Dave Grohl Talks Foo Fighters Songwriting

(Gibson) With Foo Fighters back in the limelight with their first no 1 album, Wasting Light, the band have been talking about the creative process in making music.

According to Clashmusic.com, Dave Grohl told Absolute Radio that songwriting sometimes comes easily. "Well I guess, once you feel inspired, it's easy. There's never really any blueprint, you just come up with ideas here and there. It's really hard to try and write, it's easy when it's easy. I never want anything to sound too contrived or forced, it has to really just feel natural. We're a pretty prolific band, you know. If you put us in a room right now we could probably have a song for you in about an hour and a half."

Not that Grohl has any illusions of grandeur as a songsmith. "I don't feel like I'm an incredible songwriter that makes these incredible rock records. I'm humbled by the whole thing, and I just sort of cross my fingers and hope that it sounds okay, or that people will dig it, or my band will dig it. There are some times where I'll write a song and Taylor will say 'That's not your best work.' " more on this story

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