Singled Out: Ignore The Sign's Behind The Wall

Ignore The Sign released their brand new album "A Line To Cross" today (Feb 23) and to celebrate we asked Steve Mann to tell us the story behind the song "Behind The Wall". Here is the story:

This song was originally written for a new, young German symphonic metal band about 3 years ago. I wrote the music and the lyrics were composed by a business acquaintance of mine and the song was presented to the producer of the new album. Unfortunately just before the album was recorded for Universal, they changed producers and so the song was left unused. It sat around doing nothing until we put together the songs for the new Ignore The Sign album at which point it occurred to me it would be a great platform for the song.

My 16 year old son Jason Mann is already a fantastic songwriter so I got together with him to rehash the song. We kept the basic arrangement and he wrote a completely new set of lyrics for it. He loves to write ambiguous lyrics, meaning that they paint a picture which is open to interpretation by the listener in a way that they feel the song can reflect what's going on in their own lives. He really captured the mood and power of the song and creates such incredible scenarios like "I can hear your screams come from the door" and "the dream still keeps alive the pain". Every one of us can interpret these lyrics in our own way and for me this is partly why it's such a powerful song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!


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