B-Sides Report for 09/22/2015

Ryan Adams Explains Why He Covered Taylor Swift's '1989' Album

Ryan Adams has finally his full cover of Taylor Swift's "1989" album which is available for digital purchase and also is streaming on his YouTube channel. He also revealed in a new interview what inspired him to take on the project.

Adams tells USA Today the reason his did the cover album, "I had been listening to 1989 off and on, and I could hear what I thought was a sort of pain in there. Maybe I only just saw it that way, but I could hear the lyrics, and I thought, 'There's something in there, and I want to know how far it goes.'"

He also revealed that he collaborated with Swift while she was working on her 2012 album "Red" on a song that has never been released. He recalls, "She basically already had this thing done. I just sat down and went, 'What about this?' And 'What about this?' We worked on a bridge, and we finished it. I guess I was the guy who could call people that would come in around 11 or 12 to jam."
That experience left an impression on Adams, "There's that special, very interesting ingredient where you hear a skeleton of the song, just the bones, and her voice, and you go, 'Well, of course, this person plays to 60,000 people.'"

Stream the cover album here.

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Kenny Chesney Tops The Charts Again With 'Save It For A Rainy Day'

Kenny Chesney is on a roll and has once again topped a chart with a track from his "The Big Revival" album. His current single "Save It For A Rainy Day" has become the fourth consecutive No.1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart from the album and his 26th No. 1 hit overall.

Chesney had the following to say about this milestone, "When I went to look for or write songs, I wanted to speak to my audience about their lives in ways I'd never done before.

"I didn't want to say the same things - and I wanted to reflect the free-spirited, work hard, give-it-everything nature of the No Shoes Nation and people who love country music in general.

"It seemed like a pretty big thing to try to do, but the response to this album and the songs at radio tells me it was worth every bit of the work, the search, the starting over - because in the end, I make this music about my life, but also for everyone who's ever found a piece of their living in songs, too."

"Save It For A Rainy Day" follows his previous chart topping singles "American Kids," "Til It's Gone" and "Wild Child," which featuring Grace Potter.

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Foo Fighters Rock Rush's 'Tom Sawyer' With Yes Frontman

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters were joined by Yes singer Jon Davison for a cover of the Rush classic, "Tom Sawyer", during their concert in Anaheim, CA on September 19th and video of the jam has been posted online.

The Anaheim show is part of the Foo Fighters current North American tour in support of "Sonic Highways." drummer Taylor Hawkins offered the following introduction, "He's one of my best friends of all time. I've known him since second grade."

The Yes frontman then explained that he and Hawkins shared a love of Rush. "I have to say that Taylor and I were the biggest Rush nerds in high school. Mullets and everything."

"We tried to learn a Yes song but we didn't have enough time," Hawkins explained, with Dave Grohl adding, "They're too f***ing hard!" Check out video of the jam here.

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Steven Tyler Jams Aerosmith Classic With The Cadillac Three

(Radio.com) The Cadillac Three temporarily expanded into the Cadillac Four, when Steven Tyler joined the country band on stage for a rendition of "Sweet Emotion" on Saturday (Sept. 19).

During a show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Cadillac Three frontman Jaren Johnston took to the stage to deliver a surprise to the hometown crowd.

"I figured since we were in Nashville, Tennessee, our hometown-born and raised-I been hanging out with guy he's been in town a little bit. He's the reason we are in a band, the reason we started playing music from the beginning. I wanna introduce you to my friend Steven Tyler."

To the howls from the crown, the Aerosmith icon took to the stage, eager to get to business. "Let's cut right to the chase," he said. "You wanna hear some more. You f-ing sure? How about from the Cadillac Four."

He held up a Cadillac Three t-Shirt with the "three" crossed out and replaced with a bold number "4" before diving into "Sweet Emotion." Watch it here.

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Vegas Residency Details, Releases New Song

(Radio.com) Jennifer Lopez finally announced the name of her Las Vegas residency this past Saturday (Sept. 19). The title of the show is "All I Have." Lopez picked the title from her hit 2002 duet with LL Cool J.

The elaborate stage show will kick off January 20th at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. Jennifer told fans, "I know no matter what the show is, or what I'm going to do, every single night�I will be giving you all I have."

She also dropped a new song in anticipation of the concert residency. The song is called "Breaking Me Down." It's speculated the song will appear in the Las Vegas show. Read more here.

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Rae Sremmurd Go Country In New 'Come Get Her' Video

(Radio.com) Hip-hop duo Rae Sermmurd are back with a new video for the song "Come Get Her." The clip takes a hilarious look at cultures clashing. It's a classic case of when hip-hop meets country, and the wild party that ensues.

"Come Get Her" opens with a country western bar owner looking to book cowboy crooner Ray Shumar as the last minute entertainment. Instead of getting cowboy Ray Shumar, in walk the guys of Rae Sremmurd.

The party goes from line dancing to girls riding mechanical bulls with money flying through the air. The angry owner tries to kick Rae Sremmurd out of the bar, but it's too late. The party is already in full swing.

The video is reminiscent of Ginuwine's video for "Pony," due to the country western theme and culture shock depicted in the new video. Check it out here.

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Ellie Goulding Releases 'On My Mind' Video

(Radio.com) In anticipation of her upcoming album Delirium's November 6th release, Ellie Goulding has released a music video for the first single, "On My Mind." Directed by Emil Nava, the video is a narrative revenge story set in Las Vegas.

'It's a weird place," Goulding says of Sin City. 'We went to this old casino and filmed stuff in there. I worked with the director, Emil, I worked with him before with Calvin Harris [he directed the 'I Need Your Love" video]. He's a friend of mine and we wanted to do something really mad. We wanted to ride some horses, and there's a gangster who is a not very good guy. It's kind of got a Thelma & Louise thing about it. "

The video has a retro vibe, alternating between cotton candy pinks and soothing blues, which contrast the scene's reality: Goulding's lover mistreating her. Those bright, innocent colors give way to Vegas' wild reality when she had her partner-in-crime go after the guy.

As for her 'stunts"? 'I did do my own stunts, I'm pretty good like that. As long as it doesn't involve a bungee jump. That's a bit too far." Check it out here.

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Selena Gomez Addresses Charlie Puth Rumors

(Radio.com) Selena Gomez is preemptively deflating online drama and a romance rumor. On Monday the singer took to social media to share a photo of herself with a masked man.

We assume that man is "Marvin Gaye" singer Charlie Puth (as she tagged him in the tweet). But don't get too excited internet. "Before it begins, he is a good one. He is MY FRIEND only lol" the "Good For You" singer tweeted.

Puth then chimed in digitally confirming it is in fact him in the photo, and that the two are not romantically involved. "she's just my friend guys lol relax," the singer tweeted. See the posts here.

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Chris Brown Responds To Drake's Latest Insult?

(Radio.com) Drake and Future finally dropped their mixtape Sunday night, and one of the tracks, "Live from the Gutter," maybe--possibly--throws shade at Chris Brown.

Before releasing the tape, both Drake and Future went on social media to tease specific lines that could be related to their bigger news stories and beefs.

On "Live from the Gutter," Drake raps, "This for my n--s on that bulls- and that nonsense/ This for my dawgs that go Karrueche with the chopsticks." Karrueche Tran, if you may recall, once dated Chris Brown.

According to Vibe, Brown went on Instagram and posted a photo featuring him with his daughter accompanied by a lengthy caption. In it, he doesn't mention Drake's name. "A lot of people are unhappy and a lot of these artist lie to the fans or rely on hype to gain substance," he wrote. "You n-- bore me." Read more here.

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Ceelo Green Releases 'Music To My Soul' Video

(Radio.com) CeeLo Green released a new video for "Music To My Soul" on Monday (September 21st) ahead of the release of his forthcoming album Heart Blanche.

The video showcases a joyous second line in a funeral procession, in the tradition of New Orleans brass band parades that honor and celebrate the lives of the deceased.

The song is a celebration of his friends from the Dungeon Family production team from which CeeLo emerged as a member of the Goodie Mob. "Even in darkness/ me and my fam from the dungeon found that light/ Even in darkness /despite what was wrong everything turned out alright" Watch the video here.

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Sam Smith, 5 Seconds of Summer Lead We Can Survive 2015 Lineup

(Radio.com) Some of the hottest names in music will take the same stage next month for CBS Radio's third annual We Can Survive concert presented by the new Chrysler 200, Drive Proud.

The show benefits Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which will be hosted by Carson Daly. Daly announced the lineup Monday on CBS Radio's 97.1 AMP Radio in Los Angeles.

The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, 5 Seconds of Summer, Demi Lovato, and Nick Jonas are all on the lineup; the show will take place Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Maxime Solemn's Fight The Light (Metalcore With Violin)

Belgian musician Maxime Solemn has created a new genre called Violincore that mixes metalcore with the violin. Intrigued, we asked Maxime to tell us about genre's inspiration and the new song and video "Fight The Light". Here is the story:

The very reason I started playing music, was someone telling me that I couldn't. He said I didn't have the talent for it. This made me so stubbornly frustrated that I picked up an instrument just to prove him wrong. After 3 weeks of playing, I completely fell in love with music and have been passionate ever since.

Because of that encounter, my goal right now, is to prove that talent does not exist. When I started, I was a total mess. I was practically tone-deaf and couldn't hold a rhythm to save my life, yet through practice I learned all these things.

That's where my new song, Fight The Light, comes in. Fight The Light is about people fighting the light that lies within others. The burning passion, if you will.

It's about people who try to talk down on creative minds, in order to make them insecure and eventually see them fail. (I'm not saying that person at the time was like that though. He was an amazing guitarist).

I want to see a world where everyone with a creative vision, tries to make that vision a reality, without believing other people's negative judgments and giving up because of that.

I want to see a world where people stop believing in talent, start believing in their potential and just work.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and judge for yourself and have your mind and preconceptions blown as you check out the video right here!

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