Weezer Foodfight

(Buzznet) Have you ever had the urge to fling food at your friends? Well, here’s your chance. In celebration of the release of their highly anticipated new single “Pork & Beans,” Weezer has joined forces with Buzznet to wage an all-out pork and beans food fight.

Sounds like good, disgusting fun, right? Well, Weezer fans and Buzznet members will be happy to know that every time they hurl pork and beans at their friends, it will also benefit a great cause.

Weezer and Buzznet have selected Conscious Alliance, the non-profit organization that distributes food and resources to U.S. communities most in need, as the recipient of a donation to be given at the conclusion of the food fight.

When Buzznet users go to their profile page, they just might find pork and beans splattered all over it for everyone to see. Users can retaliate by joining the Web’s largest and nastiest food fight at http://www.buzznet.com/cp/weezerfoodfight and posting a special code in their friends’ Notes on Buzznet.

As more notes are left, the density of the pork and beans will grow. Fans can also invite their friends to join the food fight by sending them the invitation link http://www.buzznet.com/cp/weezerinvite

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