B-Sides Report for 10/19/2015

5 Seconds Of Summer Announce Tour, Release New Video

5 Seconds of Summer have released a video for their new single "Hey Everybody!" and announced the dates for their 2016 North American summer tour.

"Hey Everybody!" comes from the group's forthcoming album "Sounds Good Feels Good," which is set to be released this Friday (October 23rd). Watch the new video here.

The band will be supporting the new album with the summer tour that will be kicking off on July 1st at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT and concluding on September 18th in Houston, TX at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. See the dates here.

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Joni Mitchell Reportedly 'Making Good Progress' After Brain Aneurysm

(Radio.com) After suffering a brain aneurysm in late March, reports confirm that Joni Mitchell is "making good progress" (via NME). Mitchell was released from the hospital in late summer, and returned home where she began daily therapy.

Judy Collins, a fellow folk singer and friend of Mitchell's, wrote in a statement posted to her Facebook page, "I have just heard from a close mutual friend that Joni is walking, talking, painting some, doing much [sic] rehab every day, and making good progress.

"I have another friend who went through something similar-it does take a long time, three years for my friend, who has really totally recovered professionally and personally. I will try my best to see our songbird when I am in LA in the coming weeks-So-some good news!!" Read more here.

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Simple Plan Recruit David Hasselhoff For New Video

Simple Plan recruited David Hasselhoff to help promote their new Baywatch inspired music video for the track "I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)". The band has released the video and outtakes featuring Hasselhoff.

"I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)" is the latest track the group has offered from their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album. Previous songs include "I Don't Want To Be Sad" and "Boom."

"I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)" has also been released as digital single. Watch the new video for the track here and check out the video outtakes featuring David Hasselhoff here.

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Eric Church Breaks Into His Own Hall of Fame Induction

(EBM) Country music star Eric Church broke into the venue where he was being honored and made a surprise entrance during the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame ceremony last Thursday (October 15th).

We were sent the following details about how it all went down" After wrapping earlier than expected at a private event in his home state, Church found himself only an hour and a half away from the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame ceremony where his mother, Rita Church, accompanied by his sister Kendra, were attending the induction to accept the invitation on his behalf. Realizing he had no time to spare, Eric borrowed the keys to his father Ken's vehicle and--with his wife Katherine and assistant Marshall Alexander in tow--they rushed in an attempt to make it to the Gem Theater in time for the dedication. While Alexander drove, Eric was busy texting his sister--unbeknownst to her or the hundreds in attendance--to see if he could arrive in time as he now had set his mind on attending and surprising the crowd.

When only a few miles away, Eric learned his mother had stepped on stage to read her remarks of gratitude for the honor, but instead of chalking it up to a missed opportunity, Alexander and the Church's proceeded on, whipping the SUV into an alley where they hoped a back entrance existed to the theater. There, the trio spotted cords snaking into a second level balcony entrance, and without hesitation or clarification, Alexander scaled the wall to gauge the scene, bursting through backstage balcony barn doors. Startling a group of musicians prepared to take the stage next to close out the ceremony, Alexander confirmed that indeed Rita Church was currently on stage speaking to the black tie clad crowd. Always resourceful, Alexander grabbed a nearby ladder and threw it over the edge, urging the Church's to hurriedly ascend in order to make it in time for Rita's closing remarks.

Rita continued, "...and on behalf of our family, my son, the fans..." then her speech was interrupted by an eruption of screams and applause as Eric stepped on stage to echo her sentiments and thank the crowd.

But before he could leave, the crowd demanded their Hall of Fame inductee play something. Unprepared having barely made it for the ceremony, the North Carolinian borrowed a beat up electric guitar, and said, "well, let's see what I can play in whatever key this is in..." And with that, Church played a new solo rendition of "Carolina" before exiting down the ladder, getting back into the car, and heading back home.

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Flavor Flav Speeding And Cocaine Trial Postponed

(Radio.com) A new trial date for Flavor Flav has been set. The Public Enemy hype man will be heading to trial next year to face charges for alleged crimes related to driving under the influence of cocaine.

According to a report by the AP (via Las Vegas Sun), the prosecution and defense wanted more time in order to resolve the case, and the date has been postponed and will be heard on February 8th.

The rapper and reality TV show star was pulled over for speeding on May 21st in Las Vegas, when he was allegedly found in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and registration, as well as having an open container of alcohol. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Recruits Ariana Grande For 'What Do You Mean?" Remix

(Radio.com) The pre-order for Justin Bieber's new album Purpose has gone live and as expected it comes with a bonus. Fans who order pre-order the record will get a remix of "What Do You Mean?" featuring Ariana Grande.

The new collaboration was teased last the week, but now we have confirmation, via a tweet, and video message from Bieber himself. He tweeted "#PreOrderPurpose & get an exclusive remix of #WhatDoYouMean feat. @ArianaGrande on #Nov13!"

He then tweeted "Only way to get the song with me and @ArianaGrande is the #PreOrderPURPOSE smarturl.it/JBPurpose http://t.co/FuWHyl2qIA- Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) October 16, 2015" Read more here.

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Ty Dolla Sign Releases New Track 'Saved' Featuring E-40

(Radio.com) Los Angeles rapper Ty Dolla $ign shares a track from his official debut album Free TC which is scheduled to be released November 13th. The song is called "Saved" and features E-40.

Ty also revealed the full track listing for the new album which is set to include guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, Fetty Wap and many more.
Some of the other notable collaborations include "Know Ya" with Trey Songz, "Guard Down" with Kanye West and Diddy, plus "Sitting Pretty" with Wiz Khalifa. Listen to the new track and check out the full tracklisting here.

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Carrie Underwood Releases New Single 'Renegade Runaway'

(Radio.com) Country star Carrie Underwood has released her latest single "Renegade Runaway," which is a tune about a woman who looks sweet, but has a dark side.

"Love ya, leave ya, play ya like a heartbreak bandit / She's an outlaw, a quick draw / She'll take it all, so don't ya fall / For that renegade runaway, runaway, runaway, runaway," state the lyrics.

"There's a lot of country, traditional, staple instruments, and obviously storytelling is something country music has always done really well," she told PEOPLE about her music. "I feel like we occupy those elements, but it's very cool and very now and very fresh." Read more here.

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One Direction Stream New Single 'Perfect'

(Radio.com) One Direction have released a new track called "Perfect". The song is the second single from their fifth album Made In The A.M. which is set to be released on Friday, November 13th.

After previews of the track surfaced many speculated that the song is about Styles' former girlfriend Taylor Swift, but neither party has commented on those rumors.

The track was written by Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson with Bunetta, Shatkin, Jacob Kasher, John Ryan and Maureen Anne McDonald. Check out the track and the full lyrics here.

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Joe Jonas's DNCE Release 'Cake By the Ocean' Video

(Radio.com) The new group DNCE, featuring Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless, have released the music video for their debut single, "Cake By the Ocean."

Gigi Hadid, Joe Jonas' girlfriend, co-directed the video with Black Coffee. The video opens upon an International Cake Fight Championship, which sounds as much as fun as it probably tastes, sand aside. Jonas told Radio.com, "It's a hilarious video about having a massive food fight with cake, on the beach. It was a beautiful hot, summer day, and we got to hang out right on the beach!"

Basically, there's a humongous cake fight between bikini-clad girls and comedian Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky. Was the cake real? Whittle says "It was like, half cake and half, like, office supplies and cleaning products."

"In the first draft of the treatment, it was like a wedding cake, and we were like, 'No. We want it to be like the emoji cake, but 12 feet tall.'" Watch the new video here.

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Jason Aldean Announces 'We Are Here' Tour

(Radio.com) Jason Aldean released a new music video for "We Are Here" and also announced that he will be launching a North American tour named after the track early next year.

The tour will begin on January 14th in Moline, IL. The 24-city run with feature openers Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses. "This song pretty much sums up how I feel like me and my fans live our lives," said Aldean in a prepared statement. "That same excitement is what we feel out there on the road every night, which made it a great name for next year's tour.

"It was pretty cool that we could bring that vibe to the music video too by shooting it back in Macon with a ton of people from my hometown. Getting back there and on that high school football field really reminded me of that rush of just living life without any regrets."

Watch the Jason's new video for "We Are Here" and see his full tour dates here.

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Fall Out Boy Release Irresistible Remix Feat. Demi Lovato Video

(Radio.com) A fresh song deserves a fresh video, which is why Fall Out Boy released a new music video for their new "Irresistible" remix that features pop star Demi Lovato.

In the song's initial verses, Lovato provides background vocals to Patrick Stump's lead before joining him on the chorus for sharp harmonies and then taking on a verse of her own. It's an interwoven guest appearance that packs a powerful punch on song already brimming with a driving rhythm and melody.

The original video showed Fall Out Boy battling it out on the basketball court. The new video picks up on that theme but features internet sensation Doug the Pug instead. Shooting hoops and hanging on the basketball court before heading onstage to play drums, Doug is nothing but chill vibes.

Watch the video here.

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Biz Markie Gives 'Just A Friend' A Lucky Charms Remix

(Radio.com) Biz Markie, the rapper who made the playful '80s hit "Just a Friend," remixed the song for a Lucky Charms campaign to promote a box full of marshmallows. The results can be seen in a music video that feels like a ride to the end of a rainbow.

While Biz Markie was a bonafide rapper and producer in the '80s era, he is known to small children as the guy who makes beats with his mouth on Nick Jr.s' Yo Gabba Gabba! children's show.

Now Biz uniting both audiences for his Lucky Charms campaign in which he explains the contest rules to the tune of "Just A Friend." General Mills, the Lucky Charms manufacturer, is asking fans to submit photos of themselves holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Winners will receive a box of marshmallow only treats--green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, purple horseshoes, (and also new blue moons).

Check out Biz's Lucky Charms commercial and the original video for "Just A Friend" here.

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Singled Out: One Hundred Thousand's Low

One Hundred Thousand bassist Andrew Magnotta tells us the powerful story behind their single "Low" (and accompanying video), which comes from their 'Rise' EP. Here is the story:

While our band generally tries to write together, every once in a while our drummer, Kurt Wubbenhorst, will show us something he's been working on, ask what we think and tell us not to work on it; he'll finish the instrumental version himself. This was the case with "Low." The determination of the melody in the chorus, the cold loneliness of the verses, the modal bridge section that comes like sunshine through clouds -- all of that came from Kurt.

The music told a story on its own. So when it was time for words, all I wanted to do was express what the notes already seemed to convey. One of the great things about music is that it can be interpersonal communication, as long as the artist is open to it. One of the most rewarding things about writing music is hearing people interpret our songs back to you. So while what inspired "Low" was a solid concept, I shy away from saying that's what the song is about because its meaning is up to the listener. But, hearing an artist explain a piece can enhance someone's enjoyment of it. So what I write next is just what was in my mind as I put "Low" on a page. What it all means is up to you.

When Superstorm Sandy hit our area in October of 2012, it knocked out power to almost the entire New York/New Jersey region and then some; many people were without electricity for weeks, but that wasn't the worst of it. Sandy flooded nearly every neighborhood in New York and New Jersey that was within a mile or so of a body of water. I'm grateful to say that the members of One Hundred Thousand and our immediate families were marginally affected by Sandy. But thousands of others weren't so fortunate. Our friends Erica and Louis were engaged when Sandy hit Brooklyn, New York. As you may have heard, Sandy brought with it a storm surge unlike any this region has seen before. Erica and Louis' home was in the water's path.

I wasn't there when Louis and Erica evacuated. I don't know how they reacted when they realized the storm was worse than anyone anticipated. With "Low," I just tried to imagine what they felt when they first looked at their house after the storm, torn apart by a flood and covered in muck and grime from who-knows-where. What do you say to your partner when you realize you have lost everything but each other? Where do you start to clean up when everything is a mess? "Low" is an exploration of those private moments. Just as much as I wrote the words for the music that was already there, I wanted it to be for Louis and Erica and the people close to them, who helped them get through probably greatest hardship of their lives.

But here's where the beauty of interpretation comes in. We released a music video for "Low" not too long ago. And without ever discussing concepts with me, our director Mike Lowther put forth a narrative that almost explicitly depicted the themes I explored as I wrote the lyrics: two people trying to find themselves and each other in the face of a tragedy that they are only beginning to understand.

As artists, we're always sweating the minutia - worrying about a note here, a word there - is this too long, is that too short, will anyone like this but us? I can't even say I felt super confident with "Low" when the rest of the band gave my lyrics the thumbs up, or even after it was recorded because I know how proximity can affect perception. But that's what's been so gratifying about the response. When the Rise EP came out, people immediately singled out "Low" as a top track. People like Mike Lowther took the song as their own and gave that passion back to us.

It makes all the hard work and anxiety completely worth it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video hereand learn more about the band and the Rise EP right here!

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