B-Sides Report for 08/05/2015

2 People Killed At Drake Afterparty

(Radio.com) A Drake after party turned deadly early Tuesday morning. Two people are dead and at least three people were wounded after a series of shootings in and around Muzik nightclub in Toronto where Drake was hosting his annual OVO Festival after party.

According to CBC News Toronto, gunshots were heard sometime around 3:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. Toronto Police Inspector Frank Bergen said one person was shot dead inside Muzik nightclub, and one other person may have been wounded inside the establishment.

Another person was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital. Investigators believe a man was shot and killed inside the nightclub, then the shooting "spilled out onto the streets." Read more here.

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Lenny Kravitz Accidentally Exposes Himself During Concert

(Radio.com) Lenny Kravitz suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a concert in Sweden on Monday. During a performance at Stockholm's biggest theme park, the 51 year old rocker knelt down to far, causing his leather pants to rip in half right in the crotch, as if a they were a movie prop designed for a comedy. Sadly there were no movie cameras present, just a massive all-ages audience.

The audience quickly learned that Kravitz is not a fan of underwear. "The producer stepped up and said that they had 'some problems on stage', explained a concert-goer to Sweden's Expressen. A" bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said 'sorry, I ripped my trousers.'"

But the incident happened so quickly that concert goers were unable to shoot photographs. It wasn't until a fan named Sara was watching her video footage back this morning that she realized she had a clear image of Kravitz' manhood.

Read more here.

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Meek Mill Fired Back At Drake During Concert

(Radio.com) Meek Mill has fired back at Drake after the Toronto rapper dissed and made fun of the Philly MC at his OVO Fest this past weekend as the feud between the two rappers continues.

At a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, Meek took to the stage and talked about watching the Drake diss videos on Instagram along with the memes poking fun at him.

He then broke out into a verse mentioning numerous Young Money Records artists [Tyga, Lil Wayne, Birdman] who in his words: "Don't f-- with him." And by him, he means Drake.

Check out the NSFW videos from the concert at the ShadeRoom Instagram account here.

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Zayn Malik Reportedly Ends Engagement To Perrie Edwards

(Radio.com) People Magazine reports that former One Direction singer Zayn Malik has reportedly ended his engagement to his fiancee Perrie Edwards of Little Mix.

The couple, who are both 22 years old, got engaged in August 2013. When Malik announced he was leaving One Direction, band mate Liam Payne said that Malik's desire to spend more time with Edwards was a contributing factor.

"He wanted to go and spend some time with his family and missus," the singer told the U.K.'s Capital Breakfast Show about Malik's reason for leaving the boy band. Read more here.

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Bon Jovi Stream New Song 'Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning'

(Classic Rock) Bon Jovi have released a lyric video for their track Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning. It features on the band's Burning Bridges which is set to be released on August 21 via Mercury.

Bon Jovi said of their 13th album: "This is a fan record to accompany a 12-show international tour. It's the songs that weren't finished, that were finished, a couple of new ones like the one we released as a single."

"It's sort of a hint as to where we're going musically - but the new album, the real new album, will be early next year." Bon Jovi released a lyric video for the track We Don't Run earlier this week. Their next full release, expected early next year, will be their first with no input from guitarist Richie Sambora, who left in 2013, to be replaced by Phil X. Stream the lyric video here.

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The National's Matt Berninger Launching New Project EL VY

(Radio.com) The National's Matt Berninger and Menomena's Brent Knopf have joined forces for a new album under the moniker EL VY. Their debut record Return to the Moon will be released October 30th. You can check out the title track above.

"I never worried about sending Matt something unfinished," Knopf said in a release. "He's able to imagine where it can go. He can grab the four bars that will become the core of the track and develop them into something amazing."

"This record is more autobiographical than anything else I've written, but the details aren't true," said Berninger. "It's written in the voices of a few invented characters, composites of different people--myself, my wife, and other people I was thinking about."

See the full track listing for Return to the Moon and upcoming tour dates here.

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Tim McGraw Shares New Song Top of the World with NASA Astronauts

(Radio.com) Tim McGraw's new single is "Top of the World," so it only makes sense to celebrate it with NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. The country star teased the song via Twitter stating, "Hey @NASA, astronauts on @Space_Station might enjoy my new song. Check it out."

Fans who have already been to McGraw's 2015 Shotgun Rider Tour may have already heard the new tune. The song is an upbeat and modern love song.

McGraw has been hard at work on his new album, which he hopes to release some time this year. "We started working on it [new album] a couple of weeks ago, so we're right in the thick of it now…Over the next couple of weeks I will working in the studio a lot, putting a lot of touches on the record," McGraw previously told CBS News. Check out the new song here.

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Lana Del Rey Announces New Single 'High By The Beach'

(Radio.com) Lana Del Rey has revealed that she will release a new single this Monday. Titled "High By The Beach," it will be the second song from her forthcoming album Honeymoon.

Lana has been rumored as a feature on the Weeknd's new album, and is currently the subject of a book being written by none other than James Franco. Flip-Side: Real And Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey will consists of real interviews with Del Rey as well as some made-up ones, it will also include portraits of taken by her photographer sister Caroline 'Chuck" Grant.

The "Summertime Sadness" singer has been teasing details from the album, due for a September release via her Instagram all summer and you can see the announcement and cover art for the single here.

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Michael Rapaport Angry About Drake and Meek Feud

(Radio.com) On this week's episode of the I AM RAPAPORT podcast, host Michael Rapaport is angry that the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef is even considered a rap battle. He says it's more like a balloon fight when compared to the greatest rap battles of all time.

Michael and his co-host Gerald discuss the storied history of real rap battles including a legendary live recording of Busy Bee vs. Kool Moe D, and Jay Z's famous feud with Nas during the early 2000s.

"Our standards are just way higher," says Rapaport, "These so called battle songs that were put out this week, see if you're talking about them, let alone listening to them in ten years. That's not a battle that went on between Drake and Meek Mill. That was a water gun fight. A super soaker fight. Battle rap before was crafted, calculated."

Listen to the full podcast here.

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Thompson Square Duo Make Baby Announcement

(Radio.com) Thompson Square, a.k.a. husband and wife duo Keifer and Shawna Thompson, released a baby announcement via Facebook. The photo entails the two holding "Mom" and "Dad" Coco-cola cans with the caption, "WELL''WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO BE A DUO ANYMORE!!!!!!!

'We are overjoyed to announce that after 16 years of marriage, we are finally starting a family and are excited beyond words to begin this new journey into parenthood," the couple said in a statement.

Earlier this spring the couple released the single 'Trans Am.' It was the first country duo's single on their upcoming album, due out this coming fall. Read more here.

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The Weeknd's New Album To Feature Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran

(Radio.com) After earlier speculation that the track list for The Weeknd's sophomore album "Beauty Behind the Madness" had leaked; we now have official word.

Abel Tesfaye tweeted what we assume is the back cover of Beauty Behind the Madness and confirms that the album will feature Lana Del Rey on a track called "Prisoner," Ed Sheeran on the track "Dark Times" and British singer/songwriter/producer Labrinth on the track "Losers".

It's the second piece of big news from the artist today; earlier actor Tom Cruise tweeted the news that The Weeknd will be a performer on this year's VMAs. Read more here.

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Taylor Swift Helps Senior Citizens To 'Shake It Off'

(Radio.com) Taylor Swift has made it abundantly clear that her music should not be made available for free, via her conflicts with Spotify and Apple Music. Which isn't to say that she won't allow her songs to be used, free of publishing charges, if she feels it's for a good reason. And this week, she came across a pretty good reason to waive those charges.

According to Australian website The Brag, a theater group at the Belvoir St. Theatre in Australia learned, at the last minute, that they needed to get Swift's permission to use her song "Shake It Off" in their production of Seventeen. Seventeen opens this week.

Seventeen features a bunch of famous elder Australian actors, playing a group of teenagers, hence the logical inclusion of Swift's hit. But with time running out and a lack of funds to pay the necessary publishing fees, Anne-Louise Sarks, the Resident Director at Belvoir, took to Twitter to try to solve the problem as soon as possible. She started the #greygrey4TayTay hashtag and began using it prolifically to bring attention to their production.

She tweeted that story to everyone from Scott Borchetta (who owns Taylor's record label, Big Machine) to fan groups, to celebrities including Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and comedian Tim Minchin (Minchin tweeted at Swift's bro Ed Sheeran).

And then: Taylor's response, making dreams come true and allowing the show to go on. See her tweets here.

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Diplo Toddler Photo Is Actually Of A Girl?

(Radio.com) Diplo loves sharing his baby photos. There's even one that the DJ is particularly fond of: a close-up profile shot of him as blond-maned toddler with "Wes 2 yr" hand scribbled on the front.

Wes is the name his parents called him as a child, and one might suspect that the personal touch of writing is part of the reason Diplo loves the photo so much.

Diplo has even posted the photo at least a couple times in the last year or so, giving it cheeky titles like "Young boss." He uses the photo often enough that at Hardfest over the weekend, a fan made a poster out of the same baby picture with the caption "I LOVE Ü THOMAS WEST."

The photo currently has 32,600 likes. However, there's one problem with Diplo's relationship with the photo: the photo is not, in fact, baby Diplo. It's not even a boy, actually. It's a young girl named Kate McNeely who just looks a lot like a 2-year-old Thomas West. Read more here.

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Thomas Rhett's 'Tangled Up' Not Your Average Country Record

(Radio.com) Thomas Rhett is getting ready to drop his latest album--and it's not going to be your average "country" record. Rhett had fans vote on which artwork they liked best for his cover, and now, he's giving them a sneak peek of what they can expect to hear.

According to a press release, Rhett grew up listening to different radio stations ranging from rap and rock, to country and oldies, which inspired his newest album name, Tangled Up. It comes out Sept. 25, which was inspired by the different ranges of music he listened to.

"I didn't grow up listening to just one style of music," said Rhett. "So, I don't know how to write just one style of music. Whether these songs have more of a pop influence or more of a hip-hop influence or a completely country influence, they all--in some crazy way--cohesively sound like a me song." Read more here.

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Kanye West, Will Smith and Drake Clown Meek Mill

(Radio.com) As if Drake's memes weren't enough to put a hurting on Meek Mill, now it turns out that Kanye West and Will Smith where there to laugh about too. It seems the powerful have chosen sides.

The three were spotted backstage Sunday night, laughing as they passed around cell phone footage of Drake's Internet memes that poked fun at Meek Mill's feeble attempt at waging a rap battle.

A surprise to many, Will Smith attended both nights of the Drake-curated OVO Fest in Toronto featuring Kevin Hart, J. Cole, Big Shawn and Drizzy himself.

"Why did Philadelphia native Will Smith turn his back on fellow Philly resident Meek Mill?" Sports Illustrated's Fansided asked. The idea that one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors would take any interest in siding in a hip-hop beef anyway is a bit far-fetched. However, it's clear from the video that he's sure getting a good laugh out of Drake's Meek memes. See the video here.

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SOG Singled Out Week: Psychic Surgery

SOG, the new band from Doyle Bright of Rigor Mortis & Hallows Eve, has released their debut album "The Gift Of Aggression" and we asked Doyle to tell us about some of the songs. Today he tells us about "Psychic Surgery". Here is the story:

This little ditty speaks for itself. Everyone has seen the video footage in the media of 'healers'... bringing a cure to the number of various internal, terminal illnesses a person may be plagued with.

Tumors, cancers and or just abnormal growths under the shin, or, deep within the body. Is it just a sleight of hand or is it really real? We'll find out. The premise for this song is based on the incurable/ inoperable brain tumor I actually have in the center of my head. No sh*t.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, stream the full album here and learn more about the group right here!

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