Daily Music News Report for 07/09/2016

AC/DC Star Says God Bless Axl Rose For Stepping In

(Classic Rock) Cliff Williams has praised his AC/DC bandmates and says he still enjoys playing with the group he's been part of since 1977. The lineup has undergone several changes over the last few years - Malcolm Young was forced to retire as a result of dementia, while drummer Phil Rudd was under house arrest for eight months after being found guilty of drugs possession and making death threats. They were replaced by Stevie Young and Chris Slade respectively.

Then, in March this year, frontman Brian Johnson was had to step back from touring as he risked total hearing loss if he continued, with the band bringing in Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose as his replacement.

But despite the shake up, Williams says playing with a different lineup live is as intense as ever. He says: "Angus is a dynamo - he's fantastic to play with. I've been trying to stay out of his way for 40 years. He's like a whirlwind up there.

"Stevie's a great rhythm player - like his uncle Malcolm. It's the same style - he inherited that. He's a Young as well, so it's kind of in the genes. Chris Slade and I played together before with AC/DC. He did The Razor's Edge with us and did that album and tour - so it's an exciting rhythm section. It's great."

As for Rose, the bassist reports: "Axl's doing extremely well - and god bless him for stepping up to do this. Once we start, it's pretty intense. That's it, that's what you're there for, two plus hours on stage - that's what it's all about. It's just what I've always done, I thoroughly enjoy it." Watch the full interview clip here.

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Music Fest Organizers Fires Back At Twisted Sister Roadie

(Classic Rock) The founder of a Canadian festival described by a Twisted Sister roadie as the "worst ever" says he does not give any artist priority. Twisted Sister tour assistant Terry Sapp said this week that staff at the Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec, failed to provide a proper rider or dressing room space for the band and crew and also complained that the group's set was cut to just seven songs.

But in a statement, Amnesia founder Alex Martel says Sapp's rant - which has since been deleted - was the first he had heard that the band had any problems with the way they were treated.

Martel says: "I was extremely disappointed earlier today to read the comments made by Twister Sister's blogger after their show at Amnesia Rockfest 2016. We contacted the band's team as soon as we became aware of these comments, and they immediately decided to remove the blog post outlining their dissatisfaction.

"However, I think it's important that we set the record straight to prevent misunderstandings. In the 11 years of the festival, I have never seen anything like this. No member of the Twisted Sister camp contacted me at any point during or after the festival to express any concerns - we are always open to constructive criticism and improvement.

"I could tell the other side of the story. I could explain how running a festival with 130 bands over two days works and how our entire team makes serious efforts to accommodate them all, rather than giving priority to a single band." Read more here.

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Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Glen Drover Shoots Down Hired Gun Label

(Classic Rock) Glen Drover says he was never a "hired gun" in Megadeth. The former King Diamond guitarist joined Megadeth in 2004 with his drummer brother Shawn, who quit alongside axeman Chris Broderick in 2014. Glen, who left the band in 2008, also appeared on 2007's United Abominations.

The guitarist tells Music Business Facts: "I was a member of the band. I never joined any band where I was a hired gun and I was there for a couple of weeks.

"All the bands I played with, except Testament, where I was filling in for Alex Skolnick, I was a part of the band - I was now a member of the band." Read more here.

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Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman Album Is Unlikely

(Prog) Jon Anderson says his collaboration with fellow ex-Yes men Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman will release new music - but there won't be an album. Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman have confirmed tour dates in North America this year and the UK in 2017, to include material from their old band alongside fresh compositions.

The vocalist had previously confirmed writing was underway, while keyboardist Wakeman had sounded a note of caution over the chances of an album.

Anderson tells Something Else: "We want to do something creatively new. Of course, a lot of fans want to hear us do Yes music, so we're working on songs from Talk and 90125.

"Rick has always wanted to work with Trevor so we're picking out some classic Yes songs and rearranging them like we did with Anderson/Ponty. We're going to put on a great show to explain why we got together. The magic of the songs will still be there. We won't be a tribute band."

He adds: "We won't have a new album per se - but we will have new pieces of music and we'll figure out how to release it once it's done." Read more here.

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Judas Priest, Sabaton, Europe Lead 'Live At Wacken' 2015 Release

(TeamRock Radio) A live package featuring material from last year's Wacken Open Air festival is to be released. Live At Wacken 2015: 26 Years Louder Than Hell will be issued on August 26 via UDR Music on 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray - and it's coming out to coincide with this year's festival which takes place on August 4-6 in Germany.

The 2CD features 35 tracks, while the DVD/Blu-ray has 53 songs from artists including Judas Priest, Sabaton, Europe, Cradle Of Filth, Skindred, The Answer, Danko Jones, Uli Jon Roth and In Flames.

Band including Iron Maiden, Clutch, Dragonforce, Bullet For My Valentine, Foreigner, Henry Rollins, Testament, Steel Panther and Twisted Sister will perform at this year's event. See the tracklistings here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers' Kiedis Reflects On Working With Frusciante

(Classic Rock) Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis says his former bandmate John Frusciante was one of the easiest people to make music with. Frusciante joined the band in 1988 and appeared on albums Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik before he left in 1992. He returned in 1999 before the release of Californication and remained in the band until his departure in 2009. He's now producing his own projects - and released a digital archive of music he produced last year.

Kiedis admits he misses the guitarist and describes him as a "very special person." The singer tells La Voila: "My experience with John was one of the most wonderful and easiest people to make music with. We could sit down on the floor, John and I, and I could take out a piece of paper, and I would say, 'Okay, I wrote these words.'

"And he would say, 'Let me see those words,' and he would take take the words, he would read them, and he's like, 'Okay.' He would start to play something, I would start to sing it, and I would say, 'Can you play something that feels like this?' And he would say, 'Okay, let me try this.' Then we would have a song." Read more here.

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Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels Says Sarah McLachlan Saved His Life

(Radio.com) Back in 1997, Run DMC member Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was severely depressed and contemplated taking his life. He might even have done so if it hadn't been for a Sarah McLachlan song, which gave him new hope, he writes in his memoir, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide.

"I was probably at my suicidal worst in 1997 during a two-week-long tour in Japan. The only song I listened to then was a soft-pop ballad by Sarah McLachlan called 'Angel,'" he writes in an excerpt published by People. "I cannot overemphasize how important that song was to me in the midst of my depression. 'Angel' kept me serene even when every fiber of my person was screaming for me to lose it [and] made me believe that I could soldier through."

McDaniels was sober at the time, but soon found himself battling alcohol addiction as well as an identity crisis. Then he lost his voice and the band was frequently fighting.

"Whatever my hesitations about suicide, I sometimes think I would have done the deed easily if it weren't for that record," McDaniels continues. "I thought long and hard about killing myself every day in Japan. I tricked myself into thinking that my family might be better off without me. I considered jumping out of a window. I thought about going to a hardware store to buy poison to ingest. I thought about putting a gun to my temple. Whenever I'd listen to 'Angel,' though, I always managed to make my way back from the brink."

He continued: "It would be too simple to say that song got rid of all my negative feelings. it couldn't rid me of the wounds. 'Angel' was like a life-preserver tossed to me during a storm. It didn't pull me out of the water, but it did help me stay afloat until other help came along." Read more here.

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Kip Moore Busts Texter at Concert

(Radio.com) At one of Kip Moore's recent shows, a fan spent so much time texting that he reached into the audience and took her phone. Then he walked back to the mic and called the person she had been texting.

Another concert-goer captured the half-joking half-not scolding on video. Moore quieted the crowd, so that he could make the call to a woman named Briana. Then he said, "Hey Briana, I'm trying to do a damn show right now. . . and you're texting the whole time with your friend. You're talking about some bull--, it ain't nothin' that can't wait."

The country star asked Briana for 30 more minutes of text-free attention before giving the phone back to her astounded friend. "I'm playing with you," he said, "but I'm not playing with you." Read more here.

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C&C Music Factory's Robert Clivilles Vs Freedom Williams

(Radio.com) One half of the massively successful '90s dance music duo C&C Music Factory is accusing one of their featured collaborators of stealing the group's name.

Over the weekend, Robert Clivilles of C&C Music Factory posted an open letter to Freedom Williams, who rapped on two of the group's most famous singles, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" and "Things That Make You Go Hmmm."

According to Clivilles, Williams was never actually a member of the group (the songs were credited to "C&C Music Factory Featuring Freedom Williams"), but copyrighted the group's name and now tours as C&C Music Factory.

Clivilles ended C&C in 1996, following the death of the other half of the group, David Cole. In his open letter, published to his Facebook page, Clivilles addressed the rapper. "As you and everybody else in this world well knows by now, in late 1990 I wrote and produced a song for a group I then signed known as 'Trilogy.'"

That song, Clivilles says, was "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," and that Trilogy ultimately decided not to record the song. That, Clivilles said, led him and Cole to create a group name to record the song on their own. And so C&C Music Factory, "aka the Clivilles & Cole Music Factory," was born. Read more here.

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Adele Offers Strange Tribute to Prince At Tour Kickoff

(Radio.com) Adele kicked off her much-anticipated North American tour to a sold out crowd at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota last Monday night (June 4).

The British superstar started the show appropriately, with "Hello," according to Billboard, and the set featured a mix of songs from her first album 19, and her current album, 25. During the show, she talked to the audience about everything from her first Fourth of July celebration to her tendency to swear onstage. After a crowd-pleasing performance, she closed her main set with, "Set Fire to the Rain," as water dropped from above and she disappeared into the stage.

Before the encore, the video for Prince's 1994 hit "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World" projected on the video screen. When Adele returned to the stage, she admitted that she didn't feel worthy to offer a full tribute to the late genius. "I did maybe consider covering a song, but f- it, it's Prince."

The show closed with a climactic "Rolling in the Deep" as confetti cannons fired into the air and bits of paper inscribed with lyrics from the song fluttered across the crowd. Watch Adele perform "Rumour Has It" and check out her witty banter with the crowd here.

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LoCash On The Keith Urban Song That Changed Their Lives

(Radio.com) It's not for nothing that LoCash's new album is called The Fighters. The duo--Preston Brust and Chris Lucas--have endured a lot in their career, which had led them to where they are now: enjoying the spoils of their hit single, "I Love This Life."

Just a few years ago, it seemed like their days were numbered. "2011 was dark," Brust tells Radio.com. "Talk about throwing the towel in, 2011 was like one big towel getting thrown at us. We had a song going up the charts, it was almost top 30. It was about to break in, 'Here we go!' We passed top 40, we passed top 35, here comes 30! And, boom: Chris's dad passes away, out of the blue. He was one of our biggest fans. Man, that's a blow. It just hits you hard."

"We stopped what we were doing," he continues. "And regrouped a little. And we get back on the charts, we get to 30, and then all of the sudden our record label folds. It wasn't even that the song died: the record label folded!"

Lucas says, "When you don't have a team pushing the song at radio anymore' and then you get the CEO of the label calling you and saying, 'Hey, man, it's over.' And then, two weeks after that, my aunt passed [away]."

And then, Brust says, "Our fiddle player, he'd been with us for like, seven years. He gets a little sick, and the next thing you know, he's gone. It was like, 'What just happened?' 2011 was like this incredible year of loss."

"And then, in like November 0f 2011, we're looking at each other, asking 'What are we doing? We're spinning our wheels.' Everything's falling apart. We were stuck on a record label that folded. If you want to try to get a record deal, that's easier than getting out of a record deal!"

"And then, Keith Urban calls, and says, 'You wrote a song called "You Gonna Fly," and I'm going to make it my next single.' Talk about a light that comes to life at the end of a tunnel! It saved us. By February, it was almost number one, and then it went to number one and life changed. And literally, four months later, 'Truck Yeah' comes out on Tim McGraw's album. It was like, 'Boom!' 'Boom!' And we are back!" Read more here.

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Jim James, Brittany Howard Cover 'I Want It That Way' For Tacos

(Radio.com) Perhaps a high-ranking Chipotle executive has a jones for combining '90s boy band jams and post-millenial indie rock. Or, perhaps, the Mexican fast food chain is hoping to shift the conversation from its recent E.coli issues to a mind-blowing music video that they've produced.

Whatever their motivation, they have just unveiled a new ad featuring the Backstreet Boys' song "I Want It That Way," as covered by Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes.

Howard and James put a slower and sultrier spin on the Backstreet Boys hit. The song serves as the backdrop for a video short where a man selling orange juice and a woman pitching lemonade become enemies as their businesses grow from stands on the street into corporate empires. The pair eventually remember their humble beginnings and fall in love.

The clip continues the company's tradition of unique use of music in ads, Willie Nelson covered Coldplay's "The Scientist" in a previous campaign. Check the video here.

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Frank Ocean And Young Thug To Star In Calvin Klein Campaign

(Radio.com) Frank Ocean will showing off #mycalvins soon. Ocean, along with Young Thug, soccer star James Rodriguez and model Kate Moss will pose as models for Calvin Klein's Fall 2016 campaign.

The fashion brand, famous for their underwear campaigns, used Snapchat to reveal its celebrity lineup, reports Billboard. Ocean fans have been impatiently awaiting new music since his breakthrough 2012 album Channel Orange, which hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Though nothing has been made official, the singer has been dropping cryptic hints and one source tells Billboard that Def Jam has spent more than a $1 million and as much as $2 million on a new album. Read more here.

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Courtney Barnett 'Elevator Operator' Video Sleater Kinney, Jeff Tweedy

(Radio.com) Courtney Barnett released a charming new video for her single "Elevator Operator" and our heroine plays--you guessed it--an honest-to-goodness elevator operator.

After running late for work past some very confused tourists, Barnett boards her elevator and things take a surreal turn. The door opens onto a beach, men playing chess, and other curious scenes as the day goes on.

Sleater Kinney, Jeff Tweedy, Magda Szubanski, the Drones, Tim Rogers, and Paul Kelly all make cameos. Watch Barnett's new, Sunny Leunig-directed video for "Elevator Operator" here.

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Fetty Wap Freestyles Over Mike Jones' 'Flossin'

(Radio.com) Since 2015, Fetty Wap has continued to build on his breakout success with a combination of original material, guest appearances, and mixtape/freestyle efforts.

While his single "Wake Up" and collaboration with Fifth Harmony ("All In My Head") are still sitting pretty on the Billboard Hot 100, he has continued his efforts to dominate the spotlight by dropping a freestyle over Mike Jones' 2005 track "Flossin.'" It's like someone's playing nostalgic DJ with the playlist at a college party and an uber-talented friend steps up to freestyle.

Jones gets his due shout-out: "Wap, ayy / I'm Mike Jones, Jones / And I stay flossin' in that candy paint / Rolling dank / Sipping drank on 84 swangers / Rolling Chevy, rolling baby."

With new Fergie music on the scene, 2005-6 is currently having a moment. Maybe we can expect freestyles over "Get it Poppin'" or "Drop It Like It's Hot" next. Read more here.

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Cassius Debuts Interactive Music Video 'The Missing' feat. Ryan Tedder

(Radio.com) There's no end to the way artists have reimagined music videos in an age where technology allows viewers to interact with them like never before. French electronic duo Cassius premiered their new music video for "The Missing," which allows viewers to change the actors as many times as they want.

In the video, available at Cassius' website, viewers can click on the face of each actor and swap them out for someone else, creating innumerable couples as a result. No matter what couple you prefer, the video's premise remains the same: a steamy make out session that celebrates young love in the summer. A lone camera roams around a neon-colored soundstage, tracking the actors as they get close in numerous situations like on the stairs or in a bus.

OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder provides the vocals for the first single off their upcoming album Ibifornia. "Baby, I'm not the type that goes to extremes/ You and me can re-write the scene/ We can go missing, missing, missing," Tedder sings. The upbeat track feels part-disco and part-80s pop fun. Read more here.

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Did Justin Bieber Trash Post Malone's Dressing Room?

(Radio.com) Post Malone returned to his dressing room recently and found it completely trashed. A new video has surfaced showing Malone discovering the carnage, and naming a suspect in the incident: Justin Bieber.

The tour mates have had their share of goodhearted back and forth while on the road. In April, video of Bieber burning Malone with a cigarette surfaced, followed quickly by photos of Malone choking Bieber.

Both parties assured fans that it was all in good fun. It appears Justin has upped the tour prank ante. Check out the video, which contains explicit language, here.

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Robyn Releases New Version Of 'Indestructible' For Remix Series

(Radio.com) The best place to hear Robyn's greatest tracks is on the dance floor, where remixes are inevitable. The Swedish singer plans to give her fans even more recut songs to dance to with her "RMX/RBN" project. A new remixed song will drop each week featuring DJ collaborators and reimagined tracks, including "Indestructible (the Black Madonna Remix)," which premiered yesterday.

"Remixes make me listen to a song in a different way; they stretch you out as a listener and leave space for other things that a pop song usually doesn't," Robyn said in a statement at the beginning of RMX/RBN. "I hope to be able to share this experience with my audiences at Governors Ball, Boston Calling, and Field Trip over the next week and just dancing together."

Other collaborators for RMX/RBN include Cassius, Wolfgang Voigt, Mr. Tophat, Axel Boman, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, Joakim, The Mekanism and Zhala & Heal the World. Listen to "Indestructible" with some fun new synth lines here.

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Frankie Ballard Gets Out of Nashville to Record 'El Rio'

(Radio.com) Frankie Ballard, like many other country singers on the rise, is hoping to take his career to the next level with his latest album. But to get it right on his new album, the recently released El Rio, he felt he had to leave Music City.

"I have done a lot of recording in Nashville, and I get distracted very easily in Nashville," he explains to Radio.com. "People stop by the studio: 'Hey, man, how's things going in here?' and 'Can we bring you anything?' I live there as well.

"I knew that we needed to take this next album to a new level, and the only way to do that was to get focused and not have any of those distractions. So I found this place called the Sonic Ranch down in El Paso. I treated it like a mission: 'We gotta go down to the border; we gotta bring back the treasure!'"

He notes that the studio had a lot of vintage equipment, which was very appealing to him. "I'm 33, I grew up in the '80s and '90s, but I kind of feel like I grew up in the '50s because of the music that my dad played for me. He played me his favorite albums: Elvis, Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and Kenny Rogers. I fell in love with the album experience."

And while it often feels like we're living in a singles world, Ballard still loves the art of the album. "I think human beings like to watch three minute YouTube videos, they like to watch fifteen minute cartoons, they like to watch thirty minute TV shows, they like to watch two hour movies. People like to consume music differently too. People like to [listen to] a couple of hot singles on the way to work to get jacked up. But sometimes it's nice to put an album on, something that has a feeling, that brings back memories, that takes you someplace. I'm one of those people. So I don't think the album will ever be dead, until artists stop making albums." Read more here.

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Ayreon Reissuing First Two Albums On Vinyl For First Time

(TeamRock Radio) Ayreon will release their albums Final Experiment and Actual Fantasy: Revisited on vinyl for the first time on August 26. The launch of the 1995 debut album and the 1996 sequel follows the re-release of their entire catalogue after leader Arjen Lucassen hooked up with Mascot Label Group in April.

Last month the Dutch multi-instrumentalist also released the DVD The Theater Equation in which he took his 2004 album The Human Equation to the stage.

Lucassen says: "I couldn't have wished for a better start with Mascot Label Group and Music Theories Recordings. The people at Mascot flooded me with ideas and plans for the re-releases, which is a luxury, really.

"Take the artwork, for example. They offered to rework it, but wanted to show the original artwork as well. Their ideas were all really good.

"I'm sure the fans will appreciate this, which is one of my main goals when working on a re-release or a vinyl release. The worst thing to do is forget about quality and details, because people will turn away from you in no time." Read more here.

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Killing Joke Announce European Tour

(Classic Rock) Killing Joke have announced a European tour for later this year. They'll kick off the run of 24 shows in Dublin on October 30 and wrap up in Hasselt on December 5.

As part of the tour, Jaz Coleman and co will play at London's Brixton Academy on November 4 - an event they're calling The Great Gathering which will feature "carefully selected support acts" who will be announced at a later date.

In addition, the 2013 documentary The Death And Resurrection Show, detailing the "turbulent, dramatic and often unbelievable journey" of Killing Joke is to be released on DVD for the first time.

A statement reads: "From rituals at Stonehenge to worship on the Nazca Lines, recording sessions in the heart of the Great Pyramid and exploration of a parallel universe on an Icelandic glacier, and the search for a mysterious island that could survive the tribulation - this is the definitive story of Killing Joke... and you've never heard anything else like it." See the dates here.

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Dream The Electric Sleep Release 'Flight' Video

(Prog) Dream The Electric Sleep have launched a video for their track Flight exclusively with Prog. The song features on the US outfit's upcoming third album Beneath The Dark Wide Sky, which is out on July 22 via Mutiny records.

The video was animated and directed by LA Watson, who reveals it was inspired by the "ecological crisis" currently facing the planet.

Watson says: "The conceptual and visual theme came from thinking about the environmental damage that was caused by the American Dust Bowl of the 1930s. I wanted to draw connections between this moment to the current ecological crisis our planet is facing today.

"The events of the Dust Bowl can be seen as a forewarning that illustrates the devastating consequences of irresponsible farming practices. Today, we are seeing a similar situation with honeybee populations that are suffering from colony collapse due in part to pesticide applications. This not only hurts bees, but also puts our entire food supply at risk. I thought it could be interesting to animate a bee trying to navigate through an apocalyptic past/future." Watch the video here.

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Black Peaks 'Just Plain Sailing' Following Album Release

(TeamRock Radio) Black Peaks say they feel under less pressure since releasing their debut album Statues. It was issued earlier this year - and on the third episode of Metal Hammer: In Residence on Spotify, vocalist Will Gardner reveals he and his bandmates are just enjoying supporting the album on the road.

He says: "I'd say less so now that the album's out - it's all just plain sailing. We're just enjoying it until the end of this record cycle. We're out playing shows and meeting people, meeting our heroes and playing our tunes to lots of lovely people. There's pressure to be out there playing shows - but we love that and I think that's the only pressure we really feel."

They were in the studio for 14 days putting the finishing touches to Statues, but Gardner says for their second album, he'd like a little more time to experiment with different sounds.

He continues: "On the next record it would be nice to have three weeks or a month in the studio and have more time playing around with percussion, bring a string section in - any of those kind of things.

"We always think quite big with our writing. We're quite proggy with our approach." Read more here.

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Onslaught Announce European Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Onslaught have announced a European tour starting in September. The thrash metal veterans celebrate the 30th anniversary of their second record The Force this November.

The band will also headline Titanfest at the Tufnell Park Dome on November 19 - which organizers scheduled especially to coincide with the album milestone.

Guitarist Nige Rokett says: "Onslaught are super-stoked to be headlining Titanfest 2016. The lineup for this year's festival is really cool, with lots of diversity, but with one common theme - great British metal. We're looking forward to another awesome show in London."

Onslaught will be supported by Mors Principium Est, No Return and Blaakyum on their mainland dates - followed by Beholder and Anihilated on the UK and Ireland shows in November. See the dates here.

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Music 'Skingasms' Research Revealed

(TeamRock Radio) People who experience 'skingasms' when listening to music are more likely to be emotional, open to new experiences and have greater intellectual curiosity, research shows.

A study by Eastern Washington University discovered that people who get goosebumps, or frisson, when listening to a dramatic piece of music score high on a personality trait called 'Openness To Experience.'

In an article on The Conversation, social psychologist Mitchell Colver says those who possess the trait have "unusually active imaginations, appreciate beauty and nature, seek out new experiences, often reflect deeply on their feelings, and love variety in life."

Though the phenomenon is still being researched, scientists say skingasms are an evolutionary response to unexpected stimuli in an environment. In prehistoric times, this reflex raised the body's hair and helped retain a layer of heat in colder weather.

Nowadays it is estimated that only two-thirds of the population able to experience this "sudden wave of pleasure" as a result of artistic experiences - such as an unexpected harmony, change in volume or a moving solo in a piece of music." Read more here.

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• Reggae Party

• Sundogs - The Code

• Root 66: Nate Lee - Wings of a Jetliner

• Mallavora - The Paradise EP

• The Burrito Brothers - The Notorious Burrito Brothers

• David Cross & Peter Banks - Crossover

• Dennis DeYoung - 26 East: Volume 1

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Rock News Stories
Tim McGraw Shares 'God Moves The Pen'

Orgy Returns With 'Karma Kastle'

Flotsam And Jetsam 'Burn The Sky' With New Video

Singled Out: The Small Calamities' Stock Photography

Guns N' Roses Share Six Song Video From Reunion Tour

Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop Shares New Song 'Bad For You'

ZZ Top's Billy F Gibbons And Matt Sorum Launch 'Under The Hood' Series

Guns N' Roses Share Six Song Video From Reunion Tour

Ash Announce Limited Edition 'BBC Sessions 1994-1999' RSD Release

Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson Recovering From Open Heart Surgery

Mother of All Featuring Testament's Steve Di Giorgio Share New Song

Former David Lee Roth Guitarist Jason Becker Hospital Update

Lynyrd Skynyrd Share Classic 'Sweet Home Alabama' Performance

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