Singled Out: Charming Liars' The Desperation

Charming Liars frontman Charlie Cosser tells us about their new single "The Desperation" to celebrate the release of their brand new EP "We Won't Give Up". Here is the story:

I remember when we first started writing what later became The Desperation, we were instantly entertained by the playfulness of the melody. It didn't sound like anything else we had ever written and we weren't even sure if it was going to stick. We quickly realized that if this was going to be a Charming Liars song, the lyrics had to provide a contrast to what would be considered a very "poppy" melody.

Soon the first verse came together- "Set us free, the world's coming undone at the seams", this first line of the song really sets the tone for the rest of the track. Whilst writing the words, I looked at the world around me and felt two contrasting emotions- amusement and disgust. In the US Wall Street was finally being called out by the Occupy movement, back in the UK major tabloid newspapers were tapping people's phones and paying off police for information, all our friends were leaving university loaded with student debt and not a single job prospect in sight whilst the Kim Kardashians of this world were leading and profiting from what I like to call the "famous for nothing" movement. Whilst the verses are cynical and snarky, there's an explosion of positive energy in the chorus where we basically call upon anyone who shares the same observations and feelings to stand together with us and strive forward through the absurdity of humanity singing "We Won't Give Up".

It's definitely the closest thing to a socio-political protest song that we have but also the most "radio-friendly" tune we have ever written. The juxtaposition of the words and the melody is what I love about this song and its catchy refrain seems to connect with everyone when we play it live. With "The Desperation" we are truly wearing our hearts on our sleeve, flying the flag and seeing who salutes.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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