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    News May 2017 : Agnostic Front Announce UK Fall Tour

    News July 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies And Agnostic Front Announce Euro Tour

    News April 2015 : Agnostic Front Documentary In The Works

    News April 2015 : Singled Out: Agnostic Front's Old New York

    News January 2015 : Agnostic Front Reveal New Album Details

    News November 2014 : Agnostic Front To Begin Recording New Album Next Week

    News September 2012 : Agnostic Front, Death By Stereo and West Of Hell Tour

    News April 2012 : Agnostic Front Add More 30 Years of NYHC Shows

    News April 2012 : Agnostic Front Plan 30 Years of NYHC Shows

    News March 2012 : Agnostic Front Cancel Tour

    News June 2011 : Agnostic Front My Life My Way Tour

    News March 2011 : Agnostic Front's Roger Miret Talks New Songs

    News February 2011 : Behemoth frontman Back In The Hospital- Life After Paramore for Farro- Mars Volta Progress- Sum 41 Set Release- Periphery Injury- Agnostic Front 7 Inch- Six Feet Under- more

    News December 2010 : Velvet Revolver Future Not Assured- Ozzy Sick of Gaga- Unholy Night Metal Christmas-Coldplay Christmas- Free Klaxons- Agnostic Front- Schenker Brothers Album?- more

    News 2010 : Ozzy's New Gig- Robert Plant and Jimmy Page In The Studio- Chili Peppers Half Done- Metal Christmas Tour- Agnostic Front Murder Arrests- Trans-Siberian Deep Purple- more

    News 2010 : W.A.S.P. Fan Bites Off Ear- Agnostic Front Concert Murder- Pink Floyd May Reunite- Silvertide Offshoot- Leaves' Eyes Split- CBGB- Red Hot Chili Theft?- Guns N' Fines- more

    News 09 : Original Agnostic Front Reunite for 25th Anniversary

    News 09 : New Radiohead Song Leaks- Blink At The Disco- Ace and Meat Loaf Go To Camp- Agnostic Front Reissues- Mike Seeger RIP- Stone Temple Fall and more

    News 09 : Agnostic Front Now Backed By New Member

    News March 08 : Agnostic Front Doing Europe

    News Jan 08 : Agnostic Front and Ignite Say Downloading Hurting Punk

    News July 07 : Agnostic Front dates

    News November 06 : Agnostic Front 07 Plans

    News March 06 : Agnostic Front Europe

    News Dec 05 : Agnostic Front CD/DVD

    News Nov 05 : Agnostic Front DVD

    News July 05 : Persistence Tour

    News April 05 : Agnostic Front Tour

    News April 2003 : Punk Fest To Feature Misfits, The Damned, DI, The Dickies, Agnostic Front and Balzac.

    Day In Rock 3/03/05 : God Vs Nelly- Bono For Prez- PayPal Vs Dimebag Fans- Jacko Targeted Mom- Alter Bridge For Jaeger Tour- Trial Reunion- Fiona Leaks- Ray Song Theft- Candlelight Reissues- More Ozzfest Bands- Stratovarius Tour- Priest Sales- Pro-Pain Join Enemy Of God Tour- DEP Dates- God Forbid Dates- A7X Update- Agnostic Front- Lamb of Clutch- Slave To Metal Tour- Snake Tour- Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Dates - Fightstar Dud- Double Collective Soul- Tori Top 5- Revery Sign With Evo- Lance Lisenby Benefit- Mayfield: Remixed - Crossfade Dual Disc- Hot Hot Heat Tracks- Thrice Presale Bonus

    Day In Rock 2/22/05 : Ozzy Vs Fan- J.Ho?- Sir Paul's Veggie Cruisade- Madonna Transvestite Role- Suge's Tupac Movie- 100K Raised With AIC Reunion- Rush Tribute- Metal Macbeth- Franz Soph- Agnostic Front Dates- Soilent Green Finish CD- Pete Allowed To Play- Hater Soph- John Raitt RIP- This Day in Rock- $2 SOAD- Misfits Reunion Shows- Station Fire Allegations- Dream Theater DVD- Navarro Wrong About Blink?- Homme / Oliveri Reunion?- Zao Hire New Bassist- Kinks Nominated- Mando & the Chili Peppers Reunite

    Day In Rock 11/23/04 : Ozzy Robbed- U2 Take NY- Silly News: Coach Snoop- In Stores- Van Halen DVD Possibility?- GNR Orchestra- Motorhead and Sepultura DVDs- NIN Preview- DMX Avoids Jail- Beasties Sued Again- Oasis Brawl Fine- Hives UK- Maiden Shirt Tops Poll- Megadeth Box- Schenker, Sheehan, Turner, Shaw Supergroup- Nocturnal Rites Reissue- 36 Crazyfists Drop Tour- Nirvana Lunch- Righteous Biopic - Rare Elvis Fails To Sell- Seemless Remaster- Manson on Letterman- Agnostic Front Go Nuclear- Kataklysm DVD- Bio Rocks- Motley Aerosmith Toy Run- Macca Half Time For Super Bowl- Darkness Farm- Christian 'Sinatra' Slater- Razorlight on Subterranean- White Stripes DVD Tracks- Jake La Botzí All Soul And No Money- Aroarah rock out with Converse

    Day In Rock 11/05/04 : Kill Bush Rappers Bust- Elton's Spinal Tap Sitcom- Blink Wedding- Hagar Denies Van Split- Metal Babies- Folds Honors Elliott Smith- The Cure In Rome- Agnostic Front Tracks- Underoath Vinyl- Nickelback DVD- Jacko DA Stays Put- Why Dance Music Doesn't Rock- Skinless Now Voiceless- Sabbath Oyster Cult DVD- Insolence Recording- Solo Pumpkin- McLusky Gear Theft- Queensryche Mindcrime II Tour- BB King of the Road- Premature Eminem- John Peel Service Info- Free Music- Fallen From The Sky Sign with JMB Record$- 311 DVD- The Blood Brothers Insane Giveaway

    Day In Rock 11/01/04 : Eminem SNL Lip Sync- Feud of the Day: Avril Vs Ashlee- al-Qaida Metal Head?- Melvins Tribute- Candlemass Best of CD- Accept Reunion- Benefit DNC- Darkness Injury- Stereolab Box of Rarities- Silly News: American Idol 101- HIM DVD- Laryngitis Won't Stop Shadows Fall- Hendrix Ballet- Agnostic Front DVD- AHC DVD- Korn Tour Expands- Libertines DVD- Alter Boys Set Title/Date for Debut- Depswa Recording- Funeral For A Friend Reissue- Nirvana Box Tracks- Marshall Tucker DVD- Jay-Z Boots R.Kelly- Howie Day Collide- Audiovision- This Providence Debut/Tour- Codeseven CD Preview- The Gambits Call It Quits

    Day In Rock 10/22/04 : Durst Threatened VJ- P.O.D. Legal Dispute- Murderdoll Inks Deal- Metallica Monster DVD- Eminem For Ozzfest?- Nightwish Picture Discs- KISS Wife Sells Collection- Velvet Revolver UK- Di'Anno Dates- Payola Probe- Talent For Kids- Fatal Flaw- Most Precious Blood Nix CBGB Show- Macabre & Kataklysm Off Dates- Different Strokes- Good Vibrations 04- Camper Van Theft- Ween Tour Intervention- Bowling for 'Gilligan' - Bo Diddley Loses Toe, Cancels Show- 3 Inches of Blood/Metal Church Tour- Dimmu / In Flames Reissues- Agnostic Front Delay- Perry Solo CD in 05- Silly News: Rotten Scares Shark- Frankie Goes To Hollywood Seek Vocalist- Free Vibrator From Electric Six- Sonic Youth Pens Nivana Liner Notes- Fuse Auction- Vendetta Red Hit The Road- Clapton Crossroads DVD- The Cure Release alt.end video- Starwood Take on the World- Fun with Shatner- Slapped: Slapps All Around

    Day In Rock 9/2/04 : Ozzfest Cancelled?- Clerks Sequel- Slash Action Figure- Canada's Worst- Von Bondies Bassist Quits- Love Charges May Be Dropped- Carl Wayne RIP- Musician's Caretaker Arrested in Stabbing - Page Plant Big Screen Premier- Motley Sevendust?- AC/DC For Big Day Out- Mushroomhead Lose Singer- Agnostic Front Set Release- Eagles of Death Metal Tour- Godsmack Unplugged Tour- SJR DVD- Peter Gabriel Preps DVD- Jet 'Family Style' DVD- Nintendo Fusion Tour- Napalm Death New CD/Tour- Bolt Thrower Lose Singer- Manowar Leaves Nuclear Blast- Shadows Fall Eye Another Tour- Doherty Sentenced- Swampy Auction Big Success- One Big Weekend- Incubus Expand Tour- Duran Duran Set Date- U2 Tracks- Franz Pen World Cup Anthem- Libertines Top UK Chart- Indie Watch: The Screens- A7F Making Noise- JParis Release New CD- Golden State Soundtrack

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