Singled Out: Jag Panzer's Foggy Dew

Jag Panzer are releasing their new album "The Deviant Chord" today (September 29th) and to celebrate we asked guitarist Mark Briody to tell us about the song "Foggy Dew". Here is the story:
So this song 'Foggy Dew' has been covered about 200 times. Seriously. It's been covered A LOT. Which makes it a completely crazy choice to cover. No!!! It makes it a great choice to cover as we had to do something different with it.
Luckily I had a had start of a few decades with this cover tune of 'Foggy Dew'. My Dad was a singer and a pretty good one too. My Mom couldn't sing at all though (they gave her crayons during singing in elementary school). Hence my mediocre singing ability. My Dad used to sing 'Foggy Dew'. He had some album from the 60s that had the song on it and that's the version he sang. He also told me the real story behind the lyrics. He said his father told him the same story.
I always liked hearing my Dad sing the song, it was a cool song. But my appreciation of the song changed when I was about 17 years old. I had started writing my own songs and soon I imagined a different version of 'Foggy Dew' in my head. I worked on it off and on for several years on my guitar.
Time went by and we (Jag Panzer) released some albums. There was not really any room on those albums for 'Foggy Dew' so I just kept my arrangement in my head.
After many years or so passed I thought someone else was going to have the same idea I had about 'Foggy Dew'. The arrangement I thought of seemed so logical as a metal song that I thought for sure someone else was going to do it. I'd hear about a band doing it and I'd say 'This is the band that's going to play Foggy Dew the way I hear it'.
No band ever did the song that way. We wanted lots of variety on our new album so I finally had a place for 'Foggy Dew'. So here it is! I hope people enjoy it. My only regret was that I wish my Dad had heard my version before he died.
Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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