B-Sides Report for 01/26/2016

Nickelback Poke Fun At Kanye West

(Radio.com) By now you've seen Kanye West's tweet, declaring his forthcoming album SWISH as "the best album of all time." But West will not be the only artist releasing a new album in 2016.

Canadian rockers Nickelback took to Twitter to have a little fun at Kanye's expense. "Good news: we're working on new music," the band said in their tweet.

They then added the following good natured jab at the hip hop star, "Bad news for us: @kanyewest 'Swish' will be the best album of all time. #SWISH #Kanye" See the tweet here.

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Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Apologizes For Arrest

(Radio.com) After Nick Carter was arrested in Key West on Jan. 13, the Backstreet Boys member has apologized to his fans for his unruly behavior. Carter was charged with misdemeanor battery after being involved in an incident at the charmingly named Hogs Breath Saloon.

On Saturday, he tweeted his fans with two messages. "I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle," he wrote in the first tweet. "I'm not perfect and for that I am sorry."

"When we fall we have to get up and keep on walking. I hope you stay by my side and continue to walk with me.- Nick Carter (@nickcarter) January 23, 2016" Read more here.

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Ariana Grande Gets Spanked By Madonna On Stage

(Radio.com) Ariana Grande just joined the long list of celebrities (including Anderson Cooper, Amy Schumer and Idris Elba) who Madonna has teased and spanked during the "Unapologetic Bitch" portion of her Rebel Heart Tour.

Sunday night, Grande joined the Queen of pop onstage in Miami for a remorselessly flirty exchange, which ended with the ceremonial gift of plastic banana.

The stars continued the lovefest on Instagram after the show: Grande wrote "I am dead. @madonna thank you for the spanking & the banana. #rebelheart #forever #unapologeticbitches." Madonna said, "Kewtest Unapologetic Bitch EVER!! Thanks Ariana!!! Tonight was so much FUN! Miami show #rebelheartour."

During the show, Madonna also led the crowd in a performance of "Happy Birthday" to celebrate her daughter Mercy James turning 10. Read more here.

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Charles Kelley Explains Miranda Lambert Collaboration

(Radio.com) Charles Kelley is no stranger to sharing the microphone with a beautiful woman. After years of bouncing lyrics back-and-forth with Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, Kelley intended to limit the female collaborations on his new project, Taste of Country reports.

'They both happened so organically," said Kelley of his collaborations with Miranda Lambert and Stevie Nicks, 'and they're both like my favorite two female singers that I said, 'I'm sorry. This has to happen.'"

Nicks appears on a Tom Petty cover of "Southern Accents" and Lambert can be heard on "I Wish You Were Here," written by Jedd Hughes. "I had sang on her second or third record [Revolution], a song we had written called 'Love Song,'" Kelley added. "So I said, 'Not to put any pressure but I'm calling in my favor from you.'" Read more here.

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Kacey Musgraves Reveals New Song 'Five Finger Discount'

(Radio.com) Don't mess with Kacey Musgraves or she will write a song about you. During a recent stop in Dallas, Musgraves told the entertaining story behind a tune that hasn't been included on either of her albums called "Five Finger Discount."

"It's a long story," Musgraves begins. "It just so happened that this girl - when I first moved to Nashville - she stole a bunch of s- from me and was dumb enough to post all these pictures of herself in my clothes on Facebook. I caught her. Nothing really happened with it. They issued a warrant but then they never found her. But I did write a song about it "

And that song is pretty blunt about the entire ordeal. "I won't get too awkward here but I have this matching bra and underwear set," Musgraves adds. "She literally did take the panties from the set and put that on Facebook too. Like what? Winner! But, yeah, the first line of the song is 'I know you stole my panties because I have the matching bra.'"

Hear the rest of the song here.

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Beck And The Chemical Brothers Release Experimental New Video

(Radio.com) The Chemical Brothers' new collaboration with Beck titled "Wide Open" now has the offbeat, innovative video it deserves. Directed by Dom&nic, the clip uses experimental CG technology to up the ante on modern dance.

In the video, dancer Sonoya Mizuno performs a solo interpretation of the song--but her body incrementally disappears into a virtual mesh form. Inside her webbed exterior is a beating heart, elegantly representing the song's lyrical vulnerability.

"Dom&nic's vision was to merge the mechanical and organic, having been inspired by procedural cellular structures; their VFX Team created a full CG model of [Mizuno] comprising of 107 individual anatomic rigs, as well as bespoke tools to allow the seamless transformation which happens during the dance," explains the video's release. Watch the video here.

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Maren Morris Releases 'My Church' Music Video

(Radio.com) Maren Morris is bringing her church to you in the video for her debut single. The clip for "My Church" was filmed in the outskirts of Austin, Texas, with director Rachel McDonald at the helm, and features Morris in her favorite place of worship: behind the wheel and headed down the road.

The tune is the first from Morris' upcoming album expected later this year. It can also be found on her five-song, self-titled EP, which was released in November and according to Sony Music Nashville has nearly 10 million combined streams.

Fans can see Morris up close and personal when they head out to see Keith Urban on tour this summer. Morris and Brett Eldredge serve as the RipCORD tour openers. See the dates and watch the video here.

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Zayn Malik Promises 'Dirty and Raw' Single

(Radio.com) It's been almost 11 months since Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction. Subsequent toiling in the studio, Twitter spats with ex-bandmates and endless romantic speculation has placed even greater pressure on the release of his first solo single "Pillowtalk," set to debut in just four days.

Malik told The Sunday Times that the new material takes a "dirty and raw" approach to sex. "Everybody has sex, and it's something people want to hear about," he said, according to NME. "It's part of everybody's life, a very big part of life! And you don't want to sweep it under the carpet. It has to be talked about."

Since he left 1D, Malik has been a master at generating buzz--Friday will begin prove whether the hype transfers into a successful solo career. Read more here.

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Weird Al Joining Comedy Bang! Bang! As Co-host & Bandleader

(Radio.com) "Weird Al" Yankovic announced on Twitter Monday (Jan. 25) that he will be joining IFC's show Comedy Bang! Bang! for its fifth season. Weird Al will serve as the fake late-night show's co-host and bandleader, replacing Reggie Watts and Kid Cudi.

Longtime bandleader Watts announced that he would be leaving the show halfway through its fourth season in 2015 for The Late Late Show with James Corden. Kid Cudi replaced Watts shortly thereafter.

Host Scott Aukerman said in a press release, 'If you would have told me, when I was a teenager, listening and laughing along to Al's In 3-D album, that one day I would partner up with him, I would have asked who you were and how you got in my room. Then I would have politely shown you the door. Because that's how I was raised." Read more here.

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Lana Del Rey Teases New 'Freak' Music Video

(Radio.com) Lana Del Ray shared a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for "Freak" on Monday (Jan. 25) on Twitter. Hint: It involves indie rock's Father John Misty.

Given the song's lyrics, including, "Baby if you wanna leave/ Come to California, be a freak like me, too/ Screw your anonymity/ Loving me is all you need to feel," the photo Lana shared makes a lot of sense. Dressed like hippies straight out of 1960s California, Lana poses in front of Misty. She looks down while holding the crook of her elbow. Misty, on the other hand, looks off into the distance.

In the tweet, Lana wrote, "'FREAK' video coming soon- starring Father John Misty and the girls from 'Music to Watch Boys to.' This isn't the pair's first collaboration. Misty opened several concerts for Lana in 2014. See the tease here.

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Zendaya Releases Theatrical 'Neverland' Video

(Radio.com) Teenage singer Zendaya released the music video for her song "Neverland" from Finding Neverland's album companion Monday (Jan. 25). Drawing upon the Broadway play's theatrical setting, the video includes none other than Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston, and Dancing with the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

The nearly 8-minute video has more in common with a short film, what with Cranston appearing in an extended narrative introduction. Playing a mysterious man crossed between Dapper Dan and a theater impresario, he helps Zendaya realize her dreams.

When she discovers the backstage door to the theater is locked, Cranston appears to help her gain entry. "The stage awaits," he tells her, upon which the door suddenly opens.

Dressed all in black, Zendaya sings "Neverland" while standing onstage in an empty theater amid dancers who twirl around her. At the chorus, Chmerkovskiy arrives to lead her in a couples dance.

Once the song fades out, Cranston reappears, applauding her performance. "They say that in order to succeed in this business, you need a hook," he says, holding up an umbrella. Watch the video here.

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Kesha's Recording Future To Be Decided In Court

(Radio.com) Kesha is due in court today (Jan. 26) to learn whether or not a judge will release her from her Sony recording contract. In the meantime, the artist has maintained a positive attitude about her recording future by sharing a new video in which she sings "Amazing Grace."

Although currently Kesha can't release new music, because doing so requires she work with producer Dr. Luke whom she has alleged abused her in the past, she chose to find a way around that musical silence.

In a video shared by the fan account @KeshaTODAY, Kesha wishes everyone a good morning. 'I can't put out new music, but I can sing a little something of someone else's songs," she said, before launching into a soulful a cappella rendition of "Amazing Grace" Read more here.

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Drake and Rick Ross Team Up For 'Empire'

(Radio.com) While we wait for Drake to put the finishing touches on the highly-anticipated project Views From the 6, an unreleased song featuring the Canadian rapper and Rick Ross has hit the web. The track, titled "Empire," is part of production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E League's album J.U.S.T.I.C.E. for All.

Both verses can be found on other songs. Rick Ross' bars come from a 2008 song "Addicted" from his joint mixtape with Birdman The H. Drake's rhymes can also be heard on Colin Munroe's mixtape Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero on a song called "Cannon Ball."

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League's latest project boasts songs featuring Wale, Chris Brown , T.I., and a slew of other hip-hop heavyweights. Take a listen to "Empire" here.

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B.o.B Believes the World is Flat

(Radio.com) Atlanta rapper B.o.B caused a stir on Twitter when he declared the earth was flat instead of round. Apparently, B.o.B. was checking out a series of YouTube videos about skylines. The videos are made by a conspiracy theorist who doesn't believe a curve is actually there.

The "Airplanes" rhymer had an answer for every point argued by people who disagreed. He even told a story of how he was flying at the same altitude as Alan Eustace, a computer scientist who parachuted from the top of Earth's stratosphere at speeds faster than sound. He claims he was aboard a plane the same time as the jump happened and he saw the balloon Eustace jumped out of five miles to his left.

This isn't the first time Bobby Ray has shared his thoughts of suspicion. He once went on a rant about how there are cloning centers for celebrities. Take a look at his latest tweets here.

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2 Chainz Releases 'Watch Out' Video

(Radio.com) Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz finally gave listeners a music video for the fan-favorite song "Watch Out." The song is taken from his recent project Trapavelli Tre.

2 Chainz displays his comedic side in the clip by having his head superimposed on a baby, a pianist, and even President Obama. The rapper also gave a nod to the popular "Why You Always Lying?" meme.

You can catch 2 Chainz performing around the country through February as he headlines the Watch Out tour. Watch the new video, Warning it contains explicit lyrics, here.

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Singled Out: Natalie Nylon's Brave

Natalie Nylon today shares with us the story behind the song "Brave" which is a track from her brand new "7th Heaven" EP that was released late last year. Here is the story:

It was a cold winters day and I was quietly reading a book and drinking my favorite hazelnut coffee when I saw a little three year old girl building a castle made out of blocks. She was sitting on the floor by herself, silently pulling out one block at a time and very carefully and precisely adding it to her rather detailed castle with towers, moats and a dungeon. I sat watching this little girl for a long time, taking in how much effort and time she was putting into making this elaborate structure. She seemed to have it all under control, when all of a sudden she misplaced a small block on the very top of one of the towers. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion as I sat helplessly watching this little girls castle fall apart. The tower came crashing down and all of the blocks destroyed the other parts of the castle. The little girl broke down, sobbing uncontrollably.

I wasn't quite sure what to do. Should I try to comfort her? Help her? Where was her mother? Do I rebuild it for her...even though I could never build a castle as elaborate and detailed as hers? I quickly got up and started walking towards her to help, when all of a sudden the crying stopped. I'm not quite sure how she could see because her face and eyes were covered in wet tears, but she was reaching for another block. As quickly as those tears came, they left. Just like that. She grabbed another block, wiped her eyes, and put that block on top of another block, starting her castle again. She was determined. So determined. She was never going to give up until she was finished building that castle, no matter what obstacle came her way.

I was in awe. This tiny little girl had so much determination and will power. She was strong. She was courageous. She was independent. She was never going to give up. She would never take no for an answer. She was brave. Brave. Yes. I wrote this song for this little girl.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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