B-Sides Report for 09/04/2015

Pink Slams 'Gross And Embarrassing' Trash On 2015 MTV VMAs

(Radio.com) Pink wasn't on hand on Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. The 35-year-old singer and songwriter did watch the show and surprise shared some interesting thoughts on the show, which lost 3.3 million viewers compared to 2014's event, according to The Wrap.

The singer famously deleted her Instagram account in 2012 after the app changed their policy, in doing so lost over 14 million followers. She created a private account @bethwsh, where she posted her thoughts on MTV's annual shockfest.

Celebruzz posted a screenshot of the post, in which Pink wrote, "I felt embarrassed and sad. And old. We're getting old." She continued, I felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life. This trash won't save any kids life."

She also goes on to say she feels "let down" but her "industry," but said she did enjoy Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Pharrell Williams and The Weeknd. Pink also called Tori Kelly "dope" adding that she had a "great freaking performance."

The singer concluded by saying the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards "gross and embarrassing and hard for this aging pop star to believe." She also posted a few thoughts on twitter, which you can see, along with the screenshot, here.

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Garth Brooks Remaking 'Friends in Low Places' With Today's Superstars?

(Radio.com) Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" is one of the most popular country tunes today. It's sang at every karaoke bar, played at weddings, and even closed the last ever episode of The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno.

According to Billboard, the hit may be getting a makeover for its 25th anniversary. Garth Brooks and his fellow musical friends George Strait, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban are reportedly all included on the new version.

The song is also rumored to have a new third verse that's isn't in the original version. The 1990 jam was on Billboard's Hot Country Songs for four weeks and named single of the year at the CMA Awards the same year. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Dropped 'Knuckleheads' From His Entourage

(Radio.com) Wednesday night, Justin Bieber continued his string of comeback appearances with a performance and interview on The Tonight Show. In his interview segment with host Jimmy Fallon, he got pretty deep, discussing some similar subjects that he'd previously covered in his recent interview with Radio.com.

"I just had a bunch of knuckleheads around me," he said of weeding some former members of his entourage. "I just went through a place of trying to figure it out. You have to figure out what you're OK with, and what you're not OK with."

As for why he got so emotional following his performance at Sunday night's MTV VMA's? He said, "Last time I was at an award show, I was booed." He was moved by the overwhelming support he felt from the audience during his performance of his new song, "What Do You Mean?"

Bieber got a lot of mileage out of his appearance on The Tonight Show: he also performed "What Do You Mean?" with the Roots. Read more here.

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Dierks Bentley's 'Riser' Video Shows Homeless Mother's Struggles

(GreenRoom) Country music star Dierks Bentley has released a moving video for his latest single, "Riser." The clip tells the true story of the struggles of a formerly homeless mother of two named Amy as she rebuilds her life. We were sent the followind details:

"I really wanted this video to reflect the 'risers' among us," said Bentley. "So, when it came to casting, it was important to me that the storyline follow something real - no acting.

"The first thing I thought when I met Amy was you would have never known that she had been living out of her car with two kids and nowhere to go. Hearing her story is such a solid example that there are people we pass all around us every day who are going through tough times. It's dedicated to all the 'Risers.'" Watch the new video here.

With the help of Nashville non-profit Safe Haven Family Shelter, Amy was able to receive critical education, support and guidance that helped her make a successful return into her own home. Amy shares her story in more depth in this behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot. Watch that video here.

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Janet Jackson Reveals More Details For New Album 'Unbreakable'

(Radio.com) More details have been released for Janet Jackson's Unbreakable, her first studio album in seven years. A new release gives info on the track list for the set, which includes only two guest appearances.

According to a press release issued today, Thursday (Sept. 3), Unbreakable will be dropping Oct. 2 for wide release, with pre-orders starting at 7 pm tonight. The track listing includes just two features: J Cole and Missy Elliott (see below).

The release also listed a few of the themes that will be included in Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced album. "Themes will include, Janet's views on where we stand today as individuals and as the inter-related elements of a planet. Some of these relate to her convictions passionately expressed in Rhythm Nation 1814, including the need to bring things out in the open and to have a dialogue. The album also will mark the first time Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael and with reflections concerning her youth. Inherent in this music will be her feeling that we must learn to celebrate life and the things each of us experiences and endures and how that process can make each person stronger. The Album, she assures her fans, contains messages and observations throughout, that are based on the fact that Janet Jackson has lived a lot of life."

Keeping consistent with her social media campaign, in which she engages her fans, Jackson took to Instagram early morning ahead of the release. She shared her album art and a message to the Janet fans who were asking for her to share more information about her project. See the posts and the tracklisting here.

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Brad Paisley Releases Country Nation Video, Playing Today Show

(Radio.com) Brad Paisley has premiered his new music video for the track 'Country Nation' and he will giving the final performance on the Today's show's Summer Concert Series today, September 4th.

Radio.com had these details about the new video, which is for the latest single from the country star's "Moonshine In The Trunk" album: Brad Paisley's 'Country Nation' video sums up everything country music fans are and more.

"We're Mountaineers, we're Volunteers/We're the Tide that rolls, we're Seminoles/We're a herd of Longhorn steer/We drive Ford and Chevrolet/Cheer 24 and 88/We crank up our music Friday nights/On two thousand country stations/Yeah, we're one big country nation, that's right."

The video features country scenes and memories that go along with each lyric including trucks, tractors, sweet tea, fishing, and more. But what really steals the show are the football mascots. In the beginning of the video, Brad walks down onto a football stadium. Watch the video here.

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Avicii Releases 'For A Better Day' And 'Pure Grinding' Videos

(Radio.com) As if the day Avicii is debuting the videos for two brand news singles isn't a big enough deal, the electronic music star is upping the ante by making his directorial debut for both clips.

First in "For a Better Day," Avicii tackles the serious issue of child trafficking with a tale of escape and revenge, as children grow up and enact punishment on the people that hurt them many years earlier.

And in the clip for "Pure Grinding," Avicii offers up a morality tale, with the reasons for committing crime clearly displayed, and two main characters choosing two very different paths, one drinking his nights away after a hard days work, the other attempting to jump from small time robbery to banks.

"All the songs have a story I wanted to tell," Avicii said about the endeavor. Fittingly, his new album is called Stories, and will be released on October 2nd. Watch the videos here.

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French Montana Reveals Jay Z Advice

(Radio.com) French Montana appeared the Rap Radar podcast to discuss signing with Diddy, his movie Respect the Shooter, and the advice from Jay Z he had to take to heart.

On "Episode 6" of the Rap Radar podcast, French pays a visit to hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller, who asked him about signing with Diddy after he went label shopping, taking meetings with Kanye west and others.

"When I sat with Puff and had a man-to-man conversation, he said. And being around him and seeing where I want to be a couple of years down the line, he definitely had the same kind of vibe I had growing as an entrepreneur. Not just rapping."

He also said he received some sage advice from Jay Z while hanging out with Diddy. "I bumped into him at Puff"s house after I dropped Excuse My French," he explained. "He [Jay Z] said 'You should have came out with 'Ain't Worried About Nothin" instead of 'Freaks.' I made that same mistake when I came out with 'Sunshine.'"

Check out complete podcast here.

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Chief Keef Instagram Post Part Of Missed Show Lawsuit

(Radio.com) Embattled Chicago-based rapper Chief Keef is being sued for $175,000 for skipping a show at Alabama's Auburn University. Keef was invited to perform by AU's chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter and is being for a no-show, according to the The Chicago Sun Times.

The Booking Collective, LLC., the company who booked the rapper for the fraternity. The performance was scheduled for April 25, for which Keef had received and uproot fee of $12,000 of the $22,000.

"Chief Keef was posting on Instagram about being in the studio working on music on the very day/evening he was supposed to be performing at the Planned Concert," said the lawsuit, according to The Chicago Sun Times. Read more here.

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Miley Cyrus Dead Petz Collaborator Discusses Project

(Radio.com) While Miley Cyrus' new album is being mostly billed as her collaboration with the Flaming Lips, truth is a number of collaborations took place in the creation of Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz, with one of the most notable taking place between Cyrus and her producer, Oren Yoel.

Yoel and Cyrus first worked together on Bangerz' "Adore You," and it went so well that Cyrus brought him on for four songs on the new album. Speaking with the Fader, Yoel gave some insight into making the album with Cyrus, calling it a more organic process with Cyrus writing a lot more on her own at home.

But maybe most interesting is when Yoel is asked about whether Cyrus is the new Madonna, to which he is quick to say they are incomparable, while then noting one key similarity. Read his comments here.

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B.o.B. Talks New Album and Fusing Genres

(Radio.com) Back in August, B.o.B. released his fourth album Psycadelik Thoughtz, which bowed at number 10 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at number seven on the Top Rap Albums chart. In an interview with Billboard, the Atlanta MC discusses his new album, fusing genres, the metaphysical side of life and a lot more.

B.o.B, who was born Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., opens up in the interview about his new album saying the effort was supposed to be an EP, but morphed into a full-length album after he wrote "Back and Forth." "I felt I needed a project that could be built around that song to help people digest it," the rapper said.

"The goal for this project was to make a cohesive body of work; to really give my fans-for the first time-a project that shows my abilities as a producer, singer and musician."

He also discussed fusing genres saying, "I've always wanted to architect a career through which I can do any type of music I want to do without backlash. I want to get it into people's heads that there isn't one genre that defines what I do. It's all genres." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Beborn Beton's A Worthy Compensation

Today Stefan Netschio from German synthpop band Beborn Beton tells us the story behind the title track to their brand new album "A Worthy Compensation". Here is the story:

The title track "A Worthy Compensation" is a curiosity and proof that patience and persistence pay off in the end and that truly great songs will find you when you're ready for them.

I started writing the lyrics in the middle of a new relationship back then in 2006 to express my feelings for my newly found love. The world is spinning, everything's new and exciting, you know. But I didn't get much further than writing the first set of verses. First of all, I didn't know how I wanted to continue with the story and secondly I was interrupted by the end of the relationship. As sad as that was, we still wanted to pursue the song because the music that Till had written was very strong. We knew that this track would turn out a highlight but I could get my head straight and didn't want to finish the song devoid of the initial feeling. It just didn't feel right.
So time passed and in the meantime Till had come up with these two catchy chorus lines that took the song a step further. Still, it was missing a conclusive story that was pursued in the verses to come and that special twist that we are usually looking for in our songs.

So year after year we finished all the songs, recorded and produced them with Olaf Wollschläger at his studio complex and I still couldn't get a grip on that one song.

Well, years later after some serious relationship, I finally met my lost love again and we fell in love... again. It seems back then we did not have the experience what really bad times feel like and we weren't able to see and cherish how good we were together and that we were in fact a perfect match. From then on the missing verses practically wrote themselves.
Although the words were done, I still had that feeling that the opus has not yet been finished.

Finally, on a long night at the studio, the penny dropped. We were playing around with some chord progressions when suddenly I came up with a vocal melody and the lyrics to what would later be transformed into these two bridges that make this song such an epic piece and that contain the message and that special twist that I was looking for in the first place. It almost felt like I had to write down what was unwound before my inward eye. An epiphany that relieved me of years of suppressed pain and grief and accumulated frustration.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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