Liars Review

by Dan MacIntosh

Liars are one noisy bunch, and I'm not fibbing. This new CD is comprised of loud, cacophonies studio experimentation. It sometimes reminds me of Throbbing GristleŚmeets-The Jesus and Mary Chain. Other times, it's nearly indescribable.

But at least Liars play actual songs, unlike Throbbing Gristle. Yet they don't transform feedback into irresistible hooks as do The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The falsetto vocals over minimalist dance beats of "Houseclouds" reveal a proper pop band way down inside Liars. But this is followed up with "Leather Prowler", which features a spoken vocal only slightly more on-key than all of Mark E. Smith's The Fall repertoire. It's the auditory equivalent to being sick. Hearing it makes one more than a little queasy. And except for the Nick Cave-sad vocal on "What Would They Know", the group actually comes up with something darn near The Velvet Underground-y.

These sick boy vocals are nearly impossible to comprehend. But something tells me Liars harbor a cynical streak not unlike Mark E. Smith. I mean, why else would they title a track "The Dumb in the Rain"?

Little on Liars will get anybody's party started or motor running. Instead, it's an album for putting on the old headphones and weird-ing out. Are you listening, freaks?

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