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    Reviews 2011 : RockPile: (hed)p.e.- Shadows Fall- Arson Anthem- Angra- Cough/The Wounded Kings (Split)- Return to Earth

    Reviews 09 : Shadows Fall - Retribution

    Reviews 09 : Reflections - When Shadows Fall

    Reviews 07 : Shadows Fall - Threads of Life

    Reviews 07 : Shadows Fall - Threads of Life

    Reviews 07 : Shadows Fall/Still Remains/The Acacia Strain/The Showdown Live

    Reviews 07 : Shadows Fall Interview

    Reviews Aug 04 : Strhess Tour with Shadows Fall, Himsa, As I Lay Dying, and Remembering Never

    Reviews Aug 04 : Strhess Tour with Shadows Fall, Himsa, As I Lay Dying, and Remembering Never


    News May 2017 : Overkill Recruit Shadows Fall and Flotsam And Jetsam Alum

    News September 2015 : Megadeth Offshoot Act Of Defiance Launching North American Tour

    News August 2015 : Megadeth Offshoot Act Of Defiance Streaming New Album Online

    News August 2015 : Mars Attacks Act of Defiance's Shawn Drover

    News June 2015 : Former Megadeth Guitarist Enjoying Freedom Of New Band

    News February 2015 : Former Megadeth Duo Reveal Band Name And Share Song Clip

    News January 2015 : Ellefson On Why He Thinks Megadeth Members Quit

    News January 2015 : Megadeth Offshoot Recruit Shadows Fall Star

    News August 2014 : Shadows Fall Launching Final Tour

    News September 2013 : Pantera, Anthrax, Soulfly, Accept Supergroup

    News August 2013 : Anthrax Consider Shadows Fall's Jon Donais Their Guitarist

    News June 2013 : Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain and Battlecross Tour

    News March 2013 : Shadows Fall Announce Dates With Anthrax

    News February 2013 : Shadows Fall Cancel Testament and Ill Nino Tours

    News January 2013 : Anthrax Recruit Shadows Fall's Jon Donais

    News December 2012 : Shadows Fall's Jason Bittner Issues Health Update

    News December 2012 : Dying Fetus To Tour With Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and The Contortionist

    News November 2012 : Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus and The Contortionist Tour

    News November 2012 : Shadows Fall Cancel Tour Dates For Medical Reasons

    News October 2012 : Shadows Fall's Jason Bittner Has Acute Pancreatitis

    News October 2012 : Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Acaro Tour

    News September 2012 : Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Thy Will Be Done Tour

    News February 2012 : Fear Factory and Shadows Fall Tour

    News January 2012 : Members of Guns N' Roses, Down and Shadows Fall Tribute Judas Priest Classic

    News Oct 2011 : Shadows Fall Livestream Today

    News February 2011 : Shadows Fall, Unearth, Seemless Supergroup Post New Demos

    News January 2011 : Ozzy Suffers Sudden Illness- Shadows Fall, Unearth, Seemless Super Group- Alice Cooper Denies Retirement and Biopic- Wolf Bastards- Band Too Satanic For Hell- more

    News 2010 : A Not So Silent Night For Shadows Fall

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Listening Party Part of CMJ Bar Crawl

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Announce Live CD and DVD Details

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Announce Asia Tour and New DVD and Live Album

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall, Unearth, Seemless Supergroup Looking For A Voice

    News 2010 : Gollum To Play with Korn, Lamb Of God, 3 Inches Of Blood, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall and More

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Map Out More Summer Tour Dates

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Heading South

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Announce In-Store Appearances

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Take on Ozzy's Bark At The Moon

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall To Host MTV2's Headbangers Ball

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall On Canada

    News 2010 : Shadows Fall Releasing Guitar Hero Track

    News 2010 : Meet Shadows Fall at Namm

    News 09 : Shadows Fall, Throwdown, Five Finger Death Punch And 2 Cents Winter 2010 Tour

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Takes Over Fuse TV On Demand

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Announce Daily Giveaways

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Go Top 40

    News 09 : Shadows Fall To Let It Rock On TV

    News 09 : Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, OTEP, and 2 Cents Announce More Shock and Raw

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Late Night

    News 09 : Shadows Fall On Demand

    News 09 : Meet Shadows Fall

    News 09 : Shadows Fall With Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Preview King of Nothing

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Plan Retribution This Fall

    News 09 : Metallica Delay- Soundgarden Reunion- Wayna Arrested- Mickey Mouse Still Goofy About Metal- Dan Seals RIP- Billion Dollar Rock Band- Free Kasabian and more

    News 09 : Bonnaroo Adds Musical Acts and Jokers

    News 09 : Shadows Fall Launch Label For New Album Release

    News april 08 : Ozzy Resurrects Monsters Of Rock Brand for Festival

    News March 08 : Shadows Fall Deny Split Rumor

    News March 08 : Droid To Tour with Shadows Fall, Kataklysm, The Showdown, and Arsis

    News March 08 : Shadows Fall on North America This April

    News March 08 : Shadows Fall Leave Atlantic?

    News Dec 07 : As I Lay Dying, Shadows Fall and Course Of Nature React To Grammy Nominations

    News Oct 07 : Shadows Fall Address Disney Ban

    News Aug 07 : Shadows Fall and Static-X Team up for Operation Annihilation Tour

    News Aug 07 : Shadows Fall and Static-X Team up for Operation Annihilation Tour

    News July 07 : Bands Go Loco in MA

    News July 07 : Sounds of the Underground Kickoff Party

    News June 07 : Secret Shadows Fall Show

    News May 07 : Tickets To The Underground

    News May 07 : Shadows Fall Join Sounds of the Underground

    News March 07 : Shadows Fall on the Underground?

    News March 07 : Shadows Fall In Stores

    News March 07 : Sounds of God of War II

    News March 07 : Megadeth, Shadows Fall and More for Download

    News February 07 : Too Much Jagermeister For Lacuna Coil and Shadows Fall

    News January 07 : Sour Jägermeister Dates

    News Rocktober 06 : Shadows Fall This Fall

    News September 06 : Shadows Fall Engaged

    News September 06 : Shadows Fall Begin

    News May 06 : Shadows Fall Unplugged

    News April 06 : Initial Strhess

    News April 06 : Shadows Fall in June

    News April 06 : More Strhess

    News March 06 : Shadows Fall Tracks

    News Dec 05 : Major Shadows Fall

    News Nov 05 : Shadows Fall DVD

    News Sept 05 : Shadows Fall DVD Date

    News Aug 05 : Shadows Fall / Fear Factory Tour?

    News July 05 : Seemless Eye 06 Release

    News July 05 : Shadows Fall, Fear Factory More To Tour

    News June 05 : Shadows Fall Go Major?

    News June 05 : Shadows Fall In Store

    News June 05 : More Shirts for a Cure

    News May 05 : Lunatic Fest

    News May 05 : Shadows Fall UK

    News May 05 : Shadows Fall Offfest Shows

    News May 05 : Shadows Fall Fans Destroy Venue

    News April 05 : Shadows Fall Go Major?

    News April 05 : Shadows Fall Euro Plans

    News Jan 05 : Shadows Fall One-Off Headlining Dates

    News Dec 04 : Slipknot, Lamb of God and Shadows Fall Tour

    News Aug 04 : Shadows Fall, All That Remains, Candiria & Full Blown Chaos Plot Tour

    News May 2004 : Shadows Fall To Launch Summer 'Strehss Tour'

    Day In Rock 1/27/05 : U2 Vs Fans- Gotti Charged- Hanoi Rocks Drug Bust- JR Crue- Daggeth RIP- John Doe Packs CD with Guests- Eminem, Linkin Park & 50 Cent Tour?- QOTSA Club Tour- Manson To Invade Europe- Shadows Fall Headlining Dates - Coldplay Leak- Pearl Jam Frampton- Rap Crew Dismissed- Dead Boys Return- Sabbath Roskilde - Dino Exits Brujeria- Motorhead in Monterrey- REM Isle- Santana CD on the Way- Queen Announce Tour- Hidden Hand Switch Drummers- Road Rage- New Voice of Exodus- Soulfly Dates- Mastodon / Burning Brides Tour- NOFX 7" Of The Month- Pennywise Reissues- When Bono Met Bush- Bandit A&R Hits US Market- Ike Reilly Assassination Buzz building- Take Action Press Conference- Ryan Leaves Nickleback- Raven's Heart Thanks

    Day In Rock 12/07/04 : 50 Cent Airport Brawl- Wonder Blast Eminem- Rare Hendrix- Guns Vs Sixx- Cliff Burton Tapes- May To Rock Vegas- Silly News: Lohan Won't Lip Sync- M.O.D. Dis Durst, Eminem- Ticket Fraud- Others Set Release- Jacko Give DNA- Devilinside Drop Tour- Candiria Add Two- Hammerfall Next CD- Avenged Sevenfold Plot Next CD- Nirvana Dinner Winner- Slint Reunion- Bono Blast Whiners- Motley Dates- Alter Bridge Extend Tour- Joe Cocker US Return- Skinny Puppy Boycott- Band Aid Mega Hit- Shadows Fall Cancel Tour Due To Family Death- Club Gang Sought- KSE Go West- Walls Of Jericho Dates- Soilwork Dates- Alexisonfire Dates- Enslaved Set US Release- Trivium Debut- Chaos Dates

    Day In Rock 11/22/04 : One Reason Member Shot- Vandals to Rock Iraq- Young Buck Surrenders- Vines Brain Disorder- RIAA Target Students- Axl Made Slash Suicidal - Darkness Summer- Cure Blast Ticket Gouging- Slipknot Folk?- Kreator Tour- NIN Twiggy?- Metal Assault In Iraq- Radio Stations Recovers Stolen Guitar- Lemmy Solo CD Packed With Guests- Camp Freddy CD To Feature Cantrell and Duffy- Silly News: J.Lo Got Too Much Back- Ozzy Awards Host- Snapcase Swan Song- U2 Open for Clinton- White Stripes DVD Theatrics- Nirvana Record Breaker?- Fox MP3 Store- EMI Post Loss- Jacko Legal Circus Continues- Terry Melcher RIP- Rare Elvis Auction- Cannibal Corpse on the Mend- Shadows Fall Pass 100K- Macca Recording- Taste of Chaos - MxPx Nix Tour- Death By Stereo Mystery Bassist- DMB, Pixies, More for American Way Auction- Fuse Daily Download- Kottenmouth Kings/Pepper Tour- A18 Return- Rhino Bucket Horror

    Day In Rock 11/01/04 : Eminem SNL Lip Sync- Feud of the Day: Avril Vs Ashlee- al-Qaida Metal Head?- Melvins Tribute- Candlemass Best of CD- Accept Reunion- Benefit DNC- Darkness Injury- Stereolab Box of Rarities- Silly News: American Idol 101- HIM DVD- Laryngitis Won't Stop Shadows Fall- Hendrix Ballet- Agnostic Front DVD- AHC DVD- Korn Tour Expands- Libertines DVD- Alter Boys Set Title/Date for Debut- Depswa Recording- Funeral For A Friend Reissue- Nirvana Box Tracks- Marshall Tucker DVD- Jay-Z Boots R.Kelly- Howie Day Collide- Audiovision- This Providence Debut/Tour- Codeseven CD Preview- The Gambits Call It Quits

    Day In Rock 10/28/04 : Beyond Silly News: Britney Knocked Up- Collective Soul Go It Alone- Staind Sued- When Love Attacks- KISS Vs KISS- Rage Balls Burst- Canada Denies Vehemence- Glenn Hughes Tour Off- Radiohead Orchestra- Hatebreed Tour Expands- Unearth Recording- dredge in April- R. Kelly's New Job- Exhumed See Double DVD- Aerosmith DVD Tracks- Wallflowers Rock Troops- Tom Petty Bio- Shadows Fall MTV Halloween- H.I.M. USA- Rod Tops Chart- Web Smart Bands- Outkast Digital Champs- Backstage With McCartney- Clapton/Robert Johnson DVD- Glastonbury To Honor Peel- SpongeBob Preview- Husker Du Reunite For Karl- A Perfect Circle Preview

    Day In Rock 10/12/04 : Jacko Vs Eminem- Queen Bashes Madonna- Top 50 Bands of All Time- U2 Tour 05- AFI Hits Tracks- Vandals Do Pennywise For MTV Show- Shadows Fall Halloween Bangers- King's X Live CD- Exodus Finds Voice- Metallica Shoes- Carcass Vox Guests on Napalm Death CD- KISS Flop- Scary Halloween Costume- Hagar Bash- Jeff Buckley Bio- Radiohead DVD- CMJ Hits New York- Virgin Targets iPod- Madonna Backstage Pass Leader- Bee Gees Hits- QOTSA Eye 05 Release- Kravitz Records- Bruce Palmer RIP- Lennon For Kids- Kings of Sunset Strip- Interns Wanted- From Satellite In Stores- Breaking Benjamin Unplugged- Dead To Fall Tour- Taking Back Sunday Kick off Tour- Straylight Run's Busy Week

    Day In Rock 9/22/04 : Cat Stevens A Terrorist?- Metallica Vs Megadeth- New Van Halen CD Plans?- Murderdoll Snags Amen Axe- Ramones Benefit- U2, Avril, Coldplay, Pearl Jam Do It For The Lady- Good Charlotte, Sum 41 Tour- Ben Harper Goes Blind For New CD- Pop Punk Fever 2 Tracks- Machine Head DVD- Deftones dredge Up Support- Red Chord Cut Drummer- Super Furry Solo- Doherty Won't Rock Monks- Harrison DVD- Townshend TV- Koch Downsizing?- Get Into Avril's Top To Help Stop Child Abuse- They Might Be Going Disney- Lemonheads Return- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Spicoli Does Dylan- Yes PBS- Beastie Boys UK- Silly News: Chris Martin Going Bald- Kittie To Tour Yet Again- Bad Religion Extend Fall Tour- Tears for Fears Reunion Tour- Elvis Costello on Letterman- Collective Soul's Youthful Return- Sledgehammer Release 'Your Arsonist' EP- With Or Without You Offer Up Six Reasons to Drop Out

    Day In Rock 9/21/04 : The Streets Banned- Massive Attack Score A Soundtrack- Shatner Rocks With A Little Help From His Friends- Govenator Vs P2P- Television Reunion- The OC Double Soundtrack- Morrissey Fan Sue KROQ?- Shortlist Finalist- Iced Earth On Ice- Cradle of Filth T-shirt Uproar - DJ Spooky, Slayer Collab- Mock The Vote- Shadows Fall Radio Hit- Iron Maiden DVD- Velvet Revolver Fire Managers- No Reunions For Dio- Napster Goes Public- The Cure Icon Special Taped- Fugees Reunion- Madonna Wants World Peace- Billy Joel Walk of Fame Star- R.E.M. Myspace Preview- Clapton Reissue- Ramones Raw DVD- Before Today & Vaux Hit Stores- God Lives Underwater Return- Headbanger's Ball Tour Official Announcement- Slipknot 2-Song Promo- Warped Fuse

    Day In Rock 9/3/04 : Jacko Accuser Payoff- GNR in 05?- Slayer Frontman Hospitalized- Melbourne Dishonor AC/DC- Slipknot DVD- Rod Vs. DJ- Idol Boyband Alert- Ozzfest Cancelled- Saves The Day Dropped?- Serj, de la Rocha collab- Mars Volta Delay- BBC Air Lost Clash- Silly News: Weird Al Attacked- Mark McGrath's New Gig- Rock for Sudan- Tom Capone RIP- Shadows Fall, Damageplan Tour- Super Furry Animals Still Don't Give A ****- Who Megabox- Jagger, Josh Stone Duet- Tom Waits Returns- Beta Band Farewell Tour- Iommi / Hughes Official Announcement- Motley Sevendust- Fear Before The March of Flames- Kick Axe Again- Get in on iTunes- Six Feet Under Take on Back in Black- Indie Watch:Elton Junk Punked By Label?- 2 Cents: Escape

    Day In Rock 9/2/04 : Ozzfest Cancelled?- Clerks Sequel- Slash Action Figure- Canada's Worst- Von Bondies Bassist Quits- Love Charges May Be Dropped- Carl Wayne RIP- Musician's Caretaker Arrested in Stabbing - Page Plant Big Screen Premier- Motley Sevendust?- AC/DC For Big Day Out- Mushroomhead Lose Singer- Agnostic Front Set Release- Eagles of Death Metal Tour- Godsmack Unplugged Tour- SJR DVD- Peter Gabriel Preps DVD- Jet 'Family Style' DVD- Nintendo Fusion Tour- Napalm Death New CD/Tour- Bolt Thrower Lose Singer- Manowar Leaves Nuclear Blast- Shadows Fall Eye Another Tour- Doherty Sentenced- Swampy Auction Big Success- One Big Weekend- Incubus Expand Tour- Duran Duran Set Date- U2 Tracks- Franz Pen World Cup Anthem- Libertines Top UK Chart- Indie Watch: The Screens- A7F Making Noise- JParis Release New CD- Golden State Soundtrack

    Day In Rock 8/23/04 : Libertine Attacked- Ozzfest Pot Bust- Damageplan / Shadows Fall Tour- Vader Bus Crash- Velvet Revolver Cover B-sides- Don't Call Him Wacko Jacko- Love Pleads Innocent To Assault- Danzig Punchout A Setup?- Sick Of It All B-sides- From Autumn To Ashes Still Together- The Cramps Tour On- Silly News: BRMC cockgate- Pixies Rock V- Bon Jovi Box- Mudvayne Finish New CD- Juliana Theory Prep New CD- SOAD Fall Release- Helmet Tour Delay- Guitar For Hurricane Victims - HammerFall CD This Spring- Jefferson Airplane DVD- Cream Remaster- Neil Young Benefit Show- Percy Sledge Returns- Underoath Fall Tour- Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac Launches Good Charamel Records

    Day In Rock 8/2 : Disturbed & Finch Brawl At Rolling Rock- Death At Shadows Fall Show- Drowning Pool Denied Entry Into Canada... Again- Weiland Vs. MTV- Weiland Warrant Issued- Audioslave Forget Past- NIN Half Done- Chimaira Recruits Misery Index Drummer- Warped 10th Lineup- Microsoft To Enter Download Game- Drive Thru Leaves MCA- Ramones Raw DVD- Dry Kill Logic Set Date- Motorhead U.S. Tour?- Ebert: Metallica Should Call It A Day- Santana Tribute- Rock Hall Snubs Sabbath Again- Travis Backs Up Unknown- Super Furry Hits- iPod Hacking?

    Day In Rock 7/30 : Stabbing At Rocker's Home- Sharon Would Have Shot Ozzy- Nightfall Follow Up Jesus Album- Nick Oliveri Attacks Soundman- Jude Law Joy Division Role?- Love Seeks Plea Deal- 3 More Metal Murders Arrests- Darkness Cancel Beer Show- AC/DC Lane Deferred- Rare Cramps- Watashi Wa Split- Slipknot Kimmeled Tonight- Terror Singer To Return- Metallica Go North- Singer Wins Tabloid Suit- Everclear Hits- Green Day & New Found Glory Plan Fall Tour- Maritime Wasting No Time- Camper Van Return- Lamb of God Tracks- Candiria & Shadows Fall This Fall- Rivers Cuomo Reborn?- Bowling For Soup - Deconstruct EP- Maria Mena #1 Debut- Uli Jon Roth Defies Genre Labels With New CD- Number One Fan "Come On"- 2Cents: Too Young To Rock

    Day In Rock 7/26 : Coheed Vs. Canada- Durst Endorses Antichrist?- Nirvana Bassist Pens Book- Ramones Film- Brujeria Arrest- U2, Maiden, Leppard In Rock Hall?- Metallica Tribute- Helmet & Clutch Go Locobazooka- Mushroomhead Dropped- Vengeance Reunion- Anthrax Rerecording- Sepultura Delay- All That Remains & Shadows Fall This Fall- Beyond The Embrace Leg Break- Stone Roses Resurrected By Brown- AC/DC Lane Challanged- Real iPod Compatibility- Illinois Jacquet RIP- Times Square West- Inside Rainbow DVD- Van Halen Auction- Rod Buys An Island- Opeth Leave Label- Cold Atlantic Deal- Dry Kill Logic Release- U2 Plan Early CD Release If Leaked- Love Surrenders- Green Day, Beasties For Voodoo- Pogues Reunion- Allman Brothers Team With Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Day In Rock 6/3 : Sharon Osb New Idol Judge- Durst Denied Nookie- Cobain Memorial- Shadows Fall- Slipknot No 2- Pearl Jam- Society 1 Pulls a Manson-Helmet- Ward Is Back Sabbath- Primus- McCartney Admits Heroin Use- Brand New- Ozzy Olympics- Avril's Walmart Hit- MC5- Blur- Motorhead- Queensr˙che- more

    Day In Rock 5/11 : 50 Cent Brawl- Outkast Cartoon- NIN Break Silence- Weiland Vs. Revolver- Brides Not Welcome- NFG Axe Denied - Priest Offest- $2 Unearth DVD- Shadows Fall- SOAD Prep New CD- Oasis- QOTSA Go Disney- The Mars Solo- New Order- Saves the Day Cancer Fight- more

    Day In Rock 4/15 : 'A**hole' Delay- Andre Vs Big Boi- Iranian Punk- Spinal Tap Darkness- Society 1 Hate- Football Music- Sparta- Fear Factory- Maiden DVDs- Injured Muse Plays On- Radiohead, System, Cure Auction- Dick Clark- Shadows Fall- Le Chic- Phish- Wilco Nogo- 3 Nickel Mudd- more

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