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LCD Soundsystem Kick Off Reunion Shows This Weekend

(Radio.com) As if news that LCD Soundsystem would be headlining Lollapalooza isn't enough, the band announced on Twitter that its reunion shows would start as soon as this weekend (that's right, this weekend) in New York City.

Tweeting "this is happening" the band shared a photo announcing they were back from the dead and would be performing at Webster Hall on, cheekily enough, Easter Sunday (March 27th) and Monday (March 28th).

Those interested in attending must first enter a lottery. All selected winners will then have the option of purchasing two tickets to one of the dates. Read more here.

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Upset Justin Bieber Fans Launch Hashtag To Cancel Purpose Tour

(Radio.com) Even the strongest fan bases have warring factions on Twitter; exhibit A: the Belieber community. Following the news that Justin Bieber would suspend meet-and-greets for the remainder of his Purpose Tour, an angry corner of the Belieberverse launched the hashtag #CancelPurposeTour.

The logic was that if Justin couldn't be his on his best behavior for his fans, he might as well just call the whole thing off. Naturally, his truest supporters would hear none of it.

Start with a small, loud quadrant of disgruntled fans, add trolls who fuel the outrage fire by antagonizing the hive, and a massive response from stalwart Beliebers dying to get to the bottom of #CancelPurposeTour. The result is a trending hashtag. See some tweets that sum up what's going on with Bieber fans on Twitter here.

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Sturgill Simpson Gives Nirvana's 'In Bloom' Country Makeover

(Radio.com) When Sturgill Simpson announced his new studio album A Sailor's Guide To Earth, many were surprise by the inclusion of a cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom."

"For me, that song has always summed up what it means to be a teenager, and I think it tells a young boy that he can be sensitive and compassionate," Simpson told Relix.

"I wanted to make a very beautiful and pure homage to Kurt." Simpson's stripped down country take is a drastic departure from the original. Check out the cover here.

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Kendrick Lamar And Ice Cube In George Clinton's Space-Themed Video

(Radio.com) Kendrick Lamar and Ice Cube hang out with George Clinton in the space-themed video. Clinton's manifesto for the last 50 years has been to keep music funky.

Although funk music isn't as popular as it once was, the legendary Clinton recruited two of California's most beloved MCs for a facelift of "Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You?"

Directed by Video God, the clip shows Lamar helming a spaceship while he spits his verse that many will recognize from his song "Blue Faces." Ice Cube can be seen in the video helping the funk doctor put on a party worthy of a group as wild as Parliment Funkadelic was during their heyday.

Check out the video here.

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Kenny Chesney Releases New Single 'Noise'

(Radio.com) Kenny Chesney has a new single called "Noise." The track debuted this afternoon (Thursday, March 24th) on Country radio and will hit the internet tonight.

"There's a line in the song 'Noise,' that says 'We didn't turn it on, but we can't turn it off,' that pretty much sums up this tidal wave, if you will, of sound that we're battered with, and it's not necessarily something we choose or started, says Chesney. "You know this is a political year, we've got all these political candidates on tv, on all the 24 hour news stations, we have all this noise in our heads, all these talking heads that seems like they're screaming louder and louder just so they can be heard."

'Sometimes you know you've got something so timely, so right then, you have to grab it," Chesney continues. 'It seemed like everywhere I turn, everywhere I go, there is so much stuff coming at you. Your phone, your car, on the streets, on TV. Everywhere it's just so loud, so much, so many different things - all pushing buttons, being sensational, shouting for attention. You can't escape it, and you can't turn it down." Read more here.

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Beyonce's 13 Unlisted Videos Sparks New Album Speculation

(Radio.com) The Beyhive has been buzzing today over the latest potential clue about Beyonce's new album. One clever Twitter user, Shady Music Facts, noticed that Beyonce's VEVO page has 13 unaccounted for videos.

Jezebel did the math, and even though Bey's page lists 117 total videos, the total number when added up actually equals 130. That means there are 13 videos the public can't yet access.

Beyonce released her new single "Formation," back in February and her World Tour begins on April 27th, so it stands to reason that a new album could drop any day now.

Here's some additional evidence to mull over: Beyonce's album release pattern follows a 3-2-3 rule. Since her solo debut album, she's released new albums every three years followed by every two years and then back to every three years. Read more here.

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Zayn Malik's Solo Debut Influenced By The Beatles

(Radio.com) Zayn Malik's solo debut Mind of Mine is mere hours away from being released. While he's already previewed several tracks off the album, one song listeners haven't yet gotten to hear has a decidedly Beatles influence.

Malik spoke with NME about what influenced "Fool for You," one of his new songs that he describes as being written in the vein of the John Lennon-penned "In My Life."

"I was listening to a lot of John Lennon the week I got that loop," Malik said. Referencing the band's classic tune "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," Malik added, "And there was this one song I got addicted to, with Indian music at the front of it, sitar, and then it becomes, like, another song.".Read more here.

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Phife Dawg Planned to Release Two Projects in 2016

(Radio.com) The news of rapper Phife Dawg's passing is still sending shock waves through the hip-hop community. Before his untimely death, due to complications with diabetes, the A Tribe Called Quest member planned to drop two different musical projects in 2016.

Phife revealed his plans to Rolling Stone in November of last year. He was working on an EP called Give Thanks that featured production from the likes of 9th Wonder and Nottz.

Phife was also hard at work on a full-length album called Muttymorphosis. The album was "basically [Phife's] life story" in audio form. The legendary rhymer also shared his thoughts on living with diabetes to the mag. Read more here.

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Wale Wants To Collaborate With Meek Mill On '2Hunnit'

(Radio.com) The relationship between Wale and his fellow Maybach Music soldier Meek Mill has been contentious to say the least. The pair publicly feuded when Meek took offense to Wale offering his unsavory opinion of Meek's performance and strategy in the battle with Drake.

However, Wale is looking to put all of the drama behind him in the name of music. The Washington, D.C. native wants to record a song called "200Hunnit" with his Philly comrade.

"200Hunnit" would be the sequel to the pair's 2011 record "100Hunnit." Wale stated he hoped for a new collaboration because he and Meek "have great chemistry" on records. Wale tweeted, ""Hopefully me and meek can do this "200Hunnit" record . I feel like we always gone have great chemistry on the "back n forth" records #s4." #s4 is in reference to MMG's compilation album Self Made Vol.4, which Wale is executive producing. Read more here.

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Kesha Is Writing Music Again

(Radio.com) While she awaits word about her appeal in her case against producer Dr. Luke, Kesha isn't staying silent. The pop star posted on Instagram today (March 24) that she's back to writing songs.

Along with a colorful selfie, Kesha wrote, "been writing all day. To fully express how she felt about her creative surge, Kesha turned to emojis to explain her feelings. She included several dancing bunny girl emojis, and then went one step further, writing "makes me feel like" and adding high heels, lipstick and manicure emojis.

In the wake of a judge's ruling that that Kesha could not break her contract with Sony Music Group, several producers and DJs have stepped forward and offered to work with her. Read more here.

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Miley Cyrus Marks 10th Anniversary Of Hannah Montana

(Radio.com) It's hard to imagine Miley Cyrus pre-wrecking ball, but March 24th marks a very special day -- the 10th anniversary of Hannah Montana premiering on the Disney channel.

You might not believe it, but the first time we got the best of both worlds it was March 24, 2006. On that day, 'So Sick" by Ne-Yo was number one on the Billboard charts' doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago? In an effort to commemorate this landmark day, Miley took to Instagram to remember the character that made her a superstar.

"'Even though HM is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in my backyard she will always hold a very special place in my heart!" she wrote in her caption. Check out the post here.

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Carrie Underwood Wants Justin Timberlake Collaboration

(Radio.com) Sounds like Carrie Underwood is up for a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. She told Cody Alan of CMT, 'Justin Timberlake is someone I think would be great to work with. I know that he has huge love for country music."

She's not wrong. Carrie, who scored her 23rd #1 this week with "Heartbeat", isn't the only country superstar interested in working with JT. The proof is in the pictures.

Timberlake posted a photo with Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman earlier this week, saying, 'NBD' Just writing with @littlebigtown This band is the truth!! So good!!!!" Read more here.

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Michael Jordan Hates Hip-Hop According To N.O.R.E.

(Radio.com) Hip-hop fans have loved Michael Jordan for years, both for his legendary basketball career, and also for his iconic sneaker line. But it turns out that the feeling is not mutual.

In a recent interview with the Rap Radar podcast, N.O.R.E. recalled when Jordan attended a Def Jam party, but seemed uninterested in most of the Def Jam roster.

'I seen him shut Redman down at a Def Jam Christmas party," he said. 'We were all sitting there waiting to speak to Michael Jordan. N-s said, 'Yo, Redman and Method Man is here.' [MJ] said, 'F rap.' I seen the n- say that'Quote me. I believe it was Redman and Method Man, and I'm to the side, so I can directly hear his voice. He was like, 'F rap.' That s hurt me. Def Jam Christmas party, Mariah Carey hosting and s like that."

He noted that one MC did get Jordan's respect. "He only spoke to Hov, but he spoke to Hov. That's without a doubt." Listen to the full interview with N.O.R.E. here.

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Michael Rapaport Pays Tribute To Phife Dawg

(Radio.com) Earlier this week, as the music world learned the tragic news that Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest passed away due to complications resulting from diabetes. Soon, fans, friends and peers took to social media to express their shock and pay their respects.

Actor/Director Michael Rapaport dedicated a new episode of his I Am Rapaport Play.It podcast to the MC. That's because Rapaport directed Beats Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, the 2011 documentary on the legendary hip-hop group.

In the episode of his podcast, Rapaport and co-host G. Moody ruminate over Tribe's significance, and also Phife's importance to the group. His first impression of Phife: "Nice dude. Good dude. Honest dude. Sweet dude. Sensitive dude. Vulnerable. New York guy: all Queens, all day. Mets, Jets, Knicks. The biggest Knicks fan I've ever met."

"The first time I interviewed him," he recalled, "I had no idea what he was going to talk to me about. I knew [he had] diabetes, I didn't know the extent of it. The first time we interviewed him, he broke down in tears, and we broke down in tears. And he talked about his wife. He needed a kidney transplant' and his wife gave him [her] kidney' He, specifically, gave us his soul." The Beats, Rhymes and Life documentary is essential viewing for any hip-hop fan, as are Tribe's first four albums.

Listen to the episode of I Am Rapaport here.

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Kelsea Ballerini Thanks Fans For New Female Artist of the Year ACM

(Radio.com) Kelsea Ballerini was visibly blown away at the news that she'd won the ACM's New Female Vocalist of the year. And with good reason, this is Kelsea's first ACM win.

She said, 'Yesterday, I got a phone call from my friend Bob Romeo who let me know that I won my first ACM award for New Female artist. I don't even know what to say, so for now I will just say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

"For making not only my dreams come true, but for making all of the people around me who work so hard have so many beautiful moments to celebrate. Here is my reaction to the call. Keeping it calm, as always." Read more here.

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Singled Out: King Complex's Medication

King Complex mastermind B tells us about the group's latest single "Medication," the follow-up to the late 2015 debut single "Made In America". Here is the story:

"Medication" started from a sample I was given by my friend/producer/rapper Tommy Hiemer aka Spud. Shamless plug for his new album "pretenders" on soundcloud.

He was showing me some of the samples he had cut up but wasn't planning on using. After playing a few he got to one that was kinda dark but had a nice bounce and I immediately got the idea for the main riff and asked if I could use it.

It was originally all gonna be in half time but I accidentally loaded the wrong drum loop when I started working on it, which gave it a poppy upbeat feel, and that became the intro and outro.

As with a lot of my lyrics I wrote these really fast and didn't give too much thought to what I was trying to get across. I was more focused on the groove and the sounds...and there! In the sounds. Something lurks in the abyss...it could be chemical addictions, it could be money, it could be love.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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