Bizkit Wedding? 

(antiMUSIC) Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst may have a new significant other. In a protest against Massachusetts Gov. Romney and Attorney General Tom Reilly's recent ban on out-of-state gay couples traveling to Massachusetts to marry, Durst reportedly married Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland in a private ceremony in Worcester. An unreliable witness to the ceremony said that Durst explained the marriage as having two purposes; to protest the governor's move against gay marriage which was legalized by a recent Supreme Judicial Court decision and also because now that he has Borland back in his life he does not want to chance losing him again. 

Gov. Romney recently invoked a 1913 statute that prevents any out-of-state couple from marrying in Massachusetts. Clerks from thirteen Massachusetts towns including Worchester have appealed to the Supreme Judicial Court to overturn the ban. 

"We refuse to silently stand by and blindly carry out orders that are discriminatory," said David Rushford, clerk of Worcester to TownOnline.com. "If local officials had refused to carry out racially discriminatory state policies during the civil rights movement, we would have hailed their actions. Today, we have the opportunity to say no to discrimination in carrying out our duties, and we hope the court will recognize the importance of our ability to do that." 

April Broma reporting for antiMusic.

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