Singled Out: Kira Small's 3AM

Kira Small

Acclaimed R&B/Soul/singer-songwriter Kira Small tells us the story behind the title track to her brand new album "3AM", which was released earlier this month. Here is the story:

My new album chronicles how I got through a pretty devastating breakup. "3 AM" is the title track and, really, the sonic and emotional heart of the record. There is a point in every break-up when sleep just laughs at you. Instead you are blessed with that inevitable and horrible memory spiral that happens in the middle of the night. You'd much prefer being pissed at the person who broke your heart, but you're missing them instead. Cuz that's lovely…

A lot of the songs on the record were written while I was still in the space I was writing about. 3 AM materialized a bit later. A month or so before we started tracking, I was reflecting back on the dark days and weeks after the break-up. Spent a lot of wee hours sipping whiskey, smoking cigarettes, writing in my journal, "waiting on time to pass"...because I was too torn up and troubled to sleep. I'd had all of those feelings - those seemingly never-ending moments - but I hadn't put them into a song yet. When we made the video, we decided to use the imagery of memories as an inescapable prison - which is pretty much what that feels like at 3 in the f-ing morning.

I'm a HUGE Bonnie Raitt fan and she's got a song called "The Glow" that also sounds like 3 in the morning to me. That song has always resonated with me deeply and I've always wanted to write something like it. Took a hell of a heartbreak to finally do it, but I absolutely love the result.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Kira Small's 3AM

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