B-Sides Report for 01/11/2016

Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Mayan Ruin

(Radio.com) Last week, pop troublemaker Justin Bieber was vacationing in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and decided to take in some sights. One stop was the Mayan city of Tulum, an archaeological ruin and one of the most-visited destinations in Mexico.

The Telegraph reports that while there, Bieber attempted to climb an ancient buildings and received multiple warnings from security guards to stop. As the confrontation escalated, officials called police though "tempers had cooled" by the time the authorities arrived.

A representative of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History told the newspaper that the police intervention was unnecessary--though Bieber was ultimately escorted from the premises. Read more here.

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Lady Gaga Wins Golden Globe Awards For American Horror Story Role

(Radio.com) Lady Gaga was a big winner at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, which took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California last night (January 10th) and her acceptance speech has been posted online.

A demure looking Gaga in an hour-glass shaped black dress won the trophy for Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel.

In her acceptance speech the singer said, 'I feel like Cher in that John Patrick Shandley film Moonstruck right now." She continued, "I have to thank Ryan Murphy, you're just a wonderful human being. You have believed in me so much and been such a good friend to me." Gaga also thanked the cast of the show and said they are family to her. She added, 'Because of you I was able to shine, I guess. I wanted to be an actress before I wanted to be a singer but music worked out first." Watch her speech here.

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Kanye West Previews New Tracks Featuring Kendrick Lamar

(Radio.com) Kanye West has shared a preview of two new tracks "Real Friends" and "No More Parties in LA" featuring Kendrick Lamar. A now-deleted Tweet from West read, "No More Parties in LA featuring Kendrick Lamar intro produced by me/track by Madlib"

Apparently the quick removal was due to a "distortion" issue. "Un moment, there was a slight distortion in the main loop within Real Friends," Kanye tweeted. "It will be back up shortly. When it's back up all rippers please rip the new one instead." Eventually he did post the new audio.

Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian also hinted that West would start dropping new music every Friday, a move he pulled back in 2010 before he released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. See all Kanye's tweets and check out the preview audio here.

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Lupe Fiasco Releasing His Final Album This Year

(Radio.com) Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter last Friday (January 8th) to announce he will release his final album in 2016. "Roy will be my last album. LUPend," he wrote.

If it's true, the Chicago MC will go out with a bang and he is planning to release three albums in 2016: Drogas, Skulls and Roy. It's not the first time the rapper has flirted with retirement.

He began contemplating retiring following the release of his sophomore album The Cool back in 2007. Fiasco also threatened to quit the game in 2012, but pulled back after citing he was still under contract to deliver another album. Read more and see his tweets here.

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Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley Announces 'The Driver' Release Date

(Radio.com) Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley announced the release date for his first ever solo album, The Driver. Fans won't have long to wait. The album will be available on Feb. 5.

Kelley tapped a number of big names to take part in his first solo project, including Stevie Nicks and Miranda Lambert, who are each featured on a track. Meanwhile, Chris Stapleton co-wrote the song "Lonely Girl" with Jesse Frasure for the project.

Speaking about the solo process, Kelley said, "At first, it was really weird to go in the booth and be like, 'Where's Hillary? Where's Dave?' But it was very exciting to be the leader in there and go, 'This is it, I'm doing this. It was the most fun I've had in the studio, because everything felt new again. It took me out of my comfort zone." Read more here.

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Rachel Reinert Leaves Gloriana To Go Solo

(Radio.com) After eight years together, Rachel Reinert has left Gloriana. The songstress announced her exit from the group last Thursday (Jan. 7) in an Instagram post that explained her reasons for the departure.

She wrote, 'It is with much thought, consideration and prayer that I have chosen to part ways with Gloriana. It has been such an incredible ride and I have so many beautiful memories that I will cherish for a lifetime

"This was not an easy decision, nor one that I took lightly, but I felt that it was time for me to move on and follow my heart. I sincerely wish Tom and Mike Gossin all the best."

Reinert goes on to explain that she will continue her career as a solo act. "I am excited to announce that I have begun working on the next chapter of my life as a solo country artist," she writes. Read more and see her post here.

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Kacey Musgraves Boots Thief Arrested

(Radio.com) On Jan. 5, Kacey Musgraves took to Twitter to share her disdain for the person who broke into her vehicle outside a venue in Nashville and stole her Lucchese boots.

The Tennessean newspaper reports that the suspect has been arrested after trying to return the merchandise. The police report filed by Musgraves details that two pairs of boots, valued at $900, and their receipts, were stolen.

The following day, Darnell Cunningham went to Lucchese Boots and with boots and receipts in hand. The store's general manager recognized the footwear and noticed the country singer's name on the receipt. Read more here.

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Meghan Trainor Delivers 'All About That Change'

(Radio.com) "All About That Bass" is the hit that keeps on giving for Meghan Trainor, but she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to give it a New Year's resolution-themed update.

The peppy songstress joined Corden to proclaim that 2016 was "All About That Change." "Yeah, it's pretty clear--I ain't no size two," sang Corden. "But I just joined a gym, like I'm supposed to do."

The duo made other riffs on our culture of "New Year, New Me," a welcome respite to your friends' declarations that this year will be different. Some points they address: drinking more water and less alcohol to avoid drunk-dialing.

Watch the funny clip here.

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Shooter Jennings Announces Giorgio Moroder Tribute Album

(Radio.com) Shooter Jennings will release his seventh studio album on pink vinyl Feb. 26 and on CD March 11. Countach (for Giorgio) is comprised of songs composed or inspired by disco icon Giorgio Moroder.

The album includes appearances by Brandi Carlile, Marilyn Manson, Steve Young and Richard Garriott. A preview of the album, which Jennings produced himself, as well as a vinyl giveaway will be included in Garriott's multiplayer online role-playing game, Shroud of the Avatar.

In addition to being released digitally and on vinyl, the project will also be distributed on cassette, 8-track and cylinder formats. Check out the full tracklisting and guest list for Countach here.

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Stage Crasher Wants Sharon Osbourne to Take Him to Cheesecake Factory

(Radio.com) After crashing the stage at the People's Choice Awards last week, aspirin' rapper, Zacarai Nicasio, wants The View's Sharon Osbourne to apologize to him for kicking him in the butt on live TV.

Also, he wants her to take him to the Cheesecake Factory. This is not the first time Nicasio has crashed a stage. The 20 year old, who goes by the name ZacZeta, crashed Kris Jenner's 60th birthday party as well.

After spending the night in jail, Nicasion told HipHopDX that he doesn't intend on suing Osbourne for literally licking him off the stage. "What's her name, Sharon Osbourne? She kicked me in my a-, dude.

"When she kicked me in my a-, my brain did my a backflip. I guess it was coo[l]. But I'm going to need that apology from her, though. If she can take me on a date to Cheesecake Factory. That's about it." said Nicasio. Read more here.

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Jidenna Releases 'Knickers' Video

(Radio.com) Jidenna kicks his "Classic Man" swagger up a notch with his new video for "Knickers," which continues showing off the artist's tailored suits and dapper air.

Playing off that other word, a group of young men dressed in knickers find their own dance club after trying to get into another club that boasts a sign barring any "Knickers" from entering.

In a video that's pure throwback, blending the polish of the 1920s with the hip-hop of the 21st century, Jidenna and his band start off with a classic big band sound before the beats transform the performance into a choreographed club.

"All my knickers show up," Jidenna sings while wearing a white suit that's pure class in a video that's pure cheek. Watch it here.

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Cage The Elephant Talk 'Tell Me I'm Pretty' Album Cover Girl

(Radio.com) When Cage The Elephant wrote their new album, Tell Me I'm Pretty, singer Matt Shultz made the very conscious decision to make a collection of songs as real and transparent as possible. He would dig deep, unearthing stories and difficult memories from his childhood in an effort to keep the recordings grounded and honest.

That theme is no more true than on the album's cover art itself. For this, the band's team went on a hunt for just the right person to personify all the emotions the title conjures up.

"Her name is Rachel," recalls Shultz of meeting the model. "When I looked at her, she was immediately beautiful to the eye but also there was some sense that she'd lived some real life in a way that I could relate to. She was this girl who was very beautiful but she had this kind of 'touched' look to her. It was like an interesting thing. I felt really bad about it because during the photo shoot I was there and I was very cold and non-responsive because I didn't want her to try to give us something that she thought we wanted or--I wanted to capture something that was real and I knew that was going to happen between shots or when she started breaking down because she wasn't being directed. She seemed to be a very wonderful person--and I felt bad to do that to her but I wanted to capture something that was real." Read more here.

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Kendrick Lamar Takes The Austin City Limits Stage

(Radio.com) Kendrick Lamar graced the small screen this past Saturday night (Jan 10) as he performed an hour-long set for PBS' long-running Austin City Limits TV series.

Originally recorded in October at Austin's Moody Theater, Lamar was backed by the Wesley Theory, his touring band who played with him through the Kunta's Groove Session tour.

"To Pimp A Butterfly is the most important album of 2015, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone to disagree," said ACL executive producer Terry Lickona. "This is the only full-length television performance of a contemporary masterpiece - it deserves to be seen and heard." Read more here.

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