Singled Out: Falling Through April

Falling Through April just released their brand new album "Zodiac" and for a special Singled Out we asked frontman Mikaela Salazar to tell us about two of the tracks. Here are the stories:

"Desperate Measures": This is a song that I wrote after I was fed up with being brought down by everything life was throwing my way. In the pain I found strength and realized we were meant to live more than an average life and I needed to take back control.

If you're feeling trapped and hopeless then I'd hope this song would come to mind as an inspiration to keep fighting for the life you desire. Don't let anybody dictate your dreams. We are strong and destined for something great. At the end of the day we need each other, whether we are against ourselves or the world. Divided we fall & together we conquer!

"Desperate Measures" is our anthem for leading us all to a better life. "Desperate Measures: video, which was Shot in the same town as "The Walking Dead" TV series here.

"Seven Tries": "You know when you care for someone but don't know how to express selfless love? Then you screw it up with them more than a couple times trying to figure out how to make them happy while also trying to keep a firm grasp of your sanity? "Seven Tries" is about being given the chance or giving them the opportunity to fix what was broken and heal from the pain in order to move on and make the relationship last.

"You told me I would never be enough, so let's find out what we're made of. I'm still drifting all over the place, maybe I can do much better" - that lyric is speaking from a young mindsetů Still growing up and finding myself. "You're still in that shifty space, baby you can do much better" saying like, you're still unsure of yourself and whether you or not you want to stick around - but I know it's worth the time it takes to invest in a rich and deep connection that we share.

Everybody goes through relationships that friends or family try to talk to us out of when deep down we don't want to walk away because we see that person's potential or vice versa. I have learned so much and have become a better person after dating someone who didn't give up on me and I've been on the other end, where I'm the one fighting to keep us together while helping my significant other open their eyes to any behavior that is tearing us apart.

"I'll find a way to way to make you mine, even if it takes seven tries. Another night of starless skies, far from home" was written when I was feeling like I could pack up and leave everything I've ever known behind to show that I was willing to do whatever it took to keep us happy. Looking back at it now, it was so not healthy and I've learned friends and family are more important since then.

"I think you know what happens next. You know it's probably for the best, if we erase the space in between us" is probably my favorite line because I'm talking about letting go of any grudges we've held onto that pushed us away from each other. I hope "Seven Tries" inspires us all to love each other through the hard times and self-destructive phases. Real love has taught me that nobody is perfect and we need to accept everyone's flaws and differences.

Learn more about the band and album right here!


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