Foo Fighters To Premiere 11 New Music Videos Today

Foo Fighters will premiere 11 brand new music videos today as part of their Artist Takeover on Fuse.

What does this mean? It means there will be nothing but Foo Fighters programming on Fuse consisting of: 11 Brand New – Never Before Seen – Foo Fighters Videos Exclusive To Fuse directed by winners of the This Video Sucks contest. That’s one for each song on their new album Wasting Light

A brand new episode of “Hoppus On Music” featuring an interview with all of the Foo Fighters

A live concert of the Foo Fighters playing Madison Square Garden for the first time (3pm & 10pm EST)

An episode of “Foo Fighters: On The Record”

Foo Fighters Chronicles

Loaded: Foo Fighters

And more

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