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antiGUY gives his top 5 list of music stuff. Could be songs, people, a stupid trend... nothing is sacred to antiGUY

Top 5 Cheesiest Videos From the 80’s

So I was watching VH1 Classic’s Metal Mania weekend and it just floored me to remember how cheesy some 80’s videos were. Granted it was a new art form at that point but even some bands I love made some real stinkers in the 80’s.  It’s all in good fun and all and sadly now that the video art form has matured there are few outlets for people to see them. Anyway, after watching hours of cheese mixed in with some decent videos I decided to head over to the message board and see if any of our regulars had some favorite 80’s cheese videos they would want to suggest for a Top 5 Cheesiest Videos of the 80’s list and got some good suggestions.  So read on my pick of those suggested videos and then post your own in the Fan Speak.  

Top 5 Cheesiest 80’s Videos

5) Queensryche – “Queen of the Ryche” – a concept video gone horrible cheese. AliceCooperette had this to add “I spend days on Morpheus downloading that video, and it was huge. I'd heard that it was really great. Boy did I feel cheated. That is a painfully BAD video.”

4) Enuff Z’nuff – “New Thing” Love this band but this video was a big mistake, why they allowed themselves to be talked into co-opting the glam look.. anyway Lithium Bliss had this to add – “Whatever cheez vid Enuff Z'Nuff did to get themselves lumped in with Winger and Poison and shit. Listening to Tweaked as I type… and they were a pretty good band.”  Greenmuse added a blurb about the followup video for “Fly High Michelle” – “Is that the video with the rainbows?i cant belive anyone would purposly make a video like that.” 

3) Wham - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" – Byter had this to say  “cringing just isn't enough”

2) Warrant – “Cherry Pie” – sound have been called cheese pie!  Greenmuse had this to add  “Cherry Pie was always good for a crack up I loved the oh so subtle sexual connotation. The pie falling into the girls lap is just too funny.” 

1) Tony Basil – “Micky” it just doesn’t get cheesier than this. 

Honorable mentions:

From Byter:
"Too Young to Fall in Love" by Motley Crue 
 (trying WAY too hard to look cool ... still absurdly hilarious) 

"Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard 
 (is there an acting coach in the house? no, but let's throw in some chains and lightning bolts to make up for it). 

"Down Boys" by Warrant 
 (where the dumb boys go, GO!! *insert five leather-clad, burnt matchsticks dropping to their knees in delightful show of rockin' choreography*). 

"Rock Me Tonight" by Billy Squire 
(I'd really like to know at what point he thought that flitting around a bedroom in sweat pants and a pink tank top like a girly-man would look cool).

From Magustyle
Fine Young Cannibals – “She Drives Me Crazy”......guys in H.R. puff n' stuff track suits squatthrusting and having synchronized seizures....

From 5150guy:
Commenting on “Down Boys” - Man, I think the "Heaven" video beats that one out hands down for cheese factor.  

As I type this I'm watching "When I Look Into Your Eyes" by FireHouse.

From Greenmuse:
“She’s got looks that kill” - Motley Crue, its like a badly acted "cats", flying pentagrams are never cool. 

Def Leppard -“rock of ages”, I agree this is just too cheezy, what’s with the sword, no viking tr00ness here, just cornyness 

Was Not Was- “do the dinosaur” .this song and video make me angry, very angry. 

Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf,”  hate the band, hate the song, and women pretending to be wolves isn’t good in any time  

Bow Wow Wow- “I Want Candy”. doesnt this just say it all?

From Ballerina:
How about Twisted Sister, "We're Not Gonna Take It"? Major cheez

From AliceCooperette:
Any of Twisted Sister's early videos will work. "The Leader of the Pack" is ... just terrible. I know it was meant to be a joke, but HEEEEYYUULL  NAAAW. Ugh. 

If Mott the Hoople ever did videos, those had to be sheer hell to watch. Also, Judas Priest's "Turbo Lover". I still haven't decided whether I love or hate it. "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is... gross. The purple and black thing Dio wore in his videos was pretty bad as well.

From Keavin:
This was a long list but here are highlights 

Debbie Gibson "Lost in your eyes", "Shake Your Love"

Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"

Erasure - "Chains Of Love" hanging and singing from chains..

Adam Ant - "Strip" "Goody Two Shoes" 

Rick Springfield - "Jesse's Girl"

Iron Maiden - "Number of the Beast" love the song but the people ball room dancing holding sings saying "6" and then changing into beasts with bad Halloween masks.

Olivia Newton John - "Physical" 

KISS - "Tears Are Falling" What's with the yellow and pink gloves Paul? "All Hells Breakin' Loose" 

Tiffany - "I Think We're Alone Now" The mall before it went hardcore =) 

Helix - "Rock You"

Judas Priest - "Hot Rockin'" gotta love Rob setting the microphone on fire and singing from it. Priest pretty much cornered the market on metal-cheese videos.

Your turn, what do you think? 

They call you 
What do you think ?:


Fan Speak:

Posted by Micky:
Lionel Ritchie - "Hello" - When the blind woman makes an exact replica of his head from clay.

Posted by SO TRUE:

Posted by guss:
All poison's videos are stupid.!!!

Posted by shadow boxer 1974:
"21st century culture for dummies" Chapter 1- "Rearrange the square" 1.If he/she looks like an 80's heavy metal cheeseball,get a bucket of water and dump it right on the big hair!

Posted by boggie boy:
C'mon. "I Ran" by a flock of seagulls was the cheeziest by far.

Posted by evil_dave:
everything europe ever released

Posted by Chipper:
Judas Priest's Heading out to the highway had a car race where the top speed looked to be around 30

Posted by Chipper:
I think the Rolling Stones videos were pretty bad considering the kind of money they have.They could have come up with some better ideas.

Posted by big ron:
the 80,s kicked a??.there wont be another decade like it.never ever, was a time of sex drugs,and the best rock n roll ever.i partyied hard .i was in my teens and early 20,s.they call it butt rock these days,june,2004 but i,ll take it anyday over the shi?,or should i say noise of todays music.well rok on fellow 80,s rockers.big ron in central california is out.c-ya!!

Posted by furl:
i'm ok to say that some videos were cheezy but i really liked those videos where it was all about having fun and rock'N'roll. there are some videos like here i go again from whitesnake that are still classic today. But for a cheezy video, i would say once bitten twice shy from great white cuz like it so kinda funny but ridiculus when the singer(jack russell i think)calls up some groupies to come along and sing and they start to sing but some unreal...funny. anyway i would give anything to go back to those years cuz i really liked the hair band and that era

Posted by Give me New Wave, 80's and Disco:
Blame Disco, Blame New Wave, Blame Rap. What killed Heavy Metal and Hard Rock was their music videos. There is only so much you can take of them sticking tongues out and middle fingers at the camera.... and the stupid gay long hair. PLUS NOBODY CAN DANCE TO THAT MUSIC! Everyone was being creative with music videos... Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Adam Ant, Culture Club... plus nobody wanted to listen to depressing music anymore. Do your research buddy.

Posted by Cheese Kryptonite:
And they say disco sucks! Time to tear the hair off the sucka! here is my list: 1.Vixen-"Edge of a broken heart" 2.Poison-"Nuthin' but a good time" 3.Any of Bon Jovi's 4.Motley Crue-"girls,girls,girls" 5.David Lee Roth-"California Girls"

Posted by I love the 80's:
Ok, when I turn on the damn TV to watch a music video i want to see something interesting, stupid and hillarious. Not fat black people licking 20 women and raping at the same time. Y do I hate MTV, well because I didn't live in the 80's when they had some genuinely funny, interesting stuff.

Posted by libertine0126:
To my fellow cheesy video aficionados.... let's test your collective memories.. how about Utopia's "Feet Dont Fail Me Now". Five cheesy musicians dressed up as bugs! Todd Rundgren might have been gifted as a Producer, but his video sense was a bit bizarre. Of course, Saxon videos might come a close 2nd... Udo, please... words cannot describe the cheese... at least Todd Rundgren's band was comical, Saxon was serious.

Posted by pickle:
We Are The World (USA For Africa), which has both Jacko & Lionel Ritchie - yuk!

Posted by Da-rill:
The 80's were great, with the exception of the following: Shriekback is one of the worst bands of the 80's... and let's face it, rap wasn't that great when you come out with a half reggae half rap song like Pass The Dutchie... And for all those who like to Diss Glass Tiger, lay off, they're more upbeat then some of those bands in the 80's... one last thing, Mullets are not dead.

Posted by BORN IN 69':
I think the 80's rocked, we still had ac dc, and that more than made up for the bs. Best Video,, I would say was Pink Floyd Learning to fly, CHeese video,, anything by the cars. It was the best and worst. All songs were great, yet they sucked. It was a time to live. We had anthems and power ballads. and TAWNY WAS HOTT!!!!

Posted by Brandon:
All you that are ripping on Def Leppard have no right. They are the best rock band that came out of the eighties. And remember, even Micheal Jackson(who we can all agree is the king of videos) had some cheezy first videos. And Twisted Sister is an awsome video also.

Posted by Jason:
ratt "round and round" while i love this song (and i hate the 80's so thats says alot) the video was really cheesy and trashy.

Posted by e-i-o shizzie shizz:
Hey, what about the british stuff? Come on people.. uk was representin' in the area 80's style.

Posted by
Three words: Journey..Separate Ways

Posted by O:
Does anyone remember Dio's "Last in Line" video?!?! Some unsuspecting delivery boy walks into some whatever office building in the middle of downtown wherever and unwittingly finds the one elevator on the entire planet that goes straight to hell!!!! And what does he find in hell?! A whole bunch of kids (guess they ALL pushed the wrong button on that elevator) chained to arcade games being PAC MANed to death while also being tortured by these wacko looking cyborgs or something, all under the watchful eye of Satan himself!! Hysterical!! Dio's cool, but how did his career survive these insanely retarded videos!?!

Posted by the seeker:
Looks like others in the forum share my opinion on the Squier vid. Maybe I should read the posts before adding my 2 cents. Hey-- there's no cents symbol on my keyboard. Is this normal?

Posted by the seeker:
I saw on a Behind The Music/Where Are They Now?-type special on VH1, that Billy Squier (and quite a few others) blame his effeminate image in the "Rock Me Tonight" video for the downfall of his career. I do. Also, most folks haven't seen the Ian Gillan-era Black Sabbath's videos for "Trashed" and "Zero the Hero" from the "Born Again" album, but they make "Number of the Beast" look like "Thriller." Also, does anyone remember the video for Genesis' "land of Confusion," with the caricature puppets of the band, as well as such 80s icons as the Reagans and Rocky? Not cheesy (IMHO) but memorable.

Posted by reagan youth:
faith no more's video for "epic" was the epitome of an 80's video. but it was hot, it by no means cheezy

Posted by I love the 80`s:
all 80`s videos were better than those of today, at least they were good at touching people`s hearts-including my 16 year old one.

Posted by SJJ:
Now that I'm thinking about it...Karma Chameleon ..Culture Club..and then there's ANYTHING by Wham..!!!...

Posted by Yvonne:
Glen Madeiros...Nothings gonna save my love for you. Locomotion..Kylie Minogue.... Need I say more....why..why..?!

Posted by polomoche:
Hell is an endless loop of the video for Debarge's "Who's Johnny". I think it was from the movie "Short Circuit", which is no gem either.

Posted by 80sReject:
How about Devo, WHIP IT is an all time low in videos!

Posted by aG:
cristeen, no thanks =) It's a top 5 list so you can only fit so much even when letting people post their own but you are right Adam Ant had some ubbercheesy vids. I'll have nightmares about Strip tonight.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
the 80's were a great time in music.just not the real popular stuff.

Posted by rockette:
nothing good came out of the eighties, cept me. What does everyone think of strawberry flavoured cheesecake? i love it.

Posted by Mr. huh? saying, "My Generation Sucks!":
As Jon Bon Jovi once said, "If you want to torture me, force me to sit through any one of our first few videos"

Posted by loki:
bon jovi-runaway

Posted by Jay:
Fred durst should direct music videos because he owns. All these other guys aint got nothing on him. Fred durst owns a red cap hes cool. I like to stroke his cap.

Posted by cristeen:
Kiss my a*s aG

Posted by aG:
Diggem, Type it up and email it to us and we'll can throw it up in the "Readers rant" or best of fan speak section

Posted by GREENMUSE:
wouldnt things be pretty expensive without useless car mechanics,i mean replacing an entire car everytime it needs a tire or brakes could get pretty pricey.adam ant dressed like a pirate,and i cant fault anyone who dresses as a salty seadog

Posted by cristeen:
Are any of you actually from the eighties? I hear no mention of the adam ant vids or the buggles.

Posted by DeadSun:
Here is your first test, Mike. This post contains a word which has been misspelled. Please locate the word, and then proceed to point it out. Should you succeed, your reward shall be yet another favorable occasion to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for being smarter than the rest of us "useless car mechanics". ---What a Donkey ( that's right, with a capital "D" ).

Posted by DeadSun:
Mike : it comes as a great relief to us that you care so deeply about thhe use of proper grammar. In observance of our new commitment to the English language, I ask that you retype your posting so that it reads the following : "Maybe if you HAD ( you left it out ) all stopped doing drugs after High School ( comma, you left that out, too ), you would have been able to post comments without sounding ( DO words make a sound when you read them? ) like a bunch of useless car mechanics WHO ( not "that" ) HAVE ( you left that out, too ) found out WHAT CAN BE DONE ( not "what you can do" ) with a computer and a phone line." P.S., you may want to first check your own drawers the next time that you are tempted to exclaim that something smells like sh*t. Good day.

Posted by BaBaCaB:
B-52's--Shiney Happy People, Love Shack, Rome, any video from those cheese kings and queens

Posted by BaBaCaB:
B-52's--Shiney Happy People, Love Shack, Rome, any video from those cheese kings and queens

Posted by TK138:
As Chris Farley used to say, "Well LA dee FREA-kin' DAH!"

Posted by Mike:
I think all of you, your names, your grammar and spelling are cheesy. Maybe if you all stopped doing drugs after High School you would have been able to post comments without sounding like a bunch of useless car mechanics that found out what you can do with a computer and a phone line. P.S. TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK UNLESS YOU ARE YELLING!!!

Posted by hellodumb ass's:

Posted by hellodumb ass's:

Posted by Mike:
I think that even though you may think these videos are cheesy, I would rather watch them over than to watch a bunch of baboons pretending to be rich...

Posted by Fred Durst:
How about Edward Penishands? NOw that was cheesy and I don't care how many more times i'll watch it today, it's still cheese!

Posted by aG:
Diggem, Type it up and email it to us and we'll can throw it up in the "Readers rant" or best of fan speak section.

Posted by Diggem:
Is there a forum in this website for discussing the funniest, scariest, saddest, smartest, most stylish, or most entertaining videos? I'd like to end on a good note.

Posted by Diggem:
Smarmiest Video of the 80's: "Photograph" (Def Leppard): You really have to appreciate a twisted (but not truly evil) genius like David Mallet, whose mission in life appears to have been to trigger sadomasochistic fantasies in everyone with access to cable TV. In this, one of his more ambitious efforts, he locks several women in a large cage and finishes up by tying up a Marilyn Monroe lookalike with barbed wire! That's really going over the top!

Posted by Diggem:
Campiest Concept Video of the 80's: "Knock-em Down" (Thor): This one got very little airplay, which is kind of a shame, because it's really fun to watch, in a campy, cheesy way. Ed Wood would have been proud if he had lived to see it.

Posted by Diggem:
Video of the 80's with the Most Uncomfortable Sexuality: Any video by the Culture Club. Sorry to stir up bad memories.

Posted by Diggem:
Worst Sequel to a Music Video of the 80's: "I Wanna Rock" (Twisted Sister): O.K., the original, "We're Not Gonna Take It", was sort of funny, especially because Sgt. Douglas C. Niedermeyer really lost his temper at his son. And it was refreshing to see his character revived from "Animal House" (even though, according to the movie's coda, he was killed in Vietnam by his own troops). But the second time around, Mark Metcalf seemed to have lost the ability to act comically. His tirade wasn't funny at all. And then he threw himself into a pool to survive getting blown up by a live grenade stuck in his hand. Sure, that works every time.

Posted by Diggem:
Most Boring/Understimulating Performance Video of the 80's: Another tough call, but I'll give the skunk cabbage to "Poison Ivy" (Faster Pu$$ycat): This is one time when I wouldn't have minded if the filmmakers had trimmed the song a bit; it was too long to begin with. But the video still would have been too long even if they had cut it down to a minute. Some movie critic once said, "No good film is ever too long. And no bad film is ever short enough." If this is true, the same applies to videos.

Posted by Diggem:
Most Sanctimonious Video/Song of the 80's: "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" (Alcatrazz): Singer Graham Bonnet even sheds crocodile tears at the end of this one. I feel sorry for the victims of Hiroshima too (and let's not forget Nagasaki), but just answer me this: What would you have done if you had been Roosevelt? Or Einstein or Enrico Fermi?

Posted by Diggem:
Most Mean-Spirited Video of the 80's: "L.O.V.E. Machine" (W.A.S.P.): Many videos demean women, but it's usually all in good fun. This is the only one I remember that shows a woman actually being tortured. She spends most of the video drowning in an immersion tank the size of a phone booth. Several things soften the bitter edge: First, this is apparently her punishment for hurting her date's feelings. Second, this is apparently only a bad dream. Thirdly, the tank is open at the top, and we see her come up for air three times (twice behind Blackie Lawless' head; the first time, he walks up and dunks her again). But in the second-to-last shot, when we can barely see her silouhetted figure sinking in the tank, it makes me feel slightly sick. The other thing I don't like about it is the five chicks who spirit her out of her bedroom disguised as nurses. Rick Rosenthal, who also directed "Halloween II", doesn't seem to like nurses. But I do.

Posted by Diggem:
Oops, I forgot to mention the second most incomprehensible video: "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" (Quiet Riot): The ending was inspired by some classic cult film ("A Clockwork Orange", maybe? I don't know, I haven't seen it yet), but it doesn't gel with the opening scene, in a hospital. The whole thing's a mess.

Posted by Diggem:
An honorable mention to "Midnite Maniac" (Krokus) and "Two Minutes to Midnight" (Iron Maiden): Both these videos seem to have all the elements of a story, but they can't combine them in a sequence that makes sense.

Posted by Diggem:
Most Incomprehensible (Concept) Video of the 80's: Boy, this is a tough one, but I'll take a crack at it: "Rock You Like A Hurricane" (The Scorpions): Director David Mallet never did bother much with realism or logic or even storytelling, but this has to be his one video with the least substance. It features one set aped from "Alien" and another from "Raiders of the Lost Ark". I don't know where he got the cage and the forest of sharp hatracks from, but I'll bet he stole those too.

Posted by Diggem:
Most Boring/Understimulating Concept Video of the 80's (sort of): "Talk to Ya Later" (The Tubes): The entire first third of this video depicts Fee Waybill losing his patience with a crowd of overeager reporters. The last two thirds show him pushing them out of the building while they snap his picture with flash cameras. (I guess they were still in use in 1982!) That's literally all that happens. They would have been better off making a straight performance video.

Posted by Diggem:
Now, let me propose some alternative categories. First of all, you need two of each category, for performance and concept videos, because they're like apples and oranges. Secondly, the most fundamental thing to consider is whether or not a video -- or any other work of art, for that matter -- inspires the emotional effect that the artist(s) intended. Or whether it unintentionally succeeds in doing something else. Thirdly, it's fair to consider the makers' budget and other limitations. For example, you expect more from a major studio than from a bunch of high-schoolers with a movie camera, filming in their backyard. With that in mind, I'll post my choices later.

Posted by Diggem:
I don't think "cheesy" is a fair word to use to describe music videos, because they seem to have an average budget of about $500. That's not the director's fault or the band's. Music videos have to be taken on their own terms, just like film shorts, TV commercials and comic books. They're in a league of their own. As for my choices, I'd better post them separately.

Posted by LurkerX:
Oh yeah, and the Kiss video with Vinnie Vincent trying to look street tough, which is apparently the same as looking like an ugly street hooker.

Posted by LurkerX:
Most of Dio's early videos sucked @ss through a tube, but the songs were good. The only redeeming quality of that Alcatrazz video is the chicks. How about Tarzan Boy by Baltimora? Just about any Judas Priest video... Oh yeah, how about the Final Countdown video from Europe? And the lyrics... "We're leaving for many light years to go..." Venus is next door and hot enough to melt f'ing lead. Winger sux...Who the hell would be in a band where there was a "no pounding the groupies" rule?

Posted by DeadSun:
That Krokus video is hilarious, Jesus Schwartz. For me though, it doesn't get ANY cheesier than the video for "See You In Hell" by Grim Reaper. Anyone remember that one?

Posted by duff:
Safety Dance!

Posted by duff:
Sammy Hagar-I can't drive 55 (later 65)

Posted by AliceCooperette:
I just thought of Savatage's "Hall of the Mountain King". It has leprechauns doing stuff, and then the singer starts slam-humping the guitarist. Metallica's "One" is a pretty spooky video. I'm always trolling irc and Kazaa for a version without errors in it... I guess I may have to break down and see if it's on any DVD.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
the cure-love not sure if its cheezy,or just plain weird.

Posted by DFGH:
Poison are not "hair metal" or "glam rock". Why does everyone call them that? They are speed metal.

Posted by TK138:
The non-Metallica bits from "One" were from the movie "Johnny Got His Gun". Personally, I found it quite disturbing. The video for Pat Benatar's "Love Is A Battlefield" is pretty cheesy. Who knew you could fight off your pimp by shakin' your breasts?

Posted by VampireRyan:
My memory probably serves me wrong, but does anyone remember the MC Hammer video "Too Legit to Quit?" I'm hoping that was '89. That video gave one of those blank expressions like in anime. Metallica's video for "One" also had me scratching my head. Great song, but all those random shots of scientist-like people were just chez.

Posted by Jesus Schwartz:
...does anyone remember "Screaming In The Night" by Krokus? they had some better songs, and they only had like one or two other videos, but that one in particular sticks out 'cuz of its imagery of the Middle Ages (and bad lighting effects), then all of a sudden the singer is in a diner, and the scene he was just in is on the TV with the girl he loves, and he walks down the bar, stepping in everyones' food, singing to the TV...great stuff, if you can stop laughing long enough...

Posted by Dfens:
Let's not let Ronnie James Dio off so easily. Have you ever seen the Holy Diver video? He obviously didn't have much of a budget for this one. Also, it's hard to play a badass medieval warrior convincingly when you're 5'4".

Posted by Dfens:
Let's not let Ronnie James Dio off so easily. Have you ever seen the Holy Diver video? He obviously didn't have much of a budget for this one. Also, it's hard to play a badass medieval warrior convincingly when you're 5'4".

Posted by SouL HacK:
I think we can all admit that much of the videos and lyrical content from the 80's could be a bit cheesy at times. But lets not forget something important here. At least the music was good. The so called rock bands of today are the lamest bunch of talentless losers I have ever seen. They make bands like Poison and Motley Crue look like rock legends. These facts reveal the proof of the low standards of todays fans. Back in the 80's a band actually had to have some talent to succeed. Now, you can play 3 chords on a guitar, program your drum machine, and jive your way into the public eye. How pathetic. The fans are to blame for the sorry shape of todays rock scene. They simply have no standards anymore.

Posted by Mr. huh? saying, "My Generation Sucks!":
Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" video ruled. Vintage rock attitude. Just seeing the dad yell, "What are you going to do with your life!!!" was hysterical. I also LOVED Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" video and song. That had a GREAT beat to it. However, definately the worst song ever was Billy Squire's "Rock Me Tonight", if only for the fact that it completely destroyed his career. I can't think of anyone else who has had their career ruined by their video.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
oh goodness,i forgot about bobby brown,that video is horrible.steve perry has such a good mullet.

Posted by JeffMo:
Billy Squire "Rock Me Tonight", is UberGay! It does not get worse than this and it tanked his career to boot.

Posted by Dickhead:
I think this might be late 70s. But 'Hello' by Linole Ritchie is probably the corniest. Its features Ritchie as a teacher and theres a blind girl that likes to touch faces and make busts.

Posted by Ronny Rox:
Let's not forget Hall and Oates! They made cheesy videos like Family Man and Out Of Touch. I also noticed no one mentioned is Journey's Separated Ways. That video was cheesy because the band played air instruments. Air guitar is one thing;aire instruments is another. Let's not forget some of P. Diddy's cheesy videos: Come With Me, Public Enemy #1 and it's diddy!

Posted by RidahNY:
"Pretty Woman" by Van Halen was horrible. "Every Rose has it's Thorn" by Poison was really pretentious and stupid. "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown was a complete piece of crap. But ANYTHING by Duran Duran was hot IMO.

Posted by TK138:
Accept, "Balls To The Wall". I wouldn't be surprised if Rob Halford and Udo "did it".

Posted by eagles:
that sounds like a video from his halford's personal collection

Posted by 5150guy:
I should add that "When I Look Into Your Eyes" is from 1992. Cherry Pie is big time 80's style but it's actually from 1990.

Posted by Rocky :
80s videos are pretty fun to watch, I would rather watch them than the sh*t that is out there today on MTV. (the 10 videos they show a week, due to their daily programming of BS). How many times do we turn to MTV and watch some Rapper wearing a retro jersey, doo rag, sideways cap and 20 half naked hoes in the background sitting on top of Bentleys and Jaguars?

Posted by Pop_music_is_better:
Fukk this! 80s rule. There's no cheesy 80s video. All you pansies are MTV dummies. Listen to real music like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Whitney Houston.

Posted by GREENMUSE:
what is that one judas priest video with all the oiled up men working out behind halford?that's just silly,

Posted by Mlenk:
Judas Priest's Breaking the Law. Great song but god damn, that video is horrible!

Posted by an Avril Lavigne hater:
"Cherry Pie" by Warrant was not a video from the eighties, "Cherry Pie" was a nineties video. It was made in 1990.

Posted by DickHead:
Three Words: Hot For Teacher

Posted by VampireRyan:
Didn't the video for Holy Diver come out in the 80s? That video gave me the hiccups. Don't forget ANY Lionel Ritchie videos, especially "Hello" when he tried making it with a blind girl.

Posted by SubXavier:
I inexplicably had "Mickey" pop into my head in the middle of tennis practice a few days ago. Weird.

Posted by Jay:
Fred Durst, as a music video director own all those idiots.

Posted by Dreamy Rover:
IRON MAIDEN made a lot of awful videos... the music has always been great, but the videos are loose & without direction. They could have made such great videos with their roster of awesome songs. But the most I despise are the videos of Lionel Richie. And Prince.

Posted by aG:
ok technically those vids were in the 90's but they really did come at the end of the 80's era, it was Nirvana and grunge that really put the 80's to a close as far as music goes and kick started the 90's IMO.

Posted by TK138:
New stuff, YAY! Yep, "Ice Ice Baby" and "Cherry Pie" were both from the '90s, but I ain't gonna dwell on it. Good call on "The Down Boys". I can't even remember most of that video, but the part that was mentioned by Byter...UGH! I saw an Yngwie Malmsteen video not too long ago that was the pinnacle of cheese, but I can't remember what it was called. It had pretty much everything that Tenacious D makes fun of. I'll try to think up some more later.

Posted by sXe_chooser:
anything nelson, enough said

Posted by Dudeguy:
Didn't Ice Ice baby come out in 1991?


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