Daily Music News Report for 07/22/2016

Craig Morgan Posts Tribute To Late Son Jerry Greer

(Radio.com) Craig Morgan posted a heartfelt message on social media on Thursday (July 20) in honor of his late son, 19-year-old Jerry Greer, who was laid to rest on Saturday (July 16) after a boating accident.

In his post, Morgan thanked everyone who has shown he and his family "unwavering support during this difficult time." "The loss of our son Jerry is the hardest thing we have ever had to endure as a family," Morgan captioned on Instagram with a photo of his late son. "Karen and I are so grateful for all of the wonderful people who have shown us unwavering support during this difficult time.

"There are too many to name here, but we are especially thankful for the Humphreys County Sheriff and Fire Departments, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and all the additional agencies and volunteers who turned out to bring our son home. We would also like to thank our friends, family members, and Jerry's friends who have all shown us an immense amount of love and support."

He added that they cannot thank the music and outdoor communities enough for "wrapping their arms around us" as well as their industry friends, fans and everyone who loved their son. Read more here.

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Britney Spears Wants Duet With Selena Gomez

(Radio.com) Britney Spears may duet with Selena Gomez and it's all thanks to Twitter. It started when a Selena fan account shared a video of Gomez explaining that she's already technically teamed with Spears, on the charity single "Hands," which benefits the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando.

But there are a lot of artists on that track, when are Spears and Gomez going to do a proper duet? We know Britney is down, she tweeted the following message in response:

"Technically, yes But when are we working on our actual duet @selenagomez?" For now fans wait with bated breath. Check out both of the tweets here.

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Gucci Mane Reveals New Track Featuring Kanye West

(Radio.com) Gucci Mane has a Kayne West feature on this new album. The track "P-- Print," which was produced by Mike WiLL Made-It, made its way online Thursday afternoon.

Everybody Looking, which is Gucci Mane's first studio album release since he was released from prison, is set to be released in full today, Friday July 22nd.

Gucci had threatened to leak the whole album early, if he hit three million Instagram followers. Currently the rapper has two million followers, so it's likely we'll have a wait a few more hours. Check out the track here.

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ScHoolboy Q Releases 'John Muir' Video

(Radio.com) ScHoolboy Q's new video for "John Muir" depicts two African Americans driving around a city and engaging in acts of crime and violence. While Schoolboy Q doesn't appear in the harrowing clip, the imagery compliment the dramatic song, which appears on the rapper's most recent album Blank Face.

The Aplus-directed video starts at a fast food joint where the men rob two patrons. They steal wallets, watches and sneakers before heading out for a night of debauchery that includes picking up girls, drug deals, shootings and death.

While the faces of the men in the car are never revealed, the gunfire is shown full force, making for a haunting four minutes of viewing time. Watch it all go down here.

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Liam Payne Coming Closer To Making Solo Album

(Radio.com) Liam Payne is one step closer to a solo album. On Thursday the former One Direction singer shared the news that he's signed to Capitol Records in the UK.

"Happy to have signed to @CapitolUK," the former boy band singer tweeted. "They have an amazing history of artists, I hope I can follow in their footsteps."

"One direction will always be my home and family, he continued "but I'm very excited to see what this chapter brings." Check out both of Liam's tweets here.

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Skrillex And Rick Ross Release New Track 'Purple Lamborghini'

(Radio.com) Suicide Squad promises to be a huge summer blockbuster, so of course it needs an equally big soundtrack to back it up. Skrillex and Rick Ross premiered their contribution to that album "Purple Lamborghini" Thursday (July 21).

Their track kicks off the soundtrack. Sirens and synths launch "Purple Lamborghini" before a huge beat takes things to the next level and Ross' vocals come in loud and strong. "I'm a bigger problem when I click with Skrillex," he raps in the opening verse. The chorus takes on a trademark Skrillex feel with a warped electronic effect that builds into a huge bass drop. "Ain't no mercy," Ross repeats over those chilling sounds.

Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Grimes, Eminem and Panic! at the Disco, among others, will all be included on the soundtrack, which will be available August 5th. Suicide Squad hits theaters at midnight on August 4th. Listen to "Purple Lamborghini" here.

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Drake Slams Fake 'Controllas' At First Summer Sixteen Tour Show

(Radio.com) Drake and Future's Summer Sixteen Tour, arguably one of the biggest tours of 2016, kicked off Wednesday night (July 20) in Austin, TX. The Canadian rapper known for his many and varied beefs used the stage to criticize all those fake "Controllas" out there.

When Drake performed "Summer Sixteen," he switched up one of the lines. Instead of saying the track's original, "All you boys from the new Toronto wanna be me a little," he shouted out the rappers trying to copy his new island style. 'All you boys doing fake 'Controlla's' wanna be me a little," he rapped (via XXL).

Drake's song was intended as a diss against Meek Mill, but that initial line was said to recognize and simultaneously warn Torontonian rapper Tory Lanez. Listeners used to refer to Lanez as Drake's little brother because his style emulated Drake's so much (via Fader). Lanez's mixtape The New Toronto helped fueled those comparisons, but to make matters worse Lanez remixed Drake's "Controlla."

Lanez, for his part, has admitted the influence Drake has had over him. 'I said I was a fan of his music before. No one's ever took that from him. That doesn't mean that I'm not here to take that crown," he said in an interview in June. One audience member captured the "Summer Sixteen" moment and shared it on Twitter. Check it out here.

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Sia Joins The Craze With New Wig Snapchat Filter

(Radio.com) Everybody is getting in on the Snapchat filter fun, including Sia. Her wig filter launched on Thursday (July 21). On Twitter, her team announced that her new Snapchat filter was available.

Users will be able to take a photo or video of themselves wearing her iconic black and white wig topped with a black and white bow. Sia has maintained an aura of mystery thanks to the fact that she largely performs with her wig, which hides the top half of her face. While she does do public appearances without the wig, it remains her most iconic trademark.

Her filter joins the growing list of options the app's users have when it comes to doctoring up their photos and videos. Read more including the tweet from her camp here.

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Jermaine Dupri Talks Kanye, Diddy and More With Rap Radar

(Radio.com) Jermaine Dupri, one of the most successful hip-hop moguls ever, sat down with Elliott Wilson and Brian 'B-Dot" Miller on Play.It's Rap Radar podcast to talk about Kanye West, Sean 'Puffy" Combs and Jay Z.

While West is one of the most iconic--and attention drawing--artists today, he got an early boost from Dupri; he produced his first ever song, "Intro/Turn it Out," on Dupri's 1998 album, Life in 1472, six years before his debut album College Dropout.

'I had never knew that it was this dude on the beats that was telling my dad that he was going to be bigger than me and talking crazy," said JD. 'He's [always] been the same."

After that, Dupri went back to West for the original remix for Jagged Edge's hit 'Let's Get Married.' 'The beat he had for the remix was crazy where he did the vocals and all that," he said. 'I kept saying 'We need a rapper on the song' so I left the studio and this n-- got on the track and rapped and was like 'I'm gonna be on the song without nobody asking him to be on the song.' This was the Kanye that you got right now."

He also let on that Combs was inspired one of Dupri's artists who made it big in the early '90s. 'I don't think people think of Puff as a remix guy," he exclaimed about the man who claimed "We Invented the Remix." 'Puff actually told me that he got in the music business because of Kris Kross." Read more and listen to the full interview here.

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Justin Bieber Direct Messages 'Cold Water' Lyrics to Fans

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber's forthcoming "Cold Water" has all the makings of a summer blockbuster: Its all-star list of collaborators includes Major Lazer and Ed Sheeran.

Even the promotional efforts are getting creative. Fans who used the hashtag #ColdWater2Days were stunned to find that Justin Bieber himself direct-messaged lyrics to their inbox. A flurry of interest got the hashtag trending on Twitter, with countless hopeful Beliebers expecting a DM from Bieber.

Though it'd be impossible for Justin to field every request for lyrics, he made good with some of his engaged fans. Those who were lucky to receive a message posted screenshots on Twitter. Read more here.

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Demi Lovato Gives Nick Jonas Relationship Advice

(Radio.com) Demi Lovato is a no nonsense kind of gal, and thanks to her longtime friendship with singer and current tourmate Nick Jonas, she knows exactly what kind of woman would best suit him. It makes sense, then, that she wouldn't hold her tongue when it comes to giving him advice about dating, romance and relationships.

In a new Billboard interview, Lovato and Jonas discussed their friendship and all the advice Lovato has been able to offer him about his love life. "I'm in a bizarre time in my life where I'm single, but that has been tricky," Jonas explained. "And she likes drama, so I'm able to talk about my dating s- without feeling bad."

What sparkling words of wisdom does Lovato offer? "He's a guy in his 20s and he's famous and he likes to have a lot of fun," she said. "Listen, even when he was in a relationship, I was like, 'Get out of that. You could f- anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that.'"

Lovato apparently didn't fully approve of Jonas' now ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo. "I go 'Honestly, I didn't like her anyway.' It's not because she's mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh. I can tell if something's up because he'll close off." Read more here.

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Taylor Swift's Video Director Vs Kanye Kardashian

(Radio.com) The man who has directed some of Taylor Swift's most popular music videos, Joseph Kahn, had a fit on social media earlier this week regarding the recent scandal involving Swift and Kanye West.

On July 18, Kahn took to Twitter and posted a barrage of comments regarding West and his wife Kim Kardashian, who leaked a video of West discussing the lyrics of "Famous" with Swift and claimed the clip proved she was okay with the words in the song.

Among the harshest remarks: "The irony of one of the most untalented women in the world attacking one of the most talented." A couple other Kahn posts took aim at Kardashian for being part of a family that supported the legendary OJ Simpson trial.

"Ain't the first time the Kardashians supported the murder of an innocent blonde woman," he wrote. Kahn directed Swift's biggest videos, including "Bad Blood," "Wildest Dreams" and "Blank Space." "I've worked with everybody. I don't need to work with anybody. Taylor is a rainbow in a swamp," he tweeted.

Check out some of Kahn's other tweets contributing to the media storm here.

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A Look Back At Fiona Apple's Debut 'Tidal' 20 Years Later

(Radio.com) The very first line that introduced us to Fiona Apple in 1996 was spine-chilling and elegant, laced with the best facets of blue-eyed soul and filled with promise for the whole record to follow. Yet, it was so simple: 'I tell you how I feel, but you don't care."

And so begins 'Sleep To Dream," the opening track of Apple's renowned debut album, Tidal. The album was released twenty years ago (release date: July 23, 1996) and was penned when Apple was barely 18. At that time, she likely couldn't have anticipated just how many people would care; how many would listen intently to her as she poured out her emotions; how many would crave her perspective for years to come. But when she first put Tidal out there, the reaction wasn't what she had expected.

'I was so miserable," Apple reflected in a 2006 interview for the SundanceTV series, Iconoclasts. 'The whole reason I wanted to make an album in the first place was because I was so tired of trying to explain my personality to people. I was so uncomfortable with the social situations, that I thought - I really, really thought - that if I had a CD of songs, I could just put that out in the world and then everyone would understand me," she explained, her voice picking up notes of sorrow and resentment. 'Not only did I not get what I wanted, but I got exactly the opposite of what I wanted to have happen. Instead of having everyone be my friend and understand me, everybody thought I was awful."

Well, not everybody. In fact, Tidal's game-changing single, 'Criminal," would earn the young singer-songwriter a GRAMMY for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, and ultimately introduce a whole generation to her catchy, jazzy, and, at times, vitriolic music. Tidal would go on to sell millions of copies and be certified three times platinum in the U.S. But that didn't mean Apple wasn't paddling against the crashing waves of judgement that form when a new artist - especially a young, female singer-songwriter - is suddenly thrust into the center of the pop culture conversation. Her frustration with this newfound celebrity was brutally clear in her famed 1997 MTV VMAs appearance, as she reluctantly clutched the Moonman for Best New Artist and vented against her stardom. 'What I want to say is, everybody out there that's watching, everybody that's watching this world - this world is bulls-. And you shouldn't model your life about what you think that we think is cool, and what we're wearing, and what we're saying and everything. Go with yourself. Go with yourself." Read more here.

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TMZ Moves to Dismiss Private Parts Cutting Defamation Lawsuit

(Radio.com) Earlier this month TMZ moved to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought by rapper Marques Andre Johnson. The suit stems from TMZ's initial incorrect identification of the plaintiff as the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper who had cut off his own private part.

The rapper who committed that act is named Andre Johnson, and performs under the name Christ Bearer, but many outlets reported the news incorrectly based on TMZ's report.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that TMZ's attorneys are moving to dismiss on the basis the statute of limitations has expired. Read some of the details here.

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