B-Sides Report for 02/08/2016

Jason Derulo Rushed to Hospital After Dance Accident

(Radio.com) And you thought football was tough. Jason Derulo was reportedly rushed to a hospital in Paris this weekend after injuring himself dancing at a club, according to The Sun and other tabloids.

Derulo apparently cut his leg while showing off his dance moves at a post-concert party at Le Loft Metropolis nightclub in Paris last night, and had to receive urgent medical treatment from French doctors.

Jason's girlfriend, Daphne Joy, shared pictures on her Snapchat account of Derulo lying in bed while being given stitches by several medical personnel. Read more here.

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Beyonce and Bruno Mars Join Coldplay For Super Bowl Halftime Show

(Radio.com) Coldplay began this year's Halftime show in broad daylight, with "Viva la Vida," joined by a string section of kids; from there they were joined by a marching band for Paradise, which quickly went into their recent hit "Adventure of a Lifetime."

Then it was guest star time: Mark Ronson behind the turntables announced that they would go into "Uptown Funk" and Bruno Mars, his dancers and band took over for about a minute; when they said "Stop! Wait a minute!" it was Bey Time." She launched into her brand new song "Formation" - so brand new, it was released yesterday. The turned into a mashup between Bey and Bruno, and then towards the end, Chris Martin joined them for a bit of "Uptown Funk."

Then, the guests left as Coldplay went as Coldplay started "Up and Up," as medley that also dropped a few other songs by past Halftime performers. As the performance ended, a commercial announced Beyonce's upcoming tour, which will surely be one of the can't-miss outings of 2016. Read more here.

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Deftones Poke Fun At Kanye West

(Radio.com) Following the announcement of their first new music since their 2012 album Koi No Yokan, Deftones shared the tracklist and cover art for their upcoming album Gore.

They also took the opportunity to poke fun of Kanye West in their press release. Just how epic will this new album be? Chino Moreno referenced Kanye's recent claims about Waves' greatness, stating, "Out of respect for Pac, Big, Stevie, Michael, Hendrix, Gore is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest, just one of" in the press release.

Meanwhile, Gore's artwork certainly juxtaposes the essence of the album's name. It features a flamingo flock in flight (say that five times fast). Gore drops April 8. Check out the tracklist here.

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Ramones Featured In Super Bowl Ad

(Radio.com) It's certainly not the first time the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop" has been used in a TV commercial. But what makes this particular use of the song is that, surprisingly, it's the soundtrack to GoPro's first-ever Super Bowl ad.

With its infectious chant-style "Hey ho, let's go" intro, the 40 year-old punk rock anthem was apparently chosen not by a big marketing firm because it fit the target demographics, but by the young action sports enthusiasts at GoPro. The San Mateo, CA camera maker explained the story behind their commercial like this:

The only thing at the Super Bowl nearly as anticipated as the action on the field is the commercial time in between. Some brands look to inspire the consumer while others look to extend their demographic, and others still just look to introduce themselves to the world. Whatever the case may be, marketing teams work tirelessly to create something that will grab the attention of the Super Bowl viewers. Read more here.

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Florida Georgia Line Share Studio Update

(Radio.com) Country duo Florida Georgia Line are back in the studio recording. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard shared a photo on their Twitter account today (Feb. 5) showing Hubbard singing into a mic.

"Back at it in the studio getting the new record ready for y'all #newmusic," they wrote in the tweet. The band's last album Anything Goes dropped in 2014, but they recently announced their Dig Your Roots 2016 Tour, which will take them on the road starting in March.

Along with that announcement, the duo also promised new music was on its way. No word yet on when that will be, but since they're touring through October it seems likely to be sometime in spring or summer. See the post here.

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Kanye West Wants 1,200 Paid Extras For Upcoming Show

(Radio.com) If you're one of the many people who tried to get tickets to Kanye West's Waves premiere at Madison Square Garden and couldn't, here's an alternative to consider.

It turns out that Kanye will need 1,200 extras to participate in his fashion show that night, and casting companies have started putting out the word to apply. Onset Productions posted a casting call for paid extras, who can earn between $50 and $80 for their time.

The website explains, "Yeezy Season 3 is launching a casting for up to 1200 PAID extras to participate in the exclusive Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and premiere of Kanye West's upcoming album at Madison Square Garden on February 11th. Extras will be among the first in the world to hear the new album and meals will be provided." Read more here.

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Adele Shares Photo Of When She Was Young

(Radio.com) Adele released the next single from her album 25. Titled "When We Were Young," the brooding ballad looks to the past for inspiration, and waxes poetic about someone Adele knew when she was younger.

Set to a piano that lightly plays melody behind Adele's voice-the song's real star power-she slowly and almost melancholically pines during the verses only to let loose during the chorus. "You look like a movie/ You sound like a song/ My god this reminds me/ Of when we were young," she sings.

To make things even better, the artwork Adele released with the track is totes adorbs. She shared a photo on Instagram of when she was younger. Check out the beaming little Adele and listen to "When We Were Young" here.

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Nick Jonas Talks Lady Gaga Inspiration

(Radio.com) Nick Jonas has his hands in all mediums of entertainment - music, movies, and television. He recently spoke to Billboard about his busy schedule, his new breakout film Goat, his forthcoming second solo project, and how Lady Gaga inspires him.

Goat is a look at fraternity hazing in college. The film won rave reviews at Sundance this January and is a departure for the pop star due to some graphic scenes in the film. Goat also examines relationships between men and their masculinity, and that's what Jonas said made him want to be apart of the film. "In Goat, the key in the relationship is that both brothers admire something in the other. Even if Brett, my character, can't be as loving as he is with Brad at the beginning of the film around his fraternity, that love is there," Jonas says.

Although he's been working on movies and television shows like FOX's Scream Queens and Audience Network's Kingdom, he still has time for music. "I've been really inspired by Lady Gaga and the strides she has made in the acting space," he offered. "I've been shooting [the third season of] Kingdom for a couple of months, and then the focus shifts to music for the summer - the new record, new single and tour." Read more here.

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Rihanna To Perform At The Grammy Awards

(Radio.com) Rihanna will be among those performing at the 2016 GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 15. Both The GRAMMYs and Rihanna made the announcement via Twitter Friday (Feb. 5).

Rihanna had been previously tapped to take part in a tribute to Lionel Richie at the awards ceremony, but this new announcement will involve a separate performance. It seems fair to speculate that Rihanna will perform her single "Work" off her new album ANTI. Could it be that Drake will join?

In addition to a duet from Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt, Lady Gaga will perform a tribute to David Bowie at the GRAMMYs. Other artists include Justin Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex performing their nominated "Where Are U Now," and Chris Stapleton honoring the late B. B. King with Gary Clark Jr. and Bonnie Raitt. Ellie Goulding, Pitbull, Tori Kelly and more have also been tapped to perform.

Check out the tweets here.

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Drake Accepts Challenge From NBA Legend Reggie Miller

(Radio.com) It seems like everyone with a pulse wants to challenge Drake these days. This time it's former NBA player, Reggie Miller. But he's not throwing lyrical darts at Drake; instead, it's actually ping pong balls.

After apparently hearing that Drake is a "master ping pong player", Miller made Drake an offer he couldn't refuse: he challenged him to a match. Drake, after responding that, "Master is a bit of a stretch," graciously accepted the basketball legend's offer.

To recap, Drake admitted to not being the best at something. Keep in mind, this is guy who claimed "Last name 'ever,' first name 'greatest'" in a Sprite commercial - before he released his debut album.

Drake will be in Toronto for the NBA All-Star Festivities this weekend, coaching the Canadian team in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. Read more here.

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Chris Stapleton Says To 'Make Music That You Love'

(Radio.com) Chris Stapleton is reflecting on his recent success. In November, after an TV performance with Justin Timberlake, Stapleton's album Traveller, which was released in May 2015, re-entered the sales charts at No. 1.

Now he's up for four Grammys: Album of the Year and Best Country Album for Traveller; and Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for "Traveller."

"The lesson is, make music that you love," Stapleton tells Billboard. "A lot of people get in trouble when they do what they're told to do because they want to be famous. No one has ever forced me to do anything."

The catalyst for this entire project, Stapleton adds, was loss. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Share Posts Of His New Puppy

(Radio.com) It's heartening to see a young man settle down and focuses on family. Justin Bieber has done just that, with a new addition to his household: an adorable puppy named Phil (short for Philip with one "l," for those taking notes).

He treated fans to six Instagram posts introducing Phil to a world he can neither fathom nor truly understand. Phil appears to be a black Labrador, but we'll know more when he gets older. For now, he's just an adorable little puppy with big eyes and ears whose job is to provide amusement, cuddles, and unconditional love to Justin Bieber.

Justin was sure to give his "old" dog, Esther, some love: "Can't make Esther too jealous," he wrote. Though she may have the temperament of a Belieber, Esther seemed to be taking the new development in her master's life in stride. It was just another day as Justin Bieber's dog--good work if you can get it. See the posts here.

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Madonna Performs 'Take A Bow' For The First Time In 20 Years

(Radio.com) Last week in Taipei, Taiwan, Madonna reached for a classic fans hadn't heard live in two decades--"Take a Bow," her collaboration with Babyface from Bedtime Stories.

The ballad gave us one of her most iconic videos from the '90s. With a career spanning 30 years, the Queen of Pop had a lot of options to consider when she built the Rebel Heart Tour setlist. Fans were thrilled that she dusted off classics like "True Blue" and "Dress You Up."

After she finished, Madonna admitted that she felt a little rusty singing the ballad. "That was fun! First time ever. Hit a few bad notes, but it felt good to sing it," she told the audience.

Watch her wistful trip down memory lane here.

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Singled Out: Heathers' November

Irish alt-pop duo Heathers just released their new single "November" and a video for the track that features Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones). To celebrate we asked Louise to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

After an intensive two and a half years of touring our last record, Ellie and I were more than ready to come off the road and go back into hibernation. We spent the last year focusing on writing and developing our songwriting craft. We wrote a load of new music and 'November' is the first song we decided to share with the world.

Unlike many of the songs on our last two records, November is more of an emotional ballad and lyrically is quite literal. I wrote this song at the end of a relationship. I felt all over the place and couldn't help but think about relationships I've been in in the past. In life, you meet so many people. You can be with someone for years, spend a huge amount of time getting to know them and then suddenly, you're strangers again.

Months and years on, Sometimes , I wonder where those people are. Are they getting to know someone else? Are they too on their own again?

'The world is a mysterious place, it can work in your favor, it can work in strange ways'.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the group right here!

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