Dave Grohl The New Bon Jovi?

(Gibson) "You meet kids in younger underground rock bands and I'm like Bon Jovi to those people," laughed Dave Grohl, talking to The Canadian Press.

Grohl, a confirmed punker from his teenage days in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, is at the center of mainstream rock these daysólike it or notówith the new Foo Fighters CD, Wasting Light, heading straight for the top of the charts.

"I don't know if we really aspire to be #1 on the charts, but if and when it happens, yeah, I think we'd be very proud of that," Grohl said. "We don't really feel any different, I don't think, than we did when we were like kids. I think our intention is still the same and our passion for the music is still the same, so when something [big happens]ólike when you win a Grammy or you get a # 1 recordówe never assume that's going to happen and we don't feel entitled to it either. It's still a surprise when that... happens. When we found out how well the album was doing just early this week we were really blown away." more on this story

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