MC Hater Announces Wholly Crap CD 

(antiMusic) Deaf Mutha Records is pleased to announce the release of the latest musical masterpiece from MC Hater. The resident king of Sh*t-Hop will drop his rockin' new soundz on April 31, 2005. 

The album was originally scheduled for release on April 1st but production was halted last week when Hater decided he had to include a rap about Big Macs on the album. He explained the delay, "I gotta get paid b*****. If those suckers gonna pay my ass for pimpin' their crap macs, Hater gonna get his". 

In this Hater's 37s release, entitled "Wholly Crap," the controversial rapper will continue his legacy of calling out his rival rap stars and rap about his turbulent youth growing in up in the mean streets of his hood in Brentwood, Ca. 

In a rare interview with antiMusic hater told We'll have the full interview later this month but for now here is the 411 on a few of the new hit songs from "Wholly Crap". 

"Yo, eyz had call out tha playa hataz and fake ass b*****es, so eyz gots raps bout all dem fools on my new record, itz off da hook" explains Hater from his bullet proof Cadillac SUV as he cruises his hood looking for "b*****es".  

We asked him what some of the songs were about and he gave us the tip on four of them: "da record starts off wit my tribute to Fiddy Cent called 'Gimme my change b*****', cuz word, that muthaf**ker ain't even worth fiddy cents. 

"Eyz got no love for Eminem either. I school that punk ass in my first single 'Candyass'. 'Candy ass mother don't play in no band / taste like crap in your mouth, got my gun in hand / 8 mile, that ain't sh** / MC Hater with another hit / tell that muthaf**er about a real hood / You don't know hard til you bang in Brentwood" 

Hater also goes after Missy Elliot in his rap "Hooked on Ebonics". He rapped us a sample of the lyrics. "b***** can't rhyme / dat's a crime / stupid ass ho be wastin' my time / she's a hack yo / wit a TV show / cuz there was only 3 people at her last big show" 

Fellow MCs aren't the only target of his wrath on "Wholly Crap." Hater says he has a scathing rap about American Idol in his song "Gay Aikens," a song that he is keeping under wraps but says once it hits the street will "shock da world, yo. Cuz I call dat mutha out".  

Stay tuned for the full interview with MC Hater later this month where tells us more about the new CD, his forthcoming clothing line Hater Wear, his new sports beverage Pay Up b*****! And his foray into television with his reality TV pilot, "The Hood in Brentwood."

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