Blink-182's Travis Barker Rants Against 'Fools in Rock Music'

(Rock News Desk) Travis Barker says he gets on better with hip-hop artists than he does with rock musicians and he finds he can do more with the rap genre than he can with Blink-182.

The drummer is tired of being judged by "nazi bastards" who feel he shouldn't be working with rap stars like Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem. He tells Complex.com: "It seems like I have more in common, or hit it off better, with rappers than fools in rock music.

"I got people who were mad when I played the Grammys with Wayne, Drake and Eminem. It's one of the biggest highlights of my life but they're like, 'Stop playing this rap sh*t,'" he said. "F**k you, man. Open up your eyes and ears, you nazi bastards. Don't be so close-minded. Since I was a kid I listened to all types of music and no one judged me for it. If they did I told them to go f**k themselves." more on this story

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