Day in Pop Report for 02/15/2016

Due to a request from numerous readers we will be experimenting with a new format for the daily report. Instead of waiting until the next morning to publish new stories, we will post them as the stories develop. The Day in Rock and Day in Pop reports will be broken down into two sections: the top stories and latest stories. Any stories that are published during the day after our normal publishing time of 8:00am EST (including weekends) will be included in the next day's report so that readers that read the reports early in the morning will not miss any stories. With that in mind, we have included the stories from the weekend update at the end of today's report

Today's Top Stories

Christina Aguilera Determined To Coach Winner On The Voice

(Extra) Singer Christina Aguilera is back for the 10th season of "The Voice" and she's on a mission to become the first female coach to win! Aguilera down with Extra's Mario Lopez for an exclusive interview, dishing on the new season and so much more!

Christina told Mario about returning, "I'm most excited, 'cause I think I have the strongest team overall that I've had in all the seasons. I've done it since the first season."

Not only is she back, Xtina is determined to break the all-male coach winning streak of the past nine seasons. "I'm hoping to break the girl curse no actual girl coach has won it yet, and it's driving me nuts!"

Aguilera is all about the girl power on set, especially since she is outnumbered by the guys. "Just now, we had Miley, and when she came on, it was like I finally felt like the balance of the universe shift and it was like I had like a female counterpart and I was so excited. I just love females."

Miley is a special advisor this season, while the legendary Patti LaBelle is joining team Xtina as a mentor. Christina gushed, "When you have such amazing vocal talent that is legendary come on the show, it was like, all hail Patti, we actually had a really special moment."

She also revealed that Patti brought her a pie, singing, "The Patty Pie!! On my own!!" Aguilera continued, "I was like, loving that, so it was so much fun. We did have a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and she was just, you know, she was so sweet and complimentary too." Read more here.

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Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr. More Added To Kris Kristofferson Tribute

The all-star lineup for The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson tribute concert has expanded with the addition of Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr., Martina McBride, Jennifer Nettles, Lee Ann Womack and Jack Ingram.

They will join the previously announced performers Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Ryan Bingham, Rosanne Cash, Eric Church, Emmylou Harris, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson, Darius Rucker, Trisha Yearwood and Kris Kristofferson.

The all-star concert event taping of The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson will be taking place on Wednesday, March 16th at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee and will feature Kristofferson performing with select music stars throughout the night.

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'Death Cab for Yeezy' Mashup Album Goes Online

(Radio.com) Has the pomp, circumstance, provocation and too-muchness of this The Life Of Pablo / Yeezy Season 3 news cycle got you feeling edgy? Need a break from the feuds, flame wars, fashion pageantry and OTT spectacle?

Even Kanye West diehards need to take a breather from the insanity surrounding his latest album release--which is why the internet gods have gifted us with a new toy: Death Cab for Yeezy.

The mash-up album combines tracks from Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism with Kanye West's greatest hits. "Soul Meets Body" gets a stirring "Touch the Sky" makeover, while "The Sound of Settling" is paired with "All Falls Down." The legendary "Jesus Walks" can be listened to over "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," and suddenly we're all nostalgic for 2004. Check it out here.

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Latest News

The Chemical Brothers Go Behind The Scenes Of 'Wide Open' Video

(Purple) Chemical Brothers have released a behind the scenes clip for their "Wide Open" featuring Beck video which was directed by their long-term video collaborators dom&nic. We were sent the following details:

This video gives a fascinating insight into the technological complexity of the piece and how the choreographer, dancer and VFX Team at The Mill collaborated to create the final, stunning visual.

Dom&nic's vision was to merge the mechanical and organic, having been inspired by procedural cellular structures; the VFX Team at The Mill created a full CG model of the dancer, Sonoya Mizuno, comprising of 107 individual anatomic rigs, as well as bespoke tools to allow the seamless transformation which happens during the dance. Dom&nic have made an abundance of legendary videos including David Bowie & Trent Reznors' 'I'm Afraid of Americans' and 'Ava Adore' by The Smashing Pumpkins. Watch the behind the scenes clip here.

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Sam Hunt Receives Double Platinum Album Award For Montevallo

(UMGN) Country music star Sam Hunt was presented with a plaque commemorating his RIAA Double Platinum album Montevallo at last Tuesday night's late night CRS show at Ryman Auditorium.

Hunt earned his first ever Grammy nominations in the Best New Artist category and in Best Country Album for Montevallo. He will be performing on the live broadcast with Carrie Underwood when it airs this Monday, Feb. 15 at 8/7 CT on CBS.

Montevallo was the fastest country debut album to reach the impressive milestone since Taylor Swift's 2006 debut. Tracks from Hunt's album have sold more than 6 million individual downloads and accumulated nearly 600 million streams leading Montevallo to the No. 1 most-streamed country album of 2015.

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Sia Releases New Single 'Cheap Thrills' Featuring Sean Paul

Sia has digitally released a brand new version of her single "Cheap Thrills" featuring Sean Paul, a track from her new album This Is Acting, which debuted in the Top 5 of the album charts.

According to the announcement, on album release day, This Is Acting peaked at #1 on the iTunes chart in over 50 countries globally, and the album debuted at #4 in the US and Top 10 in 9 countries worldwide, including #1 in her native Australia, and #3 in the U.K and Canada.

Sia will also be appearing on "Carpool Karaoke" on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" this Monday, February 15th. Check out the lyric video of "Cheap Thrills," which was directed by Lior Molcho, here.

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LL Cool J Talks Grammys And Kendrick Lamar

(Radio.com) Ahead of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Radio.com got a few minutes with LL Cool J - hosting for the fifth straight year - to discuss this year's edition of Music's Biggest Night.

Radio.com: So, what are you most looking forward to at this year's ceremony? LL: For me, it's about the whole dinner: it's not just about the appetizers, it's not just about the hors d'oeuvres, it's not just about the cocktails, it's everything. I'm looking forward to the whole event. From Taylor Swift opening to I don't want to tell you who's closing! The tributes to Glenn Frey with the remaining Eagles and Jackson Browne, the tribute to Lionel Richie, the tribute to B.B. King, Lady Gaga and Nile Rodgers paying tribute to David Bowie, Adele, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, the Alabama Shakes, it's an unbelievable lineup.

Radio.com: As a legendary MC, I wondered what you thought of Kendrick Lamar, who leads all nominees with eleven? LL: I think he's very talented, I think he's a great performer, I think he deserves the success he's having. He should enjoy this moment, and if he continues to stay creative and innovative, in 25 years we'll still be talking about him. It's all about him and what he brings to the table, creatively, as an artist. But I can tell you that right now he's definitely crushing it, his music is great, and I'm very happy for him.

Radio.com: He's a tough guy to go up against in a lyrical battle. Do you miss the days when you battled other MCs? LL: Miss it? Well, I haven't put a record out in a long time, because nobody really has anything to say because I haven't been making music. But, you know, one day I'll put a record out and we'll see what happens then. I never said I wouldn't make any more music. I just have been busy. But that being said, I'm not looking for any problems! Read the full interview here.

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Still Debating Baby Names

(Extra) Chrissy Teigen was glowing as she hit up New York Fashion Week this past week. The model chatting with "Extra" special correspondent and creative director of O Magazine, Adam Glassman, dishing on how she is doing as she prepares to welcome her baby girl with husband John Legend, "I feel really good, I have a ton of energy."

Revealing they haven't decided on a name just yet, "We don't actually, we go back and forth, we have a list that we keep on our phones that we go through and every once in a while we delete one, but we were with the President yesterday and kind of maybe made me lean towards one a little more, but John doesn't love it, that's kind of a deal breaker."

Teigen also telling Adam she isn't too worried about dropping the baby weight right away, "I'm not and I think that's a testament to John, John has been so fantastic about really embracing my changing bodyI gonna try to knock out some babies here, so I'm might be pregnant for a long, long time, so there's really no point for me to have that period of hotness again." Read more here.

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Sun Seeker Release 'Georgia Dust' Video

Sun Seeker have released a brand new music video for their single "Georgia Dust" from their debut 7" which was recently released via Third Man Records.

The video depicts a seance-esque intro, as the chamber pop quartette is slowly being resurrected into a zombie-like state, and was shot and directed by Third Man film department's Brad Holland last summer in East Nashville. Watch it here.

The Georgia Dust 7" also features the B- side, "No One Knows. As we patiently await their debut LP, Sun Seeker will be touring in support of the newly released 7". See the dates here.

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Singled Out: Blue Healer's Luminescent Eyes

Blue Healer have made history at antiMusic by providing us with a Singled Out! like we have never seen before for their brand new track "Luminescent Eyes". Here is the story:

Luminescent Eyes - To be told in the style of Mad Libs

1. Plural Noun __________________
2. Adjective __________________
3. Adjective __________________
4. Plural Noun __________________
5. Adjective __________________
6. Adjective __________________
7. Plural Noun __________________
8. Adjective __________________
9. Name __________________
10. Name __________________
11. Adjective __________________
12. Adjective __________________
13. Adjective _________________
14. Place _____________________
15. Adjective __________________

Some bands find inspiration in art, or nature, or political ____________ (plural noun), or the work of other ____________ (adjective) musicians - we took a trip to the zoo.

It was a warm, spring day. We got up early, bleary-eyed and coffee deprived, hoping to catch the ____________ (adjective) monkeys awake, the ____________ (plural noun) singing, maybe a crocodile or two mid-yawn, and the big cats grumbling for a ____________ (adjective) breakfast.

Grown men have little cause for being at the zoo on a Monday morning, unless they're the legal guardian of a ____________ (adjective) child or two, but the three of us scampered between ____________ (plural noun) and ____________ (adjective) baboons, hollered at the howler monkeys, shoveled down bags of popcorn, and waited in line to ride the zoo train - all with the reckless abandon of the most seasoned six-year-old zoo enthusiasts.

Luminescent Eyes is a love song really, and maybe the two hippos, ____________(name) and ____________(name), had a certain ____________(adjective) glint in their eyes that inspired us to attempt capturing that love in song form. After lunch, we rode the ____________(adjective) waves of the carousel as many times as we could, reminded over and over again that life is really just a big circle (hakuna matata baby!).

At the end of the day, ____________(adjective) and a little sunburned, we drove back to ____________ (place), quietly absorbed in our own thoughts, seeing all the different faces look out from behind chain-link exhibits and glass enclosures: seeing the ____________ (adjective) eyes that look a little bit like yours and mine, eyes that are looking for a little bit of love.

Sometimes inspiration comes from unfamiliar places; sometimes it hits you fifteen steps between the reptile house and the butterfly exhibit.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the group and their forthcoming album right here!

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Stories From This Weekend

Joey + Rory's Daughters Representing Them at Grammys

(Radio.com) Joey and Rory Feek won't be attending the 2016 GRAMMY Awards, but they will be sending their daughters to represent them since they're nominated in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance category.

The couple's manager and their two daughters Hopie and Heidi will represent Joey + Rory in case they win. Rory shared that they left Nashville for L.A. on Thursday (February 11th).

Joey encouraged her husband to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles. According to his newest blog post on his website This Life I Live, she even went so far as to buy him a plane ticket. He cancelled that ticket, however, sharing, "I can't leave her. I won't."

Instead, Rory has chosen to remain by his wife's bedside and watch the GRAMMYs from home. Rory stated, "[W]e will again gather around Joey's bed and turn the tv-in-the-corner on and watch the Grammy Awards - Joey's mama and daddy and her three sisters and their kids - all of us having a big-time together." Read more here.

More on Joey Rory - Joey Rory Music, DVDs, Books and more - Joey Rory T-shirts and Posters

Josh Turner Appears On New Episode Of Gridiron Outdoors

(UMGN) Country music star Josh Turner took some time during his recent tour last December to join former pro football player Mike Pawlawski on a wild hog hunt for Outdoor Channel's "Gridiron Outdoors."

The episode features Turner and Pawlawski in the hills of California's San Joaquin Valley as they seek out a mammoth 300+ lb. wild boar. The episode will premiere tonight, Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. EST and re-air Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. EST.

Turner had the following to say about the experience, "What an exciting day. Mike and the guys were great to hunt with and this hog is incredible. They say he's in the top 1% of what they see as far as size goes. It took four grown men to hoist him onto the tailgate!" See a preview clip of the episode here.

More on Josh Turner - Josh Turner Music, DVDs, Books and more - Josh Turner T-shirts and Posters

Justin Moore Releases Western Themed 'Need A Drink' Video

(Webster) Justin Moore goes back in time for a wild Western showdown in the new music video for his latest release "You Look Like I Need a Drink." The clip premiered exclusively on Moore's CMT.com channel this weekend. The video will be available to all partners on Monday, February 15.

Directed by Shane Drake and shot in Los Angeles, Moore is able to live out all of his Western fantasies. Between riding a horse, tumbleweeds, bandits and bar fights, there is no shortage of classic Wild West flavor on screen.

Moore had the following to say about the new music video"This may be my favorite video I've ever shot. I am a huge Western fan, and we shot one with a dose of comedy."

"He keeps repeating the day only in different ways and different forms and shapes," continued Drake of the plot. "We had to keep redressing the same set and have Justin do a lot of the same actions" Watch the video here.

More on Justin Moore - Justin Moore Music, DVDs, Books and more - Justin Moore T-shirts and Posters

Kip Moore Releases 'Running For You' Video

Kip Moore has released a new music video for that track "Running For You". Moore is cast as the male lead in the video that follows him and his leading lady as they face the individual challenges of their respective career paths, culminating in a dramatic Hollywood-style ending, according to the announcement.

Moore tapped his longtime friend PJ Brown to direct the video, though he had never been in the director's chair before. "I've been friends with PJ for years, he was the main one pushing me to chase my passion and move to Nashville," said Moore. "He's been able to document some of my concerts here and there, but we haven't worked together on this level before.

"This song is unlike other songs I've released before and so I wanted the video to be really different from any of my other videos. PJ was able to bring our vision to life and I'm glad that the label let me take a chance on him." Watch the video here.

More on Kip Moore - Kip Moore Music, DVDs, Books and more - Kip Moore T-shirts and Posters

K. Michelle Announces New Album 'More Issues Than Vogue'

K. Michelle is keeping with her annual album release tradition with the announcement that she will be releasing her new album "More Issues Than Vogue" on March 25th via Atlantic Records.

"More Issues Than Vogue" finds K. Michelle presenting a song selection that will contain a blend from a magnitude of genres including R&B, Pop, Country and Hip Hop, according to the label announcement.

"Not A Little Bit," the first official single from "More Issues Than Vogue," debuted last month and is streaming now at K. Michelle's official YouTube channel here.

More on K. Michelle - K. Michelle Music, DVDs, Books and more - K. Michelle T-shirts and Posters

The Voice's Jordan Smith Announces Debut Album

(Republic) The Voice Season 9 champ Jordan Smith have announced that he will be releasing his full-length debut album, Something Beautiful, on March 18, 2016 on CD and digitally.

According to the announcement, the 22-year-old from Harlan, KY is the highest-selling artist from The Voice franchise. In less than six months, he sold over 1 million singles and made Voice history by landing 8 songs in the iTunes Top 10. Listen Smith's brand new original song, produced by Stephan Moccio, "Stand In The Light" here

"When you hear Jordan Smith's beautiful debut album Something Beautiful you will be transported." said executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. "These amazing song choices combined with his beautiful voice will take you on a heartfelt and hope filled emotional journey. It is our hope that you allow this special album from this extraordinary young man to wash over you and renew your spirit." See the tracklisting here.

More on Jordan Smith - Jordan Smith Music, DVDs, Books and more - Jordan Smith T-shirts and Posters

Wynonna & The Big Noise Release Debut Album, Rock Seth Meyers

(MSO) Wynonna & The Big Noise released their self-titled debut album on Friday (2/12) on Curb Records. the album is available now in digital, CD and vinyl formats at Amazon and iTunes.

Special guests on Wynonna & The Big Noise include Susan Tedeschi, Jason Isbell (ex-Drive-By Truckers, The Eagles' Timothy B Schmit and Derek Trucks.

The band made their national TV debut this past week on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Watch Wynonna & The Big Noise's performance of "Ain't No Thing" here.

More on Wynonna and The Big Noise - Wynonna and The Big Noise Music, DVDs, Books and more - Wynonna and The Big Noise T-shirts and Posters

The Cave Singers Streaming New Album 'Banshee' In Full Online

(BH) The Cave Singers are giving fans an early listen to their forthcoming album "Banshee" ahead of it's official released on February 19th with an full album stream via Pandora Premieres. We were sent the following details:

Banshee brings The Cave Singers back to their original 3 piece of vocalist / songwriter Pete Quirk, guitarist Derek Fudesco and drummer Marty Lund. The album was recorded live in July of 2015 over 6 days with producer Randall Dunn who also produced 2011's No Witch. Check out the stream here.

The Cave Singers will also be hitting the road this spring in support of the new studio album, kicking things off with a record release party in Seattle at Neumos on February 20. See the tour date here.

More on The Cave Singers - The Cave Singers Music, DVDs, Books and more - The Cave Singers T-shirts and Posters

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