most popular song of ours at the moment, which is great as its written about a pretty serious historical topic.

We were spending days together in the studio writing songs and coming up with parts left right and centre, on one particular dry day, by which i mean writers block, we were jamming ideas around as usual but they were all dog sh*t, feeling frustrated I decided to go for an inspiration poo, No joke.... If there's nothing happening in a session, 9 times outta 10 either me or jack (guitar) will go for an inspirational toilet break! It seems to really work cause as I was walking back into the studio i began to sing this melody, immediately the lads picked up on it and were like ...... pooosperation strikes again ;) that's a great riff, I had no intention of it being a riff but as it goes its way better on guitar than as a vocal melody! it basically wrote its self around that one melody after that. The lyrics came in time; I always wanted to write some lyrics a short story about an event in a Native Americans life. The law man being the sheriff, forces him out of his land, takes what he wants burns and destroys their land.... and finally murders the Native American...... the sad truth.... but you get the picture.

I tied this in with another song that's on the album, a bit like a part one part two thing. You'll have to have us back on if you wanna hear about that though ;)

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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