Simon and Garfunkel

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    News April 2016 : Paul Simon Says That He And Art Garfunkel No Longer Talk

    News February 2012 : The Day Simon and Garfunkel Took The Bridge Over Troubled Water To The Top

    News 09 : Jack White To Debut New Band- U2 Musical Stars Wanted- Mall Ratt- Simon and Garfunkel Reunite- Norma Jean Exit Silverstein Tour- Arsis Anorexia Battle and more

    News 09 : Surprise Simon and Garfunkel Reunion

    News May 07 : Simon And Garfunkel Reunite

    News Oct 2003 : Simon and Garfunkel Joined by Everlys

    Day In Rock 10/26/04 : Ozzy Vs Cowell- Van Halen Breaking Up- Sum 41 Illness- Rollins Rocks Shatner- Lohan Hospitalized- Doherty Trashes Art- Simon and Garfunkel CD/DVD- U2 X 4- Ashlee Lip Sync Excuse- Zep Bio To Air- KISS Rock School- Slayer Blood Dates- LA Guns Demos- BOD On Hold- Metallica DVD Confirmed- South Park Korn- Zutons Axe Tour- Charlatans New Voice- Stillborn Fest- Morphine Box- Wilco To Drop The Ball- DualDiscs Hit Stores- Linkin Park Award- Royalty Services- Rod No 1?- Local H Alive- Soilwork Nearly Done Recording- Live Best of Plans- Stig Sewell RIP- Clash Influences- Bad Religion Thesis- Roxy Saint DVD- Fear Factory Keep Busy- Manson' Next Wife- Riddlin' Kids- Scum of the Earth Tour

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