Singled Out: Felix and the Future's Karen

Felix and the Future just released his new album "Holy Hand Vol. 2" and to celebrate we asked Felix to tell us about the effort's lead single "Karen". Here is the story:

Karen is the first character we meet on Holy Hands Vol. 2. Karen is a queen. Karen is privilege. Karen will betray you. Karen has already betrayed you. If you pull at the seams of Karen's facade all will come falling down. And you will look at the emptiness inside of Karen and see yourself. Karen is everything you despise, and everything you will become.

A couple years ago I quit my job and was traveling by train through southeast Asia. I was angry all the time, and didn't know why. I was holding onto a lot of trauma. I felt very alone. Then Karen came to me, when I closed my eyes and I started talking to her.

She brought up the rage, rejection, and disillusionment that I felt as an artist and human. Then the music came. It started with the lyrics. Then the piano, and then the cellos came steamrolling in. Karen was supposed to be on my previous EP, but Karen wasn't ready. S/he didn't want to come out. And I sat with Karen until s/he was ready. The way that Karen sat with me until i was ready to start fighting back as an artist and as a human.

I've always said what I wanted and did what I've wanted, but now I'm starting to mean it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!


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