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    Reviews 07 : Kamelot - Ghost Opera


    News March 2015 : Kamelot Excited About Special Guests On New Album

    News March 2015 : Kamelot Tease New Album 'Haven'

    News February 2015 : Kamelot Releasing New Album 'Haven' This Spring

    News January 2015 : Kamelot Releasing New Album Via Napalm Records This Spring

    News August 2014 : Kamelot Release Live Falling Like The Fahrenheit Video

    News September 2012 : Blackguard Set For Kamelot Tour

    News June 2012 : Kamelot Announce New Lead Singer

    News May 2012 : Kamelot Set New Album Release

    News April 2012 : Nightwish and Kamelot North American Tour

    News March 2011 : Kamelot Announce North American Tour With Guest Vocalist

    News January 2011 : Disturbed and Godsmack Fest?- Saturday Night Linkin Park- No Tour for R.E.M.?- F**k The Facts Anniversary- Kamelot Temp- Judas Priest, Whitesnake Sonisphere- more

    News 2010 : Leaves' Eyes To Carry On Tour Despite Kamelot Cancelation

    News 2010 : Kamelot Announce Replacement For Sick Singer

    News 2010 : Kamelot Release Party and Tour

    News 09 : Sebastian Bach and DMX Going To Celeb Rehab- Alice In Chains Ink Deal, Eye CD Release- Aerosmith Settle With Free Tickets- Cops Took Rihanna's Jewelry and more

    News Feb 08 : ProgPower UK Nixed

    News June 07 : Kamelot Video Premiere and Summer Tour

    News January 07 : Kamelot Tour

    News March 06 : Kamelot March On America

    News Sept 05 : Kamelot for Vets

    Day In Rock 3/7/05 : U2 Fall- Jacko Gags Leno- Timberlake As Elton- Ozzy Press Blitz- Rockdetector Landmark- Cobain Home Fire- Priest Chart- Weezer in May?- Wilco Spring Tour- Black Crowes Tour- Janet Stalked- Velvet Revolver DVD/Live CD- Brides Divorce Ginger- Kamelot MP3s 'Moral Issue'- ProgPower- Anna Flashes MTV- God Forbid Dates- Wilson Expands Smile Tour- Cher Royalty Suit- Stereophonics Top UK Chart- Yes DVD- Wanna Be A Misfit?- Shinedown DVD- Tommy Vance RIP- Euro Road Rage- Into The Moat Dates- Dead To Fall Dates- Sthress Band- Alternative Press / Vans Tour - Chevelle Picnic- Alanis Plans Jagged Acoustic Anniversary - Nickelback Hire New Drummer- Adema USO- Soul SirkUS Tour- EVR at SXSW- Spitalfield Preorder Bonus- Idiot Pilot CD/Tour News

    Day In Rock 1/12/05 : Singer Still Missing- Rap Feuds Fake- Dimebag Fan Vs Police- KISS Reality TV- Priest DualDisc- Rage Aria- Love Wins Custody of Frances- Vibe Assault Plea- Tsunami Benefit Controversy- Jacko Movie- Black Crowes Reunion- Kamelot Dates- Metal iTunes- Hair Never Stops- Unicorn Split- Bjork Army Remix CD- 50 Cent Vs Father- Dwell in Darkness II- Super Furry Solo- Motorhead Reissue- SYL Dates- QOTSA Tease- Beck, Vedder, Grohl, Homme for Relief- Tesla Unplugs Again- The F-Ups Support Papa Roach- Relient K Tour- Snapcase Swansong- Yellowcard Fan Video Deadline- man on earth Debut- Kasabian

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