Singled Out: Loyals' Hold On

Loyals released their self-titled debut album today (February 2nd) via Tooth & Nail Records and to celebrate we asked frontman to tell us the story behind the song "Hold On". Here is the story:

It was September 14th, 2016, and I was in the middle of a church sanctuary in Tennessee. The lights were off, and I was by myself trying to come to terms with the fact that I was in the middle of a heated legal battle with someone I had considered a friend for a very long time. The record was finished, but because of the dispute, we weren't able to do anything with it. Frustration, anger, hurt, sadness, and little hope-it was all flooding into my head at once in that big, dark, lonely room. Having to sit on something you've worked so hard to create-something that you feel in your bones is special-it's enough to drive you crazy.

I picked up a guitar and started singing something just to feel better. "November and I'm messed up…" The words just fell out. It was only September, but I wanted it to be November. I wanted it to be stormy and cold. I've always loved the cold. The kind of song I was about to write should take place in the cold.

When we turned the demo for "Hold On" in to Tooth & Nail, all I said in the email was, "We may need to add this to the album…". At that point, we had already had the fully mastered album for four months. I guess they thought the song was worth it because four more months later "Hold On" was mastered into the record, marking the completion date of our debut album.

I wanted to write "Hold On" as a song that can resonate with anyone who has experienced heartbreak in any scenario-love, friendship, or even family-but the themes are the same no matter the instance. Frustration, anger, hurt, sadness, and a little hope.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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