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Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Translated Info Shakespearean English

(Radio.com) How dost thy hotline bling? A clever writer has translated Drake's hit single "Hotline Bling" into something that would make Shakespeare proud. Probably.

Called "Drakespeare," the poem takes all of Drake's original lyrics and translates them into Shakespearean-style iambic pentameter. David F. Brand is the mind behind this latest take on Drake's song, which has already received more than its fair share of memes, covers and even cakes.

The track's opening verse about the hotline blinging when Drake's lady needs his love becomes, "Thou didst nightly send me your attendant/ When they water moon cast quenching beams./ Sealed temptation inside a parchment/ And then signed upon a midnight pillow./ I know when they messenger unwinds thy scroll/ It foretells that you bethink such fantasies/ Thy note discovers thy unchaste plan/ Beckons forth to me: 'Attend apace, man!'" More here.

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Florida Georgia Line Team Up With Tim McGraw

(Radio.com) Florida Georgia Line's new album will include a collaboration with Tim McGraw. Florida Georgia Line didn't leak the name of the new tune, but they described it as ''Round Here'-meets-'Dirt.'"

"We're super excited. It sounds amazing. The song is great. The song is a big anthem. His voice is legendary," Brian Kelley told CountryCountdownUSA.com.

The duo hung out with McGraw in Las Vegas during the Academy of Country Music Awards weekend where they showed him the tune. 'He loved the song and wanted to put his voice on it," Tyler Hubbard said. Read more here.

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Dr. Drew Announces Retirement From Loveline

(Radio.com) After hosting the show for 30 years, Dr. Drew Pinksy announced on Thursday morning (April 21st) that he's ready to move on from Loveline, the nationally syndicated radio show.

"We're going to wind down Loveline next Thursday. After nearly 30 plus years, we're finally going to call it a day," said Pinksy. "It's been a great privilege to have been part of this - I'll keep doing Kevin & Bean, I'll stay with you guys - but after many, many years we thought it was about time to drop the mic and tap out."

"It's been such a privilege and such a fascinating journey. It's so wonderful to have heard all these stories and to just try and help people night after night. It's never been other than fascinating. I always figured there must be something wrong with me that I always looked forward to coming in every night and trying to be of service," he continued.

Mike Catherwood's recent departure from the show also helped set the wheels in motion for this decision. "The reality is there's not been a business model for the show for a couple of years. The honest truth is I've been doing it for free for a couple of years. It returned to its roots. I originally did it for free as a community service show." Read more here.

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The 1975 Release 'A Change of Heart' Video

(Radio.com) The 1975 have debuted a new music video for the song "A Change of Heart" from their latest album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

The video is a cute black and white romp through a carnival where we follow the antics of two romantic circus clowns, with he male played by The 1975's Matthew Healy.

Two two boast dance moves inspired by Charlie Chaplin with some modern touches including a nod to Michael Jackson's moonwalk and even a dab or two.

The band is currently on tour in the United States, see the dates and watch the new video here.

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Wiz Khalifa Streaming New Song 'Change'

(Radio.com) Wiz Khalifa released a new track, "Change," which was produced by Ricky P. Featuring Curren$y, the song deals with all the ways people may change, but how they never will.

"Change" has an immensely chill vibe about it, one almost reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar's earlier hit "Swimming Pools (Drake)." On the chorus, which nearly kicks off the track, Wiz sings, "S- change/ b-- change/ n-- change/ we never change/ we never change."

If that sounds like regret-laced lyrics, think again. Wiz and Curren$y aren't apologizing for their ways; if anything, it's a defense about their lifestyle, and how fake everyone else can be. "Now usually I don't do this but/ I roll a joint so I get through to ya/ Get hella high, I'm bout my paper though / Come pick you up and we go watch the Clippers, not the Lakers / Ballin brings a lot of haters," Wiz raps on the first verse.

Wiz heads out on tour with Snoop Dogg this summer. They kick things off beginning July 20th in West Palm Beach, Florida. Listen to "Change" here.

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Liam Payne Says Leaked Song 'You' is Not His New Single

(Radio.com) A leaked track, "You," on April 20th prompted speculation about what One Direction's Liam Payne was pursuing during the group's hiatus. The collaboration with Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa led many to think this was the first single from Payne's new rumored R&B project.

He has since taken to Twitter to clarify his role on the track, assuring fans that it's not a single and just something he does to have fun. "Hearing that I've got a single out lol thats a surprise to me that's a one take scratch demo I was writing with someone as an idea for them," Payne tweeted.

In two additional tweets, he wrote that he needed to protect his work better from leaks, and he added, "Just to clarify I do not have a single what u just heard is something i get up to on a weekend lol." Read more here.

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Frank Ocean Pays Tribute To Prince

Frank Ocean is one of among many artist that posted online tributes to Prince who died on Thursday, April 21st. Ocean took to his Tumblr account to write about the iconic musician. to his official Tumblr to share his appreciation in a heartfelt statement.

Ocean wrote, "i'm not even gonna say rest in peace because it's bigger than death. i never met the man (i was too nervous the one time i saw him) and i never saw him play live, regrettably. i only know the legends I've heard from folks and what i've heard and seen from his deep catalog of propellant, fearless, virtuosic work.

"my assessment is that he learned early on how little value to assign to someone else's opinion of you.. an infectious sentiment that seemed soaked into his clothes, his hair, his walk, his guitar and his primal scream.

"he wrote my favorite song of all time, 'when you were mine'. it's a simple song with a simple melody that makes you wish you thought of it first, even though you never would have - a flirtatious brand of genius that feels approachable.

"he was a straight black man who played his first televised set in bikini bottoms and knee high heeled boots, epic. he made me feel more comfortable with how i identify sexually simply by his display of freedom from and irreverence for obviously archaic ideas like gender conformity etc.

"he moved me to be more daring and intuitive with my own work by his demonstration - his denial of the prevailing modelhis fight for his intellectual property - 'slave' written across the forehead, name changed to a symbol an all out rebellion against exploitation.

"A vanguard and genius by every metric I know of who affected many in a way that will outrun oblivion for a long while. I'm proud to be a Prince fan(stan) for life."

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Eddie Vedder Records 'Batman' Theme With His Daughter

(Radio.com) Keeping young children occupied is hard--many parents reach for art supply books and the ever-reliable televison. But Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder entertained his 7-year-old daughter Harper recently by entering the studio with her to record a cover of the 1960s Batman theme.

Harper punctuated the song with dramatic chorus cries of "Batman, Batman, Batman!" Vedder is in good company: both the Jam, and Vedder's heroes in the Who have covered the song.

Rather than keeping it in the family Vedder uploaded the track to SoundCloud. It's not Harper's first credit on the site--eight months ago Vedder uploaded a track called "The Traveler," co-written and performed with his daughter.

Listen to Eddie and Harper's homage to Gotham City's caped crusader here.

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Jennifer Lawrence Praises Adele in TIME 100 Issue

(Radio.com) TIME Magazine issued its annual list of 100 most influential people in the world, and it should come as no surprise that Adele cracked the mag's "icon" chart as the "International Treasure."

Editors recruited Jennifer Lawrence to pen a public endorsement of her friend's "once-in-a-lifetime" voice and incredible knack for bearing her soul in music. Lawrence also referenced Adele's "500-year-old wisdom" which comes "wrapped up in the tough skin of a damn gangster."

"What you don't see is what a wonderful mother she is. What a wonderful partner and friend she is. That she makes her son's Halloween costumes," the Oscar-winning actress writes. "Adele is a gift, an international treasure, but she's also sweet, funny, intelligent and beautiful. B-tch." Read more here.

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Nicole Murphy Reacts To Michael Strahan's 'Gma' News

(Extra) While Kelly Ripa is reportedly unhappy with Michael Strahan's announcement that he is leaving "Live With Kelly and Michael" for a full time gig on "Good Morning America," another lady from his life, Nicole Murphy, is singing his praises.

Murphy, who dated Strahan and was engaged to him for five years joined "Extra's" Charissa Thompson at Universal Studios Hollywood. She talked about her show TLC's "Global Beauty Masters," and Michael's big news.

"I think it's a smart move on his part to be quite honest, I mean 'GMA,' you can't get any bigger than that," she said, adding, "This really will establish him as far as what he's doing, I think it's great."

Nicole continued, "He was great on 'Kelly and Michael,' but he's also awesome on 'Good Morning America.'" Read more here.

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Dustin Lynch, Cam, Others Give Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' A Makeover

(Radio.com) If Justin Bieber was a country artist, his hit song "Sorry" might have been a little something like this. During the recent ACM Party for a Cause event in Las Vegas, Lauren Alaina, who has clearly belted the song a few times before, and a number of other country artists dropped into a studio to record a star-studded version of the hit song with Dustin Lynch, Eric Paslay and others.

Vine-famous beat-boxer Andrew Fitzpatick, AKA 80fitz, laid down the human beat box rhythm, and then the artists rocked the song, each in their own way.

Lynch, Paslay, Cam, RaeLynn, Canann Smith, Michael Ray, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown and Lindsay Ell, are just some of the folks that participated in the music video. And of course, It wouldn't be country, if one guy didn't pull out an acoustic guitar. This is one people are gonna watch on replay. Read more here.

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That Time Kesha Snuck Into Prince's House

(Radio.com) In celebration of Prince's life, let's take a look back at one of the funniest Prince moments -- when Kesha snuck into his house to give him a copy of her demo tape (prior to the release of Animal). 'Well, I just love him he's my favorite" she told Jimmy Fallon when she stopped by The Tonight Show.

"I cruised up in my dead grandpa's car'and i get out and there's a gardener in the front yard. I was like 5-bucks don't make a thing and I'm gonna slide under this gate!" The gardener did not make a scene because she's 'so charming" and she successfully made her way onto the property to climb the mountain that Prince lives on. She revealed the front door was left open, which was basically an invitation for her to go in.

After getting in the elevator (that had his music playing) and calling her mom saying that she was probably going to get arrested, the doors opened and she walked out to see the 'Purple Rain" genius in a beanie playing guitar! He didn't speak to her -- he just shot a 'who the hell are you look." The 'Tik Tok" songstress then waved, put her demo on a table, and ran out of the house, which was decked out in purple velvet, before she almost pooped her pants. Read more here.

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