Psychostick To Release Opus To Food, Email Spam, Bad Directions, Revenge and More

(PR) Phoenix, Arizona, comedy/metal band Psychostick has finished recording their new album, "Sandwich." Work on the 24-track opus to food, email spam, bad directions, revenge and more food began in August 2008. A May 5, 2009, release (US only) is scheduled via Rock Ridge Music. "Sandwich" is the follow-up album to Psychostick's 2006 release, "We Couldn't Think Of A Title."

Song titles on Sandwich include "Caffeine," "Minimum Rage" and "#1 Radio $ingle." The band also recorded, as per their album fundraiser, "373 Thank Yous." 373 represents the number of fans who are individually thanked in the song itself who donated $50 or more to help the band pay for studio time and equipment. "373 Thank Yous" has a run-time of 14:19.

Psychostick gained notoriety in Spring 2007 when their song "Beer is Good.... And Stuff" became a #1 single on XM Radio's Liquid Metal show for seven weeks. - Video blog from the studio

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