An Open Letter To Dave Grohl

(antiMusic) Last week Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl wrote an open letter to Metallica. The letter inspired laughs, anger and confusion depending on your perspective of Metallica. (Gulf Coast, Florida) 99ROCK DJ Kevin McKay sent us his own open letter. This one addressed to Dave Grohl:

Wow, thanx for that inspiring letter you wrote to Metallica. You want them to rock? Well, maybe start with yourself and your little bubble gum band. Really, what is the Foo Fighters, other than something for girls and middle aged guys who "used to rock" to put on their myspace pages????? Long Road to Ruin???? lame. But you'll try to save it with a quirky video...ahh, good concept.

So, stand in front of your adoring fans, cuz everyone I know LOVES you, (I just don't get it), and chew your gum with a smirk on your face, but I think we all know that Kurt would take a guitar and knock the Mentos out of your head if he were to pop in a Foo Fighters CD.

So, thanx for telling Metallica to "rock out", but please, at least HALF rock out before you go droning on about others' music. Kevin can be heard afternoon on 99Rock / or streaming live at wksm.com. - If you missed Grohl's open letter, read it here.

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