Daily Music News Report for 07/06/2016

Tom DeLonge Upset About Aliens Press Coverage

(Radio.com) Tom DeLonge is growing wearing of silly stories about leaving Blink-182 to find aliens. In a post on Monday, DeLonge attempts to convey the seriousness of his new projects, his new novel Sekret Machines in particular. But much to his dismay, DeLonge is not being taken as seriously as he'd like, especially by some in the media.

DeLonge posted a message imploring fans to take his new line of work seriously. "I landed on the Tarmac, walked off the plane, and met a smart, fit man in his 60's. Never seen a Multi-Star General before.. Let alone talked to one.

"He led me to a table in the back of a large room. He leaned across the table and said 'It was the Cold War, and we lived under the very real threat of Nuclear War every day And somewhere in those yearsWe found a life-form.' I said, 'Sir, I need help telling young adults this story' He said, 'What do you need?'."Advisors', I responded. 'I need high-ranking Advisors in the Military, Intelligence and DOD to help guide me.'

"So- I was given 10 Advisors, each with knowledge in different areas that pertain to UFOs and the very real National Security issues associated with them. I do wish the press would ask me about this, rather than write stupid headlines about Aliens I have been given a gift, the ability to tell you all our biggest secret. It will come in books, feature films and documentaries." Read more here.

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The Band Perry Postpone Concert Over Alleged Threats

(Radio.com) The Band Perry announced they will be postponing their Delaware show over threats. Two men allegedly threatened the show mere hours before The Band Perry was set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m., according to Delaware's The News Journal.

Delaware State Police Master Cpl. Gary Fournier said the men made the comments to an employee at the Americana Bayside Welcome Center at 2:55 p.m. The Welcome Center is located close to the open-air Freeman Stage, where the group was supposed to perform for 2,400 people.

Due to concerns not only for the group's safety but also for the crowd, authorities worked with The Band Perry's management to cancel their show and postpone it until August. Read more here.

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Video From Guns N' Roses 2nd Chicago Show Goes Online

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses played the second of two shows on their Not In This Lifetime tour at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 3rd and videos from the show have been posted online.

Following the group's July 1 concert at the famed venue, the fifth stop on the summer series mixed classics and fan favorites from the band's catalog alongside covers of tunes by The Who, The Stooges, Derek And The Dominos, Pink Floyd, Wings and Bob Dylan.

The event marked the final appearance of openers Alice In Chains, who have been on board since opening night in Detroit, MI on June 23. Guns N' Roses will be joined for their next performance - at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH on July 6 - by Nashville, TN outfit Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, who recently joined Axl Rose and AC/DC on their spring run across Europe.

Rising country star Chris Stapleton will open a July 8 date in Nashville before Australian rockers Wolfmother step in for shows in Pittsburgh, PA on July 12 and Philadelphia, PA on July 14. Check out the videos here.

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Romance A Hoax?

(Radio.com) Is Taylor Swift's whirlwind romance with actor Tom Hiddleston not what it seems? The speed with which the pair got together following Swift's split from Calvin Harris and their picture-perfect union has got many wondering if there's not something else going on. Could it be that their relationship, as well as their cute moniker "Hiddleswift," are all an elaborate hoax?

The discussion has been ongoing on Twitter, with some claiming Swift is actually filming a music video that will skewer the media for following her love life so closely. Others are suggesting she's doing a performance piece in order to fool the media.

Here's some evidence to mull over. Although Swift has claimed she's taking a break from recording a new album, she has a solid track record of releasing new music every two years and 2016 would keep her to that pattern. More than that, NME discovered the same paparazzi agency has been releasing all snaps of the couple, leading some to believe they're getting tips about where to be and when.

The most convincing evidence may have come from Swift's July 4th blowout. Read more here.

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Smokey Robinson To Receive Gershwin Prize For Popular Song

(Radio.com) Living legend Smokey Robinson has given music fans countless classic hits to dance and make memories to. Because of his contribution to the music industry, the Library of Congress is awarding him with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

Robinson, who's penned more than a dozen Top 40 hits for everyone from The Jackson Five to Marvin Gaye, was called the "poet laureate of soul" in a statement announcing the award.

In a statement responding to the honor, Robinson said, "It gives me such joy and gratitude to be included among the past recipients of this most prestigious songwriting award." Read more here.

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Def Leppard Worked To Avoid Cliches And Becoming Parody

(Classic Rock) Joe Elliott says Def Leppard's longevity is down to them working hard not to become a parody of themselves. The frontman says the band have lasting appeal because the members have passion and they've become better songwriters.

He tells Nuvo: "We exist, we constantly exist like the Rolling Stones, or even like individuals like Paul McCartney. It's a career, this is something we've always wanted to do and we don't really want to stop doing it.

"We never saw a shelf-life, as long as we enjoyed it, and as long we don't become a parody of ourselves, we can still do what we do which is make a collection of songs into an album. We are better songwriters than we were, we understand the process better, we can make records on our own and make them sound as good as any record we've ever made."

Elliott continues: "There are also certain cliches that we try to avoid. We've never been the kind of band that you'll see clamoring to be on TMZ, looking drunk and all hungover wearing headbands and sweat wristbands and all the 80s gear and all that kind of crap.

"We were what we were, and we are what we are, and I think a lot of the 80s bands are what they were. But, with us, you see progress. If you don't see progress, you at least try something different." Read more here.

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Of Mice & Men Star Compares Producer To Tree Trimmer

(TeamRock Radio) Of Mice & Men's Aaron Pauley says the writing sessions for their upcoming album Cold World were like pruning a growing tree. Comparing their producer David Bendeth to a "tree trimmer," the co-vocalist and bassist recalls the pain of constructive criticism in the studio and "hacking" away parts of the record which held sentimental value for him.

Pauley tells Metal Hammer: "He's fantastic. A great producer to me is a tree trimmer, in that their entire goal is to make sure you grow into a gigantic tree and the way they do that is by hacking limbs off. You have to be of the mindset to be strong enough to do that because it's always very painful.

"When you're writing you have to dig deeper and it's painful. It's hard trying to write about and talk about stuff that we do and it's also hard to take criticism of everything you do in the studio. But if you want your tree to prosper and grow, you have to be willing to do that.

"While he's one of the kindest people I know, he's very direct and his honesty is important and more valuable to me than worrying about my feelings. The visceral honesty is the catalyst for the songs becoming what they become.

"It's always the best and worst of times, but every time we come out I feel stronger than I did when I went in there. Now that we're starting to play we're starting to feel the branches come back and they're gonna grow back bigger and better." Read more here.

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Prince Legacy Explored In Online Museum

(Radio.com) Despite Prince's contentious relationship with the web and social media in the last few years of his life, he was, initially, quick to explore the possibilities of the internet.

His first site, Prince Interactive, was founded in 1994 and nearly two dozen more were launched in the subsequent 20-plus years. This early adoption of web technology as companion to music created fervent hives of Prince devotees online, and now the archive of his official websites can now be viewed in one place: the Prince Online Museum.

"The Prince Online Museum was built by the people who worked directly with Prince on these projects," the museum's director Sam Jennings wrote in a statement on the site. "We are the originators, we are the experts. It is a labor of love, no money has been exchanged. There will be no downloads sold and no membership fees required. But we do have working versions of almost all of Prince's official websites. Take a virtual walk through the timeline and remember when anything was possible." Read more here.

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Video From KISS Freedom To Rock Tour Kickoff Goes Online

(hennemusic) KISS launched their Freedom To Rock tour at the AVA Amphitheater at the Casino del Sol Resort and Casino in Tucson, Arizona on July 4th and video from the show has been posted online.

"Tonight's the first night of the tour," Paul Stanley told the crowd, "and it couldn't be any place hotter or any place cooler." The 18-song setlist was heavy on tunes from the band's classic 1970s-era, with only a few nods to their 80s and 90s output; the most recently-released track performed was the title track to 1998's "Psycho Circus."

The summer run across North America will see the band play more than three dozen shows across the continent, including four cities they have never played before and more than two dozen that they have missed on tours in the past decade. Check out the video footage here.

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Atreyu Inspired Creation Of The Amity Affliction

(TeamRock Radio) The Amity Affliction vocalist and bass player Ahren Stringer recalls the moment Atreyu turned him from a young punk into a metalhead. The Australian singer says Atreyu's track Ain't Love Grand - from 2002 debut album Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses - struck a chord with him and eventually led him to form his own band.

On the third episode of Metal Hammer: In Residence on Spotify, Stringer was asked to pick the song that changed his life. He says: "Honestly that was the first record where I'd heard screaming and singing and metal and breakdowns all in one and I fell in love.

"That was when I started drifting away from listening to punk rock all the time and started listening to metal and screamo and emo bands that were all coming out of the woodwork then.

"Poison The Well, Atreyu, Hatebreed - everyone that had passed by and I hadn't paid attention to. Atreyu was one of the main reasons I wanted to start this band." Read more here.

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A Day To Remember Expand Bad Vibes World Tour

(TeamRock Radio) A Day To Remember have added UK tour dates to their Bad Vibes world tour. Their North American journey began in May and runs until October, with the UK appearances to follow in January.

ADTR's sixth album Bad Vibrations is released on August 19. Frontman Jeremy McKinnon said las month: "We completely changed the way we wrote, recorded and mixed this album.

It was one of the most unique recording experiences we've ever had. As a result, we gave this album everything we had." The new tour dates can be found here.

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Feeder Announce UK and Ireland Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Feeder have announced that they will be launching a 14-date UK and Ireland tour and revealed that they'll give details of their upcoming ninth album in the coming weeks.

The Welsh rockers kick off the tour in Glasgow on September 28 - their first headline live shows in four years. They will also issue the follow-up to 2012 album Generation Freakshow this year.

Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose performed at this year's Isle Of Wight festival and can't wait to hit the road again. Nicholas says: "We are really looking forward to getting out there on the road again and feel reborn after our break. Isle of Wight Festival reminded us how good it is to be back playing together, and the loyalty of our fans is truly immense.

"We're back and really excited to let people hear these new songs." See the tour dates here.

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David Bowie 'Was Like A Fifth Member Of The Small Faces'

(Classic Rock) Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones has recalled the band's early days when they hung out with the then unknown David Bowie. And Jones says when the group and Bowie spent time together at London's La Gioconda cafe in the 60s, the late singer was almost like their "fifth member."

Jones tells Uncut: "David Jones, as he was then, was like a fifth member of the Small Faces when we got together. In the very early days, we'd hang around Denmark Street at the Gioconda. David was always in there - an ace Mod like us, completely unknown.

"We'd tell him we were playing Loughton or Epping and he'd ask to come along. We said, 'no problem, as long as you help us unpack the van.' We got on great together and we'd like to have adopted him a lot more, but he was doing these Ban The Bomb songs, protest stuff. He'd be in the crowd and ask when he could come up and sing with us, and we'd keep telling him to wait. Then, when it was the break, we'd say, 'up you come' and he'd come on as we went off." Read more here.

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Curtis Salgado Reveals Inspiration For 'The Beautiful Lowdown'

(The Blues) Curtis Salgado combined his interest in history and music to create his latest album The Beautiful Lowdown, he's explained. The follow-up to Soul Shot includes forays into every sector of the R&B genre, and reflects his interest in the past along with his passion for the sounds.

Salgado tells KMUW: "This record is basically everything under the umbrella, including reggae. I love reggae, the whole history with mento, ska and bluebeat. I'm a history freak - I want to know what makes things tick. At the same time, the only way I know how to make a living is through music."

He began merging his two interests when he first heard Paul Butterfield covering Little Walter. "It led me to Little Walter - that just blew my mind," he recalls. "I never heard Paul Butterfield again." Read more here.

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Wiz Khalifa Releasing New Music This Week

(Radio.com) In June Wiz Khalifa treated fans to a wistful, groovy weed-smoking track called "More and More." And Wiz says there's even more and more Khalifa music on the way. The rapper didn't explain the scope of the new material or a specific release date, but assured fans to look out for the music this week.

"Happy Sunday. Getting new music mixed and artwork done to drop this week," he tweeted. Wiz added that he's nearly done with this next album: "Also finishing up the album. A bosses work is never done," he wrote.

The album in question is believed to be Rolling Papers 2, a long-awaited sequel to 2011's Rolling Papers which contained the breakout hit "Black and Yellow." Read more here.

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Star Trek's Patrick Stewart Goes Country In Parody

(Radio.com) Like Aerosmith's frontman Steven Tyler, Star Trek star Patrick Stewart is trying his hand in country music. The actor, aka "Cowboy Pat," has apparently been working as "England's premiere cowboy singer" for some time, and now listeners Stateside can finally purchase the best of his immense repertoire.

Stewart revealed Sir Patrick Stewart's Cowboy Classics Volumes 1 & 2 in a parody video that finds him dressed like a cowboy in lots of hyper-country locations, like standing in front of a cattle herd and on a cliff in the desert. "Sometimes it takes an Englishmen to teach us what's great about being an American," the voiceover says.

Stewart's album features 27 of his greatest country hits, including "Rawhide," "Don't Fence Me In" and "Cowboy Cassanova" featuring Carrie Underwood.

Is this Stewart's musical debut? No, it isn't. Who could forget his backing vocals on Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star Brent Spiner's take on "It's a Sin (To Tell a Lie)," from Spiner's 1991 album Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back. Read more here.

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