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    Reviews 2010 : Suicidal Tendencies - Live at the Olympic Auditorium

    Reviews Nov 04 : Favorites:The Misfits The Clash Suicidal Tendencies

    Reviews Nov 04 : Favorites:The Misfits The Clash Suicidal Tendencies


    News October 2017 : Michelle Williams Opens Up About Battle with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

    News March 2017 : Nirvana and Pearl Jam's Success Made Billy Corgan Suicidal

    News March 2017 : Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir Pays Tribute To Bill Paxton

    News January 2017 : Suicidal Tendencies Announce U.S. Tour

    News January 2017 : Kid Cudi Went To Rehab For 'Depression And Suicidal Urges' 2016 In Review

    News December 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Ignored Career Advise

    News October 2016 : Dave Lombardo 'Blown Away' Playing With Suicidal Tendencies

    News October 2016 : Kid Cudi Goes To Rehab For 'Depression And Suicidal Urges'

    News September 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Regrets Not Building English Fanbase

    News August 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Stream New Song 'Happy Never After'

    News August 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Streaming New Song 'Clap Like Ozzy'

    News July 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies And Agnostic Front Announce Euro Tour

    News July 2016 : Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church, Havok Tour

    News July 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Reveals New Album Title

    News June 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Releasing New Album Featuring Dave Lombardo

    News May 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Recording With Dave Lombardo

    News April 2016 : Dave Lombardo Extends Gig With Suicidal Tendencies

    News March 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Praises Dave Lombardo

    News February 2016 : Suicidal Tendencies Recruit Dave Lombardo For Megadeth Tour

    News December 2015 : Megadeth Announce North American Dystopia Tour

    News October 2015 : Travis Barker Was 'Borderline Suicidal' During Drug Battle

    News June 2015 : Ice-T Explains Why Body Count Redid Suicidal Tendencies Classic

    News April 2015 : Suicidal Tendencies, Funeral For A Friend, COC Added To Download

    News March 2015 : Slayer, Anthrax, Hatebreed Lead Motorhead's Motorboat Lineup

    News January 2015 : Body Count Release Video For 'Institutionalized'

    News November 2014 : Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach Reflects On Suicidal Past

    News September 2014 : Butcher Babies Cover Osmonds, Suicidal Tendencies On New EP

    News August 2014 : Suicidal Tendencies' Tim 'Rawbiz' Williams Has Died

    News June 2014 : Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, and Exodus Announce Tour

    News June 2014 : Pinnick Gales Pridgen Release 'Every Step Of The Way' Video

    News June 2014 : Body Count Take On Suicidal Tendencies Classic

    News January 2014 : Exodus Announce Tour With Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies

    News January 2014 : Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Has Message For Suicidal Fans

    News November 2013 : Status Quo Frontman Has Had Suicidal Thoughts

    News November 2013 : Singled Out: Sprung Monkey's 'Save Me' featuring Mike Muir

    News November 2013 : New Animated Video Shows When Ozzy Met Trujillo

    News June 2013 : Mastodon, BMRC, Suicidal Tendencies For Free Concert Series

    News March 2013 : Suicidal Tendencies Return With New Album and Tour

    News February 2013 : Suicidal Tendencies Tour To Feature D.R.I. and Sick Of It All

    News July 2012 : Mars Attacks Suicidal Tendencies

    News July 2012 : Bruce Springsteen Felt Suicidal In The 80s

    News July 2012 : Hear Metallica's Robert Trujillo Suicidal Tendencies Reunion Jam

    News June 2012 : Blaze Bayley Was Suicidal With His Formal Band

    News January 2012 : Mars Volta, Animals As Leaders and Suicidal Tendencies Supergroup

    News Nov 2011 : Michael Jackson Death Doctor Conrad Murray Suicidal?

    News Oct 2011 : Biohazard and Suicidal Tendencies Persistence Tour

    News Sep 2011 : Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Muir Sets New Album Release

    News May 2011 : Suicidal Tendencies Frontman Rages Against Fan

    News May 2011 : Trujillo Joining Metallica Hasn't Helped Suicidal Tendencies

    News 2010 : Family Tragedy Forces Suicidal Tendencies Off The Road

    News 2010 : Suicidal (hed) p.e. Tendencies Tour

    News 2010 : T.I. Saves Suicidal Man- Paula Abdul's New Show- Rihanna Undisses Generic Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Lady Gaga- Justin Bieber Twit- Michael Jackson Retrial- Chicks and Dicks- more

    News 2010 : Municipal Waste Announce Shows With Suicidal Tendencies, High On Fire & Kylesa

    News 2010 : Infectious Grooves Reunion Show and Suicidal Tendencies Expand Tour

    News 2010 : Suicidal Tendencies Fall Tour

    News 2010 : Suicidal Tendencies Join The Army Again

    News 2010 : KISS, Blink-182, Bush and Eminem's Epic Suicidal Gig

    News 2010 : Scarface Meets Dr. Phil Inspires Blestenation Mash-Up Of Suicidal Tendencies Classic

    News 09 : Suicidal Tendencies Announce Their DVD Debut

    News 09 : Metallica Rock The Hall- Beck Zeppelin Jam- Coolio Pleads- Madonna Denied- Red Hot Honor- Bud Shank RIP- UK Goes Ga Ga- Osbournes Bomb- Beatles Reunite and more

    News Oct 08 : Good Charlotte Show Punk Cred with Dance Music, Metallica Star Eyes Art Record, T.I. Tops Himself, Elvis Grand Twins, Suicidal Drummer and more

    News March 08 : Suicidal Final Tour

    News Nov 07 : Municipal Waste To Thrash the West with Suicidal Tendencies

    News Oct 07 : Suicidal Plans

    News Oct 07 : Suicidal Waste Tour

    News July 07 : Suicidal Underground

    News June 07 : Suicidal SiX

    News May 07 : P.O.D. Get Suicidal with Mike Muir

    News May 07 : Suicidal Tour Plans

    News January 07 : Suicidal France

    News May 06 : Against Suicide

    News April 06 : Eminem Suicidal?

    News Jan 06 : Suicidal CD

    News Nov 05 : Suicidal Surgery

    News Oct 05 : Punk Show Riot

    News Sept 05 : Suicidal Kennedys

    News Aug 05 : Suicidal Cold

    News June 05 : Suicidal Boy Bander

    News April 05 : Suicidal Explanation

    News April 05 : Suicidal Illness?

    Day In Rock 4/06/05 : Jello Vs Idol- Britney TV- Jesus Tool- Jacko Shower- Suicidal Illness?- Dimebag Sculpture- C Murder No More- Napalm Death Toy- Used/MCR Charity Cover- Green Day Stadium Gigs- Ripper Solo- Anthrax DVD- Nugent Appeal- Terror Reissue- Dropkick Murphys Release- Megafest- Nirvana Joins Congress- Napster TV- Radio Crime- Vh1 Boss- KISS Cover to Cover- Modern Drummer Fest- Chevelle Announce Tour- Mudvayne Ozzfest- Wakefield in May- Dog Faced Gods Debut

    Day In Rock 1/03/05 : Club Fire Kills 186- Rocker Vs Ashlee- Navarro Joins Crue?- Opeth Discuss Next CD- Armor For DVD- P2P Battle Pops- Life of Agony Plan Spring Release- Chimaira Recording- Motley Greed- Evanescence Get Creepy- Dimebag Murder Club Reopening- Darkness Royal Battle- Tsunami Benefit Show- Vandals Rock Iraq- Phish Dress- OneSideZero Reunion?- NIN Complete CD- Suicidal Plan Two CDs- Professional Murder Music Covers CD- Bach's New Gig- Death Angel Boxset- Brides Recording Soph- Frames Plan Feb Release- Grindcore Supergroup - Missing GNR Fan Found- Disturbed Plan Spring Release- 30 Seconds To Mars Soph CD- Royal Who- Prong, Bird Added to Raven's Heart Benefit- Jack White Single

    Day In Rock 11/22/04 : One Reason Member Shot- Vandals to Rock Iraq- Young Buck Surrenders- Vines Brain Disorder- RIAA Target Students- Axl Made Slash Suicidal - Darkness Summer- Cure Blast Ticket Gouging- Slipknot Folk?- Kreator Tour- NIN Twiggy?- Metal Assault In Iraq- Radio Stations Recovers Stolen Guitar- Lemmy Solo CD Packed With Guests- Camp Freddy CD To Feature Cantrell and Duffy- Silly News: J.Lo Got Too Much Back- Ozzy Awards Host- Snapcase Swan Song- U2 Open for Clinton- White Stripes DVD Theatrics- Nirvana Record Breaker?- Fox MP3 Store- EMI Post Loss- Jacko Legal Circus Continues- Terry Melcher RIP- Rare Elvis Auction- Cannibal Corpse on the Mend- Shadows Fall Pass 100K- Macca Recording- Taste of Chaos - MxPx Nix Tour- Death By Stereo Mystery Bassist- DMB, Pixies, More for American Way Auction- Fuse Daily Download- Kottenmouth Kings/Pepper Tour- A18 Return- Rhino Bucket Horror

    Day In Rock 10/13/04 : Prince Vs Racism?- Eminem Censored- Supreme Court Denies RIAA- Axl Denies Hiring- Suicidal Tendencies Next Project- Cryptopsy DVD- Motley Reunion- AC/DC Do Windows- Petty Denies Ripoff- Incubus Live- Adema Scum- New iPod?- Sharon's Press Death- ATDI Reissue- Jimmy Eat World Tour- Local H/Finger 11 Tour- Dark Tranquillity CD- Nightwish EP/DVD- Testament Prep New CD- Slint Reunion One-Off- Beatles Box- Dazed and Sued- Greenday UK- Barenaked Xmas- Zep in Theatres- Mark Sandman Boxset- JEW on Daily Download - Ray Soundtrack- Tragically Hip Download Series- Locomotive Releases- Bill Hicks DVD

    Day In Rock 3/26 : Howie Day Arrested- Minister Courtney?- Axl & Maynard- Howard Korn- SXSW Stabbing- Sparta- MC5 Regroup- Simmons Backs FCC- Townshend Suicidal- Spider Man Punk- Megadeth- 36 Crazyfists- Poison Country Glam ?- No Meat Morrissey- Nirvana Krist Pens Book- Breeders- more

    Day In Rock 12/29 : Rocker Shot In Parking Spot Dispute- Townshend Suicidal Over Porn- Weiland Blasts Rolling Stone- Randy Rhoads Rock Walk Induction- Van Hagar II Doubtful- Plus 3 Doors Down- The Vandals- Henry Rollins- Lostprophets- Murderdolls- Skrape- Unfaith

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