Singled Out: The Overseer's Fragile Wings

Today The Overseer's guitarist and vocalist Darren King tells us about the song "Fragile Wings" from their brand new album "Rest and Let Go," which was released this week. Here is the story:

"Fragile Wings" was the easiest yet hardest song to write. We were on tour with Shia Hulud in the summer of 2013 and were trying to write on the road, something we don't do very often or up until this point didn't do very well.

I remember sitting in the van at a park in Helendale, California with my Macbook open and my tele in my hands. The other guys were off doing park stuff enjoying the summer day (what I should have been dong) but
I had this rhythm in my head that I couldn't shake, so I had to explore the possibilities it held.

After about 45 minutes the guys got back and I had the skeleton of the intro/chorus and the first verse written and had a horrible working version recorded for them to here it.

After playing it back for them a few times they all said they felt it was the best song (what little there was of it) I've written yet. Obviously, I was stoked!!!

Then everyone piled back in the van and we continued our drive. I put the guitar away and just listened to what had been created earlier, pondering what needed to happen next.

A few days later we were in Redding, California at a friends house (love you Scott) and I had time to work on the song again. At this point I had time to listen to what was the song at that point and really just let the song tell me where it needed to go.

If you listen close enough the song will tell you where it wants to go and how to get there. It's weird to say, I know, but I truly believe it. After listening carefully and pondering on it I had a good idea and direction in my head for where the song would go. Now I just had to get it to my hands.
In about an hour, the second verse was mapped out to be real stripped back on the guitar side and be a bass driven verse (Brad would later write a sick bass line to finish the part out) and the Bridge would be a Heavier riff. The riff came together fast as I had been pondering/writing it in my head the days leading up to actually sitting down with a guitar.

I write a lot in my head. Map out most songs and tones and have a good idea of what the songs going to sound like before I even pick up an instrument. Then I have to figure out how to make these sounds I hear.

It just works for me that way.

The Song had come together fast and guys were really into it! in just a few hours of actual sit down and writing time the skeleton of the song was pretty much there.

Knowing we would be home in around a week's time I decided to set the song down and to let it rest. Pick it back up when we got home and really flesh this song out.

Now we're back home in Arkansas, back in the comforts of my own "home studio" (I use those words lightly. haha) and I'm ready to but an ending to this song and really make it come to life with a few bells and whistles.

….Nothing… sat there for hours…and nothing…

Thinking to myself "its just not a good day for this" "its just one of those days" i decided id just pick it back up the next day.

…Nothing… Again… Really????

The ending just wasn't there. Nothing sounded right. Nothing complimented the song in a way I felt was refreshing to hear or different enough to the rest of the song that it didn't feel like things were just dragging on.

Sense I was struggling with writing new parts, I decided to set my sights on "Bells and Whistles" and background noises.

Hours pass by and nothing was complimenting the intro/chorus in a way that didn't sound expected, so I set my guitar down in frustration.

Turns out that was the best thing I could have done.

I was just sitting and listening. over and over again listening to the song. took my hands out of the situation and again just listened to what the song was telling me.

Started to hear a melody and next thing I know I couldn't get that melody out of my head.

Laid it down with just a basic piano track to just hear the melody in the song and liked what i heard, but it wasn't until going through what felt like hundreds of patches before landing on the "bells".

IT WAS PERFECT!! After hearing those bells with that melody over that riff I was sold! It took on such a different character and to me made the song exactly what it was suppose to be, what I had been hearing in my head.
The ending though… it still hadn't come. I gave up on it for about a week. Started writing different stuff for other songs just hoping that the end would come to me.

I was writing this Coldplay inspired song just for fun, just to change things up. That always seems to spark creativeness.

I had what I thought was a chorus for the "Coldplay song" and I liked it very much. It was dark but it still had this sense of light which is my favorite feeling when it comes to music.

Finally it hit me "why isn't this the end of 5/4?" (that was the working title). It was exactly what the song needed.

After changing the key and placing into 5/4 it just fit to well. It was just what I was looking for. Thanks Coldplay for the inspiration.

The Guys obviously put there spin on parts and thank the lord cause the drums are way cooler than what I wrote and the bass lines are perfect for the song.

Its not just me writing songs here. Im the guy that brings the clay in but their hands definitely help mold our creations.

Now The Vocals.
Tony had had the lyrics for this song for a little while. We we're going through his lyrics and trying to find some that were a great fit for this song. Tony suggested theses lyrics he had titled "Bearer" .

They seemed like the best fit for the song so we started working on melodies and phrasing right away. This was at about 1:00 AM on our drive to Atlanta. Me driving, him riding shotgun and the other two probably wishing they had a shotgun to put to there face for having to listen to us the whole drive. haha
We were just playing the demo through the stereo over and over again singing to each other until we came up with some melodies that we felt got the emotion of the lyrics across best.

By the end of the drive we had the first verse melody and lyrics set the second verse melody set and what we thought would be the chorus how we liked it.

After arriving at Glow in the Dark Tony and I would work on vocals during down time. Tony brought more lyrics to the table after being there for a few days to finish up on the 2nd verse and the outro.

Within the hour we had both of them done the way we like it, but we no longer liked the chorus… We wanted the chorus melody to really stress the intensity of the lyrics, the haunted feel that they had and really just bring out the true emotion of the song. Angry, afraid and confused.

With Tony's parts all done and tracked all that was left was the chorus. We must have gone through half a dozen different melodies and a least 3 sets of lyrics trying to find the right chorus to tie this song together.

I believe Tony suggested a more yelling intense chorus sense the verses were on the chiller side of things, which made perfect sense. duh…

It took almost the entire time we were there to finally settle on what is now the chorus of the song.

Tony had done the rest of the vocals on this track within the first few days of vocal tracking, but it was one of the last vocal parts I tracked on the whole record.

Overall, I'm stoked on how the song turned out and with the other guys inputs, opinions and writing it turned out far better than I heard it in my head.

Thanks for the read. Thanks to anyone that has supported us in anyway and I'm sorry I babble .

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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