Daily Music News Report for 06/14/2016

Lil Wayne Forced To Make An Emergency Landing

(Radio.com) TMZ is reporting that a flight carrying rap star Lil Wayne was forced to make an emergency landing after the rapper suffered a seizure. Wayne has a long history of seizures.

According the report Wayne was traveling from Milwaukee to California when his plane made an unscheduled landing in Omaha, NE where Wayne, who had re-gained consciousness, refused treatment from paramedics.

TMZ published a follow-up report that claims that Wayne suffered a second seizure moments after taking off from Omaha. His plane was forced to return to the airport, and the rapper was transported to a local hospital. Stream the TMZ dispatch audio here.

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Selena Gomez Gives Emotional Tribute To Christina Grimmie

(Radio.com) Selena Gomez dedicated a song to Christina Grimmie during her performance in Miami Saturday night. Gomez took to the piano for a somber version of Hillsong Worship's song "Transfiguration" in memory of her friend followed by "Nobody" from her 2015 album, Revival. The singer struggled to maintain composure throughout the performance.

Before launching into the song, Gomez shared a few memories about Grimmie, a former contestant on The Voice, who was shot and killed after performing on Friday night in Florida.

"When she was 14, we met her-my parents and I signed her, and one thing about Christina and her family, is that she holds her faith so closely to her. It's not about her religion, and it's not about good deeds. It's just that she had faith. And I don't really understand how this happened, but I would like to dedicate this next song to her." Watch video of the tribute performance here.

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Zayn Malik Cancels Concert Over Anxiety

(Radio.com) On Saturday, Zayn Malik was faced with the extremely difficult decision to cancel his performance at the Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium due to anxiety.

In a photo posted through Twitter, Zayn said, "Unfortunately my anxiety that has haunted me throughout the last few months around live performances has gotten the better of me," adding, 'with the magnitude of the event, I have suffered the worst anxiety in my career."

Zayn apologized to his fans for pulling out of the show, and reached out to those who may share his struggle with anxiety. "I know those who suffer anxiety will understand and I hope those who don't can empathize with my situation." Judging by the Twitter responses, most of his fans did understand, including one who is very near and dear to his heart. Read more here.

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Death Cab For Chance The Rapper?

(Radio.com) Chance the Rapper would like to collaborate with Death Cab For Cutie. The Chicago rapper guested on multiple sets at this weekend's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, and also hung out backstage with Death Cab.

"Chance the Rapper: incredibly nice dude, and huge Death Cab fan," wrote Death Cab's current guitarist Dave Depper. "Who Knew?" He also shared a photo of Chance amending the band's set list to include "I Will Follow You Into the Dark."

Later a fan tweeted the photos at Chance the Rapper, asking about a potential collaboration, the response was a big 10-4. Check out the social media posts here.

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Bob Dylan Covers Lynyrd Skynyrd Classic 'Free Bird'

(Radio.com) Bob Dylan stunned audiences at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival when he went from acoustic to electric, and he hasn't looked back as evidenced by a recent cover he and his band performed at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA.

Dylan chose to close out his set on June 9 by playing Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird." The rip-roaring cover is full electric, of course, and Dylan and his band do an electrifying job with the song. Dylan is currently in the middle of a full summer tour that will keep him on the road until mid-July.

Besides touring, Dylan and the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who will all perform at Desert Trip. The festival's highly anticipated two-day affair expanded for an additional weekend after ticket sales for the first weekend looked to sell out.

Watch fan-captured footage of "Free Bird" here.

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Tarja Turunen Releases 'The Brightest Void' Track-By-Track Video

(Prog) Tarja Turunen has unveiled a track-by-track breakdown series for her latest album The Brightest Void. The former Nightwish singer has released the promo for the 'prequel' album to her upcoming release The Shadow Self, which is due out on August 5. It can be pre-ordered via her official website.

In one clip she talks about working with her friend Michael Monroe, former vocalist of Hanoi Rocks, on track Your Heaven And Your Hell. Tarja says: "He was very up for it - if he loves something he just goes for it. It was incredible, because we talked about the idea of the lyrics and the theme of the song together, and he appeared the next morning with the full lyrics done like, 'Hey, I wrote the lyrics.'

"It was fantastic. He is a super-fast and intelligent person, and I really liked how heavy it turned out to be. Hopefully, I can perform the song with him one day. We can figure it out." Watch the video here.

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Beyond The Fallen Release Anima Video

Beyond The Fallen have released the video for their new single Anima, which is a song that signifies a new music direction for the group and features guest vocals by Italian artist Utau Yume. We were sent the following details:

Yuki had the following to say, "This song is our first step into a new territory. We're experimenting a lot with our music as well as our visuals, trying to achieve something different but that's still ours.

"You can hear there are less industrial vibes in the song, which features catchy clean singing and a lot of diversity in the mood, that goes from heavy, to pop, culminating in an epic conclusion with strings and such. Not to mention the lyrics in japanese!

"We tried something different for the video as well, going from the dark, industrial mood of our first video (Disconnected) to a white, clean background, where everything is clear and solid. We hope to surprise our fanbase, while we try to reach different people who can be interested in our new style of work." Watch the video here.

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The Doors' Robby Krieger Look Back On Teaming With Ian Astbury

(Classic Rock) The Doors' Robby Krieger has reflected on recruiting The Cult frontman Ian Astbury for live shows in 2002. Astbury hooked up with Krieger and Ray Manzarek in the outfit originally called The Doors Of The 21st Century in 2002. They later changed the name to D21C and then to Riders On The Storm amid legal wrangles over the use of The Doors name.

The Cult singer appeared with them live until 2007, and with Krieger playing on the same bill as The Cult over the weekend at the Republic Of Texas Biker Rally, he was asked what led him to bring Astbury into the fold 12 years ago.

Krieger tells The Austin Chronicle: "Ian was always a Doors fan. Obviously you could tell from the band's first couple of albums, but he was friends with Danny Sugarman, who wrote Doors biography No One Here Gets Out Alive.

"For a long time, Danny would tell me, 'Oh, you have to get together with Ian. He'd be perfect for you guys.' We never really took it seriously until we did the VH1 Storytellers show, so we had Ian come along with Scott Weiland and a bunch of other guys and sing a Doors song.

"He was one of the better guys, I thought. That's when we first met him and how it came about." Read more here.

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Tony MacAlpine 'Confessions Of A Medieval Monument' Live Video

(Prog) A live video of Tony MacAlpine performing the track Confessions Of A Medieval Monument has been released. It's the last episode of the EMGTV sessions series with the guitarist, who is featured alongside fellow EMG artist Nili Brosh, Pete Griffin on bass, and Aquiles Priester on drums. The song is lifted from his latest album, Concrete Gardens.

MacAlpine, who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, announced in April that he'll be back in the studio to write his next record in August. He said:

"In August and September I will be returning to the studio to work on my newest instrumental release that has long been in the making, but regrettably had to be delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

"It has been a year since Concrete Gardens has been released, and in that time I have had much time to reflect on the very long journey that I have been on since my first album Edge of Insanity." Watch the video here.

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Deftones' Carpenter Was 'Uncomfortable' Yet Supportive On Gore

(Classic Rock) Deftones' Sergio Vega says that guitarist Stephen Carpenter was "uncomfortable" yet supportive towards his bandmates in Gore writing sessions.

The bassist says that Carpenter let the ideas flow in the studio and "allowed it to live" - despite his initial doubts over the band's new sound on their latest album.

Vega tells Chittare: "When we jam together, it comes together in different ways and different speeds. So sometimes it could be hard for somebody. If you're going through things in your life, and other people are not, sometimes it works out for everybody - sometimes somebody has a hard time or a hard day. Because of our friendship, we all are still there and present.

He continues: "So what's important is that during the time that Stephen was having problems catching up with the material, or being into it, or thinking about it - he was always very supportive. So even if there was something that he didn't like right away, he was, like, 'I'm not gonna mess with this and let it develop and see where it goes, because I trust you guys.'

"That's the part that gets missed. He felt uncomfortable, but he never stopped anything - he was always supportive. Then when he found his place, for certain songs, like Hearts/Wires, he made the song so much better." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Silent Heavy Metal Movie Gutterdammerung To Hit UK Theaters

(TeamRock Radio) Gutterdammerung, dubbed the "loudest silent movie on earth", will go on a UK tour later this year. The movie stars Slash, Josh Homme, Lemmy, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Justice, Henry Rollins, Tom Araya, Volbeat, Mark Lanegan, Nina Hagen and Jesse Hughes.

The film screening is accompanied by a live band performing the soundtrack and it made its UK debut at the weekend at Download and the Isle Of Wight Festival. Now four UK dates have been announced, with organisers promising a unique experience.

They say: "Thank you Download Festival, thank you Isle Of Wight Festival we're (not) sorry for melting your faces off with pure hellish rock. There will be no rest for the wicked as now at last the full fury can be unleashed as Gutterdammerung goes on a tour of hellholes near you.

"These shows will be the first time the full Gutterdammerung experience has been inflicted on human eyes. Your shades, your Rosaries and your earplugs will be no match for what the ghoulish Gutterdammerung meisters of mischief have cooked up." Read more here.

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Rae Sremmurd Release 'Look Alive' Video

(Radio.com) Rae Sremmurd are gearing up to release their second studio album SremmLife 2 on June 24, so the brothers released a new music video on Monday (June 13) for the single "Look Alive."

In the video, Rae Sremmurd start out by hitting the club. Things seem less bright and bouncy, though, and more dark and moody thanks to fog, low lighting, and lightning-like strobe effects. The camera moves around in slow motion to add to the video's overall chill feel.

Rather than keep things in one setting, the video moves to an arcade, where subdued neon lighting and dark shadows create a sense that Rae Sremmurd's late night activities involve a bit of underground action. Although it's more colorful than Travis Scott's video for "Antidote," the two videos share much in common with their slightly dystopian perspectives. Read more here.

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Dolly Parton Inspired Picture Book Set For Release

(Radio.com) In addition to being the inspiration behind a television movie, Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" will become a book. "Every year I receive dozens of letters and emails from teachers talking about how they use the song in their classroom to discuss being proud of who you are, that being different is not a bad thing, that every person is special and the terrible consequences of being bullied," Parton said in a press release. "It has always made me feel honored that my little song has been used in this way."

"Coat of Many Colors" is about the coat Parton's mother made from rags that she wore to school. That coat caused children to make fun of her, but also inspired her song.

"I carried the hurt from that day for a long time before it all finally came together in one frantic moment," Parton said. 'The words just poured out of me. Of course, over all of these years my memories are all about so many people who have shared with me how this song helped them heal a similar hurt. I can see all of their faces and remember all of their words." Read more here.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings With Steve Martin, Andrew Lloyd Webber

(Radio.com) Tony-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda has enamored the public with his free #Ham4Ham sets outside Hamilton's Broadway theater and captured the same magic outside the Tony Awards on Sunday night.

Miranda joined Steve Martin, Sara Bareilles, Edie Brickell and theater legend Andrew Lloyd Webber for a joyful version of "Tomorrow" from Annie.

Bareilles sang lead with Miranda backing her up, Webber on tambourine and Martin holding down the fort with his signature banjo. Hamilton walked away with 11 prizes last night including Best Musical and awards for acting, tech, composition and choreography. Read more here.

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Adele Receives Apology From David Bowie Producer

(Radio.com) Record producer Tony Visconti, best known for his work with David Bowie, is rescinding his previous comments on Adele where he questioned the authenticity of her voice.

"We know Adele has a great voice but it's even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated," the producer told the Daily Star. "We don't know."

Visconti apologized after Adele had a strong response to the comments. "I'm sorry that what I said in regards to what's being played on radio was misconstrued yet I cannot apologize for something taken the wrong way," he told Billboard.

"If Adele has taken my comments as offensive that was certainly not my intent. Adele has a great voice and it brings pleasure to millions." Read more here.

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Selena Gomez's Stepdad Raises $120,000 For Christina Grimmie's Family

(Radio.com) The death of former Voice contestant Christina Grimmie has shocked the music world. While friends and family of Grimmie continue to struggle to accept her death, Selena Gomez's stepfather, Brian Teefey, decided to raise money for her family through GoFundMe.

What started as a goal to raise $4,000 on June 11 has more than succeeded, with over $120,000 raised for Grimmie's family. The GoFundMe page has Teefey likening Grimmie to a second daughter.

"Words cannot begin to describe the pain I am feeling," he writes. "I learned this business through the eyes of a father and Christina was like a second daughter to me. All I wanted to do was assist her in achieving her musical dreams while protecting her from the pitfalls associated with the business. I never could have imagined this horrific event being one of the pitfalls needing to be avoided. In Christina's honor, I have created a GoFundMe page to assist her family in their time of need." Read more here.

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Kanye West Releases Official Version Of 'Champions'

(Radio.com) When Kanye West released an unvarnished version of "Round and Round (Champions)" it featured a who's who of ambitious, talented rappers: Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Quavo, Desiigner, Travis Scott and Yo Gotti. Now the completed track is available on iTunes and more details have emerged about Yeezy's next album Cruel Winter.

Cruel Winter has been gestating for years as a followup to the G.O.O.D. Music-released Cruel Summer. While The Life of Pablo was masterminded by West and brought collaborators into his vision, Cruel Winter is expected to mirror its predecessor in diversity of sound and direction.

"Champions" proves that most of Kanye's team is aboard for the album, but there's one high-profile holdout: Kid Cudi announced he would sit this one out to pursue his own creative inclinations. Read more here.

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AyOwA Release 'Sommer' Music Video

(Cannonball) The new Danish duo AyOwA have just unveiled the video for their dark summer electro track 'Sommer'. Their sound has been compared to a mix of Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin and Mikael Simpson.

AyOwA has emerged from a musical companionship between the two long time friends - Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider. Their first single "Sommer" is recorded in a suburb basement in Copenhagen, during a summer that never really started, but left the duo experimenting over a modularsynth and some old reel-to-reels.

They wrote an anticipating and chimerical song about the longing for a summer, where beauty, pain and secrecy will meet in a melancholic rush of happiness.

For eight weeks this spring, AyOwA have been on the new music chart of Danish national radio P3, Barometeret. The buzz around Demark around this debut single for the duo is palpable and feels like it could be the summer jam the rest of the continent and indeed the world may just of unknowingly needed. Watch the new video here.

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