B-Sides Report for 01/27/2016

Britney Spears Releases Cryptic Bikini Videos

(Radio.com) Britney Spears wants you to know that she is beach body ready via online videos. Actually, the 34-year-old pop star is using her bikini videos to promote -- something.

The online videos, which were posted to the singer's Instagram account Monday night are caption-less, and that's led to some speculation as to what they mean.

Set to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats' "S.O.B.," the black and white videos are causing all sorts of theories to appear on the internet, including whether Brit-Brit is teasing new music, or perhaps her newly revamped show, Piece of Me that resumes in Vegas next month.

Check out the videos here.

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One Direction Releases Video For 'History'

(Radio.com) One Direction have released a music video for their song "History." Who the boys, and specifically Harry Styles, have history with will certainly continue to be a point of speculation.

'You and me got a whole lot of history," goes the chorus. 'We could be the greatest thing that the world has ever seen, You and me got a whole lot of history, So don't let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever."

The video is a trip down memory lane, and may leave some Directioners a little teary eyed. The clip is rumored to the final single from Made in the A.M. and perhaps the groups last official release as their extended hiatus continues. Watch the video here.

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Miley Cyrus Teases Clip From New Song

(Radio.com) If there's one thing Miley Cyrus fans and haters can agree about, it's this: she knows how to keep herself busy. Last night, Cyrus shared a low-key Instagram clip of herself singing lyrics to a new song.

Ever the multitasker, she sat at her keyboard with dollops of "zit cream" on her face. "You land on every flower and use up all your power to demand peace," she sang.

The caption to her post began with those lovely lines but swiftly took a turn for the Miley after four unicorn emoji: "song writin and zit creaminnnn! Double timingggg! Cuz I'm a womannnn….. W-o-m-a-n….. I'll say it again." Read more here.

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Video Game Pits Drake And 50 Cent Against Meek Mill

(Radio.com) Finally, fans have a a chance to run in Meek Mill's shoes. A new video game called Meeky Mill lets you navigate treacherous terrain while collecting coins.

While collecting the coins, players must avoid Mill's rap rivals, in the form of Drake and 50 Cent, who are trying to take him out with bombs and rockets.

"Your mission is simple," states the games's site "Help Meek get $1,000,000 before he takes too many losses from 50 Cent and Drake." The game can be played online of downloaded for PC and Mac users. Check out a sample of the game play in the video here.

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Kanye West Drops 'SWISH' As New Album Title

(Radio.com) Kanye West will no longer be releases an album entitled SWISH as he promised. West took to Twitter to alter fans that he's changed the title of the album formerly named SWISH in the eleventh hour.

On Tuesday evening (Jan. 26), Kanye made the following announcement on Twitter: "New Album Title, WAVES" Whatever the title, West will be releasing the set on February 11 during an event to be broadcast from New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the day, West called the album 'the best album of all time" before amending his proclamation to the "album of the life." Check out West's online posting here.

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Did The Game Diss Long Beach?

(Radio.com) Does The Game have a beef with Long Beach? On Monday, the Compton rapper announced the release of his custom keyboard emojis designed to add some fun to his fans' daily texting.

Offered through app creator Moji Keyboard, The Game offered up an initial launch of three pages full of icons including his face with various expressions, red and blue solo cups, Uzi sub machine guns, Converse hightops, Bic lighters, and almost a complete page of local Southern California area codes.

Within minutes of the release of the emoji series fans pointed out a glaring omission; the 562 area code. The Game offered up emojis of area codes as far away as Sacramento and San Diego but turned apparently turned his back on Long Beach, which shares a boarder with Compton and has a population more than four times its size.

Now, Snoop Dogg is the unofficial spokesman for Long Beach and has been since the early 90s. Long Beach or "LBC" is mentioned in dozens of his songs, and the rapper coaches football for a local team and donates his time to charity. Does Snoop's that representation preclude The Game from giving a nod to the city's area code? Read more here.

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Flo Rida Rap Battles WWE Wrestler Bo Dallas

(Radio.com) Flo Rida appeared on WWE's Monday Night Raw on January 25, where he threw down in a rap battle with wrestler Bo Dallas aka "Bo Rida." Starting off on a cheesy note, Bo rapped, "My name is Bo and i'm here to say, Flo Rida's disrespectful in a major way."

Flo Rida smirked, but quickly lost that smile when Bo continued, 'You sucker punched my friend in Wrestlemania 28, but I'd be upset too if I was named after this awful state."

He also hit Flo Rida with the zinger, 'You need to channel you negativity in a more productive manner / you hold an ace high, but I have a full house like my name is Danny Tanner," referencing the rapper's 2015 album My House / the show Full House.

As for Flo Rida's rebuttal? 'Last time you got away with a sucker punch / sitting at my table, I'll eat a sucker's lunch / wrap my fist in your jaw feel my knuckle crunch / see battling me ain't fair just like Social Outcasts trying to wrestle the Nature Boy Ric Flair," he rapped.

Watch the two exchange "blows" here.

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B.O.B Takes Flat Earth Theory To The Next Level On New Track

(Radio.com) Earlier this week, B.o.B went on a strange Twitter rant, claiming the world was flat. Luckily, our foremost pop astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was there to shoot Bobby Ray's theories point by point.

"Duude -- to be clear: Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn't mean we all can't still like your music," he sniped in a post on Twitter.

On Tuesday B.o.B. doubles down on the subject, dropping the track "Flatline," a defense of his debunked beliefs. "Globalists see me as a threat, free thinking got the world at my neck," he raps on the track. "Neil Tyson need to loosen his vest, they probably write that man one hell of check."

He goes in even harder on the scientific community, calling science a "cult" and a "club full of liars," even sampling Tyson's voice to drive his point home. Read more here.

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Earl Sweatshirt Streaming Three New Tracks

(Radio.com) Earl Sweatshirt has unveiled three new tracks. With a simple Tweet labeled "lets get reacquainted," Sweatshirt debuted three new tracks: "Winds in My Sails," "Bary" and "Skrt Skrt".

While "Wind in My Sails" is a more contemporary track with lyrics and utilizes a beat by Madlib and Flying Lotus' for "Children of the Atom" from Sweatshirt's 2014 mixtape, as NME points out.

While "Bary" samples Kanye West's 2007 track, "Bary Bonds," "Skrt Skrt" puts a new coat of paint on 21 Savage's "Skirtt Skirtt." Check out the new tracks here.

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Ellie Goulding Shares Her Dramatic Ice-Driving Story

(Radio.com) Ellie Goulding shared a harrowing story from a recent trip to Norway. During a bit of ice driving on a frozen lake, Goulding and associates were nearly submerged when their amphibious vehicle took a tumble through the ice.

Conor McDonnell, her photographer friend who was with her on this adventure, captioned his Instagram account thusly: "That moment when you're in -25 in the middle of nowhere in Norway in the pitch black and your belt wagon crashes through the ice in the middle of a lake and you have to emergency evacuate through the roof.

"Oh s- we're in' was my first though. Second was to take photos. We were in the front cabin. That is pretty much under water in this photo. A few minutes later it was all completely gone under the water and ice for good."

But you know, it's no big deal. Goulding wrote: "I don't usually acknowledge press stories but I was always in the safest hands in my beloved Norway." Read more here.

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Billy Currington Streams New Single 'It Don't Hurt Like it Used To'

(Radio.com) Billy Currington is releasing a new single titled "It Don't Hurt Like it Used To," which will be the third from the singer-songwriter's Summer Forever album.

Currington co-wrote the tune with songwriters Cary Barlowe and Shy Carter. "I just stopped by to see a couple of buddies, Cary and Shy one night," Currington recalled in a statement.

"Cary and I picked up guitars at the same time and played basically the same chord, and the next thing you know we were writing the song." Currington hits the road with Kelsea Ballerini next month, check out the full dates and the new song here.

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Katy Perry Teases New Lyrics?

(Radio.com) For months it's been all quiet on the Katy Perry music front: Rumored romances, presidential endorsements and her Prismatic World Tour have kept the "Firework" singer busy.

Since her performance at the Super Bowl one year ago, she's appeared in ad campaigns, a Madonna video and even the new Zoolander publicity blitz. However, a tweet from last night may give fans the first taste of new music on the way in 2016.

"When people won't stop siphoning your light…it's time to go electric," she tweeted. The word "electric" was punctuated by punchy lightning emojis. Given the subject matter of Perry's previous records, the tweet sure sounds like new lyrics. Read more here.

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Simon Cowell 'Not Interested In A Single Word' Zayn Malik Says

(Radio.com) One Direction fans can thank Simon Cowell for gifting the universe with the band's existence, but even years on the sassy English producer is still invested in the lads' careers.

Despite the focus that tweets, interviews and Instagram captions have pulled from the music, Cowell says that Zayn Malik has a hot new record on his hands.

"I'm not interested in a single word he says, but I am interested in what he sings," Cowell told Yahoo. 'I've heard it, it's good, he's going to do well." Read more here.

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Carrie Underwood Takes Mobile Gym On Tour

(Radio.com) Carrie Underwood is widely known for having two of the most good looking legs in country music. The songstress earned them the hard way, too, through hours in the gym, and it seems she isn't ready to give them up.

Underwood shared on Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 25) that she's taking her workout room on her Storyteller tour. "New tour toys! Had a mobile gym made for this year!" Underwood captioned the photo.

"Now I can work out anywhere! (There are a few finishing touches that still need to be done to it) My new motto is: #ShreddedBySummer The one and only [Eve Overland] is going to help me get there. I'll post progress as I go! I'm super excited!"

See a list of Storyteller tour dates and the online post here.

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Timbaland Talks 'Opera Noir' Album and Movie

(Radio.com) Timbaland is all about the future of sound. His new mixtape King Stays King puts him front and center with future-facing artists such as Young Thug, Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Tink and others. But the beat king also revealed a new movie/music project that is inspired by his life of sound crafting.

"It's kinda like what would the world be if slavery never ended," Timb attempted to explain the movie plot, during a recent edition of the Rap Radar Podcast. "Me being the innovator of sound, I'm from the South and I'm free. I can't tell you about the whole story. My name is Set and my partner's name is Man-Man… It's kinda like that movie that just came out called The Revenant. It's like the evolution of Timbaland and like the gift of music and what it can make you do."

As far as Opera Noir, this mysterious album/movie, Timb says he will take his time to make sure it's right: "That to me is my Thriller. I will not rush into that." Read more here.

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R. Kelly Sums Up His Life In 45 Minute Song

(Radio.com) R. Kelly got candid with GQ Magazine in a recent interview about his career and the troubles in his past. The publication asked the R&B star to sit in front of a camera and sing a short story about his life. R. Kelly went above and beyond giving a moving performance that lasted forty-five minutes.

The singer shared moments from his life like getting shot while he was riding his bike, making hundreds of dollars performing in front of his local McDonald's, making the move from Chicago to Venice Beach, and his deep relationship with his mother.

"I said I promise you momma, no matter what, by any means necessary, I will be one of the best singers, songwriters this world has ever seen," Kelly says. You can watch the original version and abridged version here.

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