Quicks: Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Anthrax and Van Halen

09-6-02 antiGUY
Here are some quick tidbits on The Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and Anthrax.

Press Release: Sessions Records To Release Foo Fighter's 7"


Los Angeles, CA--On September 24th, Sessions Records will release a special, limited-edition Foo Fighter's 7" single featuring, "All My Life," the first single off of the band's forthcoming RCA Records release, One By One, which is due out on October 22nd.

The B-side features a new cover of the Ramone's classic, "Danny Says," with vocals by Foo's guitarist Chris Shifflet. The track is available exclusively on this release in the US. The original first appeared on 1980's, End of the Century, and is said to have been inspired in-part, by the Ramone's manager at the time, Danny Fields.

Blabbermouth Reports the following:
LINKIN PARK Make Early EP Available Via Official Fan Club 
Copies of LINKIN PARK's seven-song Hybrid Theory EP, recorded prior to the release of the group's full-length Hybrid Theory album, can still be obtained through LINKIN PARK's official fan club, LP Underground, through November 2002. Recorded before the band settled on their present moniker, the EP includes such songs as "Carousel", "Step Up", "And One", "Part of Me", and the original version of "High Voltage".

Press Release: Anthrax Pays Tribute To The Victims And Salutes The Heroes Of 9/11


The tragedies of last fall affected our band like no other. Our nation, our city, our friends and even our name came under attack.  
Throughout the history of our band we have never been afraid to defend who we are and what we stand for. For one day only, on Wednesday September 11, 2002, we would like to invite you to help us pay tribute to the fallen, and to the heroes who helped us stand again, by playing our new song "Refuse To Be Denied" loud and strong. The song will be available in RealMedia audio at our  Web site: http://www.anthrax.com

The name of the song says it all and we hope you will agree. Look for "Refused To Be Denied" on our new album "We've Come For You All" in early 2003. 

Thank you,

Frankie, Charlie, John, Rob & Scott


MTV is reporting the following: 
Sammy Hagar Calls Reunion With Van Halen Inevitable'

Having just wrapped a "who-would-have-thunk-it" co-headlining tour with the guy he replaced in Van Halen 10 years before leaving the band himself, Sammy Hagar is now mentally preparing for a reunion with Eddie, Alex and Michael. 

“I think a reunion is inevitable,” the self-proclaimed “red rocker” said backstage at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, shortly after presenting an award with David Lee Roth. “I mean come on, how could it not [happen]?” 

Hagar confessed that he hasn’t spoken with either of the Van Halen brothers in quite some time, though bassist Michael Anthony has been oining him onstage of late.

"Mikey hasn’t even heard from Edie or Alex," Hagar explained. "I just think when they’re ready to surface, they’ll do it."

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