Singled Out: Ed Roman's Red Omen

We have a special Singled Out today with genre bending multi-instrumentalist Ed Roman sharing the story behind the title track to his "Red Omen" album. Here is the story:

What is in a name? Many things..
The anagram should be plain and clear..

I'm a storyteller.. I grew up in the 1970's when conversation around poker games, cribbage and bridge tournaments in my kitchen were continually happening. Wonderful conversational texture and tail spinning that ensued as a result of these get-togethers. I struggled greatly as a young person with reading and writing as a result of dyslexia and was forced to slow down every aspect of my scholastic behaviour. This in turn wielded more questions than answers. I always wanted to know why language existed and where what were it's origins. I started to see many things in words and phrases that had alternate meanings as a result of the way you look at them.

Such is life.

We are continually faced with the choice of duality in so many of the things in our lives.

Red Omen / Ed Roman is the story of me from the past the present and perhaps the future. All based on choice and frequency. The ability to cultivate or leave fallow the aspects of your existence.. They are some of the things I did as a child like bring raw uranium to school in a lunchbox for show and tell, wanting to run away with the ghost of Jimi Hendrix into Bolivia and Peru. Scaling the countryside with former military snipers, jumping rivers like Evil Knievel in side by sides and conjuring magical music from the organic earth up here in Canada..
As esoteric as it may be... Its all true..

Great archeologists have always contended that even myths and stories of the past contain glimpses of truth and can be followed to their original source.. just ask Heinrich Schliemann who discovered the ancient city of Troy. Once considered a myth..

Red Omen is just that. A clandestine story of a songwriter tied up in a collage of words and a tapestry of language that tickles the imagination.. more like sherbet ice cream on acid....

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!


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